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Cottage8 Master Bedroom: Luggage NightstandsPosted on October 24, 2011 • No comments yet! We came home to find it starting to feel a bit like Fall, so I’ve been digging deep into the backs of our closets for our favorite flannel sheets, wool blankets and my cable knit sweaters with the joyful anticipation of chilly, cozy nights.
With the changing weather soon approaching, I’m feeling the urge to get my rooms “ready” for the new upcoming season. Remember this striped suitcase I shared with you a little while back, from my friend Victoria. I simply placed old suitcases on top of vintage luggage racks and whala…instant nightstands!
You know the phrase it takes a village…well I think it took the better half of Ventura County to help me pull this little project together, thanks to some pretty terrific gals. We love the framed monogram above our bed, which often is covered with a large mirror depending on what I’m doing decor-wise that week.

Here’s suitcase luggage rack #2, which I bought from my friend Victoria at A Beautiful Mess and the vintage luggage rack was another flea market find. The large, funky old clock piece I bought from my friend Karen years ago, and it seems to end up in each room of this house, depending on what project I have going on. This room is still in desperate need of some crown moulding, and I have a really sad looking dresser I bought years ago from an old salvage yard that is going to be getting a facelift real soon. It’s a quick and easy way to furnish an entire room and you can often get furniture sets for a super low price.
No holiday decorating just yet, but all those little projects that have been lingering on my to-do lists are finally getting checked off.
Because I wasn’t hitting the flea markets as frequently over the warm summer months, she was my go-to pair of eyes as this gal thrives in 90+ degree weather. Lately I’ve been thinking about painting my headboard mantel in Ralph Lauren’s Black Truffle (a smokey charcoal black), and of course leave the tufted fabric center alone.

Have you ever oohh’ed and aahh’ed over a beautiful room where every piece of furniture matched?
The first set of furniture we bought after getting married was an ugly 6-piece bedroom set for $699.
It did the job, getting us through our first several years of marriage when money was tight but our bedroom did look awful and I’m glad to have been able to replace the pieces over time as the budget has allowed. Decorate along with me as I share simple tips and ideas for adding affordable style and timeless design to your home.

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