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Skipping the toothpick and tweezers this time, Victorinox offers a slightly simpler take on the bike tool, with a pocket-sized kit that offers an L-shaped hex wrench, 8 common bits, and a pair of tire-changing levers. Aside from a blade, screwdriver and scissors, the Presentation Master also has a removable flash drive with fingerprint detection, Bluetooth left- and right-click buttons and a laser pointer. Victorinox Spectra luggage have flexible, lightweight yet durable Bayer polycarbonate cases, aluminum handles, 360? wheels and TSA-friendly locks. So I was eager to see how our own experience with Victorinox Luggage would fare on this 2-week trip to the Maldives.
First of all, because of the nature of our trip, let me tell you that this was not a cruise for the bags.
There’s still space above the bag ?? And I do have to tell you that this bag is very thickly padded with sturdy compartments. It’s very important to know that Seaplanes are quite strict in the size and weight of checked in bags.
The check-in compartment of the seaplane is at the rear of the aircraft so we could see how they are stacked and handled. The waters were kind of choppy, and there were slots between the wooden planks of the pontoon. When travelling, especially in places like the Maldives, there will be staff assisting you with luggage most of the time.
These guys have been so impressive throughout the trip, they deserved some R & R in the Maldives too! I travelled with ease and peace of mind throughout this trip, not worrying if the bags will meet me in the conveyor belt with zips open, or a wheel busted.
The only noticeable difference are minor scratches to the exterior, which is pretty expected given how the bags are handled at every airport. What I wish there was : A lacquer or some kind of teflon-like coating that I could paint over the surface so that no matter how or where I travel, there will be zero scratches. Is there such a thing?

And while I know this is meant figuratively and isn’t pertaining to an actual bag, I do agree with it in the literal sense. True, the luggage did not define our travels, but what they did was help us enjoy our trip better.
If these guys performed beautifully in paradise, I can’t wait to see how they would go on my future travels. About Jean Holy SmithereensJean is a lover of luxury travel and adventure, always looking for that "Holy Smithereens"-inducing moment on her travels. Hi Don, my pleasure ?? Yes its funny how most of us know Victorinox just as a Swiss Army knife brand, and I myself am glad i have tried out their travel gear.
They have dial lights, a battery indicator that doubles as a beacon, a white signal light and a small flashlight. It’s got 27 built-in features including screwdrivers, wire strippers, pliers, and the all important bottle opener and corkscrew.
Once you go with 4 wheels on a hard case, you won’t go back to anything less, or softer. So we were so happy that it wasn’t just us whose lives were made easier by the Victorinox bags. They know their Swiss Knives well, and after travelling with their luggage, I can say they have applied the same durability and reliability on their travel gear. We needed to unpack and pack several times in this trip and not once did it cause us stress.
Follow the blog and other social media pages of Holy Smithereens to get the ultimate travel ideas for the luxurious adventurer! I think you did a pretty good job of convincing us to go with the Victorinox Luggage seeing how I’ve been a Swiss Army Knife person for 50 years. I would not have thought of that and I haven’t seen anything written on Trip Advisor about it either.

First of all, Zombie’s knife (yes the very knife that temporarily fixed the wheel), was Victorinox, and my own dear Zemum ,who is the biggest bag-snob, owns a Victorinox luggage set. The staff above even remarked that we’re such light packers he felt like he was carrying empty suitcases (ha! The ease in handling the bags also greatly helped in having peace of mind throughout the trip.
In Bora-Bora, as you mentioned you will be staying at the Sofitel Private Island, that’s definitely by speedboat.
I’m curious to what brand you had before (I might have missed it in the right up, my kids are keeping me busy today). We started with a short fling in Singapore, danced under the pouring Dublin rain, we froze together in Reykjavik.
As for me (if you’ve been following the trip on Instagram and Facebook you know that I brought enough swimwear to last a YEAR in the Maldives), the secret is in the packing squares. Unfortunately the carry-ons aren’t going to work for our 2015 two week Tahiti trip and we need something a little bigger that will withstand just about anything thrown at it.
You will be going on Speedboat transfers too so if you get a bag make sure it’s not something easily soaked. We’ve had our standard 22 inch carry-ons for a lot of years and to be on the safe side we packed a luggage belt in each one.
The spacing and compartments in the Spectra 2.0 bags is definitely a match when travelling with packing squares.

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