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En la seccion: Subete a mi TrenEsta seccion para mi es muy especial ya que tengo en mi ADN el mundo de los trenes, una parte de mi familia era ferroviaria.
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Vueling Customer Relations replied to the readers email that it doesn’t feel required to compensate for this delay under some internal customer service rules.
Vueling (being a low cost airline) obviously tries to get out of EU261 claims as easy and as cheap as possible, therefore it doesn’t surprise me in the least they are difficult to deal with.
In the case of our reader I think he has a good chance to get his 500 EUR but it might require some fighting and therefore plenty of time.
On the other hand, a few months ago, due to a delayed FRA-IAH, I missed my connection and had to stay overnight at a terrible airport hotel that LH got for me.
These reasons are very seldom and are usually strikes, weather related things or ATC delays. Once again, I think this is an absolutely brilliantly written, constructive, informative post.
This took two e-mails to the airline and two to the authorities (I think there was a form to fill as well).
A Spanish plane en route to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport was returned because a Dutch man was carrying a knife with him. Spanish Vueling passenger plane returns to airport (By MPKN20 via Wikimedia).The flight attendants saw the incident and told the happening to the captain who decided to return to La Coruna airport in western Spain, where the aircraft of the carrier Vueling was coming from. According to the Spanish newspaper the man was not aggressive and cooperated during the police investigation.
Coincidentally, another Vueling passenger plane caused panic last week at Schiphol airport when the pilot did not follow instructions and chose an unusual flight path after the contact with the air traffic control tower was lost. We booked Vueling, a discount carrier that was not only much cheaper but also much more convenient than competing service on Iberia, which connected through Madrid. Vueling departs from the newer Terminal 1 where we had arrived with British Airways, and since we had the bags we needed to check-in at the counter. After an hour of that we decided to head to the B gates for our flight, where we found that the flight was delayed an hour. We grabbed one of the dozens of open seats along the concourse and watched as the line continued to grow.
Eventually we landed at Granada, which was another interesting sight because it was possibly the emptiest commercial airport I’ve ever seen. Overall it was one of my more interesting flights only because how different it was from the usual routine.
We walked into the terminal, waited for our luggage, and headed out to the parking lot for a ride. We elected for the convenience of a taxi since I was unfamiliar with Granada, but the bus was probably a smarter move.
I had a transavia flight from MUC-ORY a few weeks ago and the passengers did the same thing. I felt bad for the handful of people who didn’t get the memo about only being able to bring 1 bag.

I don’t have a lot of experience with low-cost carriers, so maybe our experiences were typical.
Interestingly, I observed exactly the same long queuing in Barcelona when flying from there to ATL on Delta. All content unless otherwise noted or quoted is the author's own and not provided or commissioned by any other entity. Tambien articulos de Opinion y cosas varias que pueden ser interesantes; siempre viene bien para intervenir en una tertulia quizas con una copa de vino y estar a la ultima. I had a more than 4 hours delayed flight by Vueling in 29 march 2016, but Vueling didn’t want to pay the compensation to me. Reader questions are important and help us and everybody reading LoyaltyLobby to keep up with current developments. My scheduled flight length was below 1500km therefore I am seeking €250 per delayed passenger in my party.
From what I understand based on the readers email he either took the original flight or was rescheduled on another flight as he states a delay of 4+ hours (would he have simply forfeited the flight this would have been significantly longer). You will see the same type of response from both low cost carriers and established airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France etc.
To be honest I didn’t remember about EC261 at the time, so I sent my complaint and they reimbursed the amount I had paid, about EUR 132 for 2 tickets (we actually waited those 5 hours and flew the delayed aircraft).
I reckon Vueling will immediately pay once they have been served the claim, this is typical. They didn?t get my luggage on the conecting flight in Barcelona and I had to wait more than 8 days to get it back.
According to the Spanish media, the knife was wrapped in newspapers and accidentally fell out of his bag.
It is still unclear how he got the knife on board even if had passed through the security control at the airport.
Initially it was suspected a hostage situation, but soon after it was revealed that nothing had happened.
Taking the taxi back to the airport was just as convenient as it was on arrival and well worth the ~€35 in my opinion. We were in and out without any complications and headed over to the large outdoor courtyard we noticed on our arrival. Remember, I arrived before we were supposed to board, and then the flight was delayed for an additional hour. There were a couple of rental car desks that looked closed even though a flight had just landed.
Granada is so compact that it’s pretty easy to walk anywhere from the bus stop, which was actually just a block from our hotel.
Overall it was a perfectly fine flight — probably most similar to traveling on Southwest except for the extra charges. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on Airports International website. A veces nos vamos a la "Conchinchina" y para tener experiencias interesantes solo tienes que desplazarte un poco y que mejor que en tren!

You can always email John or myself with your queries if you have a reader question or compensation case.
The last option of enforcing a legitimate claim would be legal action through an attorney or various Claim Agencies that offer the service against a significant cut of your due compensation.
After the first complaint to UA -reminding them about EC261 and the EUR 600 I was hoping for- they sent me a USD 150 voucher for UA flights.
Sebastian, once again, you have Oscar winning potential in you methinks with your highly researched, informative, non-sensationalist posts. That?s not the problem, but they broke up my luggage and stole clothes for round about 250 USD.
Carry-on luggage is limited to 10 kg (22 lbs), and there is no free checked bag for most passengers unless you purchase a premium fare.
A bar and a coffee shop both operate in this large post-security space so you can continue to enjoy the warm Barcelona weather before your flight. Everyone was waiting again, except there was no plane — not even anyone at the counter to speak to.
Knowing this, there is no way the overhead bins were going to fill up, so there was no rush to board.
This already takes care of a large amount of the claims as people often can’t be bothered to pursue this aggressively. We elected for an Optima fare that cost ~$75 per person and includes a free seat assignment and one checked bag of 23 kg (50 lbs). The flight was delayed, but these people were lined up, patiently waiting to board their flight.
I remember waiting an hour to board a Southwest flight, but that was years ago when you had to get there early for a good spot in line! Upgrades were also for sale, including an XL fare with extra legroom that I don’t remember seeing when I purchased the tickets. Even so, they’ll often have a large number of private, single-engine aircraft somewhere on the property. Vueling refused all the responisibility, even to pay the damage on the luggage…the lock was broken and unusable. If you want to splurge, an Excellence fare provides a checked bag, a larger carry-on limit of 14 kg (30 lbs), and an empty middle seat. In Granada, our Airbus A320 was parked out all by itself, and there might have been four other aircraft on the far end of the airfield. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by the merchant or card issuer. They told me directly in the face on the phone, that there are compensation laws for that case, but I have to take an lawyer to force them to pay.

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