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This is the latest news releases and fitments for our gear and any other information that is worth noting.
No Cut Oggy Knobbs for CBR500R are now available for $279.00 OK524 for Black Ok525 for White (this kit also fits CB500F and X as a heavy duty option of the OK522, which also means reduced inventory as the 1 kit will fit all three models). 2013 Ducati Diavel has a narrower rear subframe so the current Ventura kits will fit but only with a narrower pack frame #PF19. DNA on the ball with Hi-Performance Air filters available now for the latest motorcycle models. Check out the DNA AIR FILTERS website or click on the links below to see the latest product infomation pdf's. Ventura's Bike-Pack system is designed to maintain the performance and handling of your motorcycle while still providing excellent load carrying capacity. Accessories such as Grab-Handles and the smaller Sports-Racks and 10 Litre Sports-Packs are also available.
Ventura's Bike-Pack system is designed to maintain the performance and handling of sporting motorcycles while still providing excellent load carrying capacity. Please note: Due to the compact design of the new Panigale the Bike-pack system for this model can not be used in conjunction with a pillion passenger. A GSM based GPS Tracking solution to locate and track the whereabouts of your vehicle in real time via the Internet on a computer or Smartphone. ADV Riders need look no further than the new Tough-Rack range from VenturaThe ADVentura Tough-Rack system is very different to the current Ventura Bike-Pack systems however it does utilise all existing Ventura Bike-Packs and Monza 42-56 litre Panniers. Electronic Jet Kits by Dobeck PerformanceThe easy to understand electronic fuel injection control module, NO COMPUTER NEEDED, NO DYNO REQUIRED, Plug N' Play installation, minutes to install, unique load based technology, full range tunability, does not interfere with stock ECU operation, simple push button adjustment.Electronic Jet Kits by Dobeck Performance. While you may think that it is crazy to fit touring luggage to a true sportsbike, isn’t it nice to have the option?

In 2011 Triumph released their Thunderbird Storm, a hot rod style variant of the Thunderbird.
Ventura’s Bike-Pack System is the perfect accompaniment for commuting or touring on the Triumph Thunderbird Storm (2011-14). Praised for being easy to ride, compact and lightweight, and with lots of low to mid-range power, Ducati’s Scrambler range has potential for a weekend away, as well as cruising the high street. The Ventura system combines the best features of hard and soft luggage: a sturdy rack to hold the load securely, plus a range of lightweight, soft and semi-soft bags that are easy to handle off the bike and can be stashed away when not in use. When riding solo, the pack sits over the pillion seat keeping the weight closer to the bike’s centre of gravity, for a stable ride. A complete system for the Scrambler, including L-Brackets, Pack Rack and 47-litre Mistral I Pack (as pictured), costs ?307- including VAT. Guzzilla , I always enjoy a nice rack but what I noticed in your pics is the wheels are they from a supersport?
This will change regularly, so make sure you check back from time to time, especially if you are waiting for something to become available for your bike. We will have a dedicated 2013 system available soon but for now please advise it is for 2013 and we can make the required changes before shipping the system. Insert a GSM Sim card (not included) and hide the device away using the included hook and loop adhesive.
Tough-Rack is considerably beefed up to handle the extreme conditions and loads dished up by Aussie Adventure tourers. The unique 303 stainless steel swivel unions of the Powerhose Plus system allows hassle free fitting of high quality stainless steel braided brake hoses with perfect alignment!
Ventura’s Bike-Pack System, the most comprehensive luggage system available on the market is the perfect accompaniment for commuting or touring on the BMW S1000RR (2010-15).

The system allows riders to choose from luggage options starting at just 9 liters with combinations to allow over 100 liters of capacity.
Discreet, lightweight and easy to fit, the Ventura Bike Pack System offers the ideal solution. The rider then has the option of fitting a pillion Grab Handle or a Sport Rack, for transporting small loads.
With touring stories from the pros and amateurs who just did it 'cos they could, to our dedicated Ladies and e-bikes sections, you'll find plenty to inspire, inform and entertain you! Termi slip-on, race ECU, DP exhaust carbon guard and sprocket cover, Carbon-Trader carbon rear hugger, Shift Tech carbon clutch cover and carbon air runner covers. It works by sending the vehicle's GPS coordinates via the GSM network to the free online tracking service, GPS Tracking System. The innovative design features a bolt on Pack-Frame can be positioned vertically or removed all together.
The NG brake disc range covers Superbikes, Touring, Dual sport, Motocross, Enduro, Commuter plus ATV and Scooters. With an aluminium bridge-type frame, radial brakes, a super sporty tail-up nose-down design, hot colors and the ultimate combination of electronic rider assistance.
The ADVentura Tough-Rack system comes as model specific Tough-Rack kits and Pannier-Support assemblies, which can be purchased together or just the stand alone Tough-Rack only.Adventure products.
Many with several options from solid to floating rotors, wave patterns and oversize kits.NG Brake Discs.

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