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Vintage suitcases make a great starting point for creative DIY projects because they tend to be sturdy and well made in addition to being one-of-a-kind. Take a cue from old-fashioned school desks and turn your vintage suitcase into a chic and unusual end table with built in storage. Luggage is meant for storage so why not extend that functionality when it comes time to recycle your old pieces? Of course, if your vintage suitcase is still road-worthy, it might just need a freshening up to bring it into the 21st century. BoomCase takes repurposed luggage to a whole other level by turning vintage suitcases into old-school style portable boomboxes. The Travelers Choice 3 piece set is more versatile than aesthetic, but the hard-shell exterior is great for long trips.
House in a MazeWe were very intrigued by pictures of this tiny house in the middle of a maze.

Set of 3 Matching Ivory Suitcases in Graduating Sizes featuring Neutral Colored Leather Straps and Antiqued Details. The story behind IMAX Corporation is a tale of hard work and determination resulting in great success. If you don't have any old-school luggage in your closet, you can easily pick up a few pieces from ebay or a thrift store.
While you can use any recycled table base as long as the dimensions line up, the one in the photo above was custom fabricated specifically for the suitcase.
The one above was custom-made by South African interior designer Kate Thompson, who specializes in recycling old pieces into creative furniture and home accessories. With only a soft, old pillow or cushion, your vintage suitcase doubles as a bed for your pet! Re-purposed pieces like this would make great additions to a retro vacation rental, like the Silverstreak Trailer in Yosemite.

Turns out the labyrinth was created from corn in Cordes-sur-Ciel, France, by Labyrinthus, in 1999. What Al and Faye Bulak started in 1984 as a small company importing copper flower containers has grown into one of the top U.S.
What makes these suitcase seats extra-cool is that each one is either totally unique or produced in VERY small quantities. You can purchase a pre-made stereo from the BoomCase store or send in a piece of your own for a custom job.

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