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After a summer of record-setting high temperatures in Oregon, a powerful storm blew into the area just in time for the “Mother of All Relays” during the last weekend of August.
During the 34th annual Hood to Coast Relay, which takes participants nearly 200 miles from the base of Mt. Event coordinators were forced to modify the finish party after event canopies, sanicans and chairs set up on the beach were found blown over Saturday morning.
Despite heavy winds, rain, and even some hail, the 13,000 participants in this year’s Hood to Coast Race didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits.
For more information about this event or to find out how you can participate or volunteer next year, please visit the Hood to Coast website.
Tailgating is fun – In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees. Avid tailgaters will tell you that the keys to stress-free tailgating are advanced planning, organization, and coordination.
If you’re in charge of the party, take time the week before to plan your menu, shopping list, and job assignments.
Fans of the University of Oregon football team use their StowAway Cargo Carrier for all of their tailgating needs on game day. And for those who really want to take their tailgating to the next level, check out the StowAway Hitch Grill Station that features a Cuisinart gas grill.
Yes, tailgating is hard work… But with a little advanced planning and these life hacks, it can also be one of the most enjoyable, stress-free ways to spend a weekend this fall. You’re welcome!
So, unless you want your dog to sit on your lap the whole time, which might be fun but isn’t necessarily safe, you’re going to need to do some rearranging for your road trips with dogs.
Food: Pip’s food supply includes dry food, treats, bowls for food and water, and a cooler that houses his favorite “gooey” food. Towels: Pip is a water dog – just try to keep him out of it – so I always pack plenty of towels to keep him dry and happy after his romps in the water.
Room to Move: To make plenty of room for Pip, I can also stow two carry-on bags and two camp chairs, in addition to Pip’s gear – up to 200 pounds of stuff. Access: I don’t have to climb on the bumper to access this gear, because it’s located on the trailer hitch, behind the car, rather than on top of the car. Here’s the beauty of the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier: It attaches to the back of your vehicle instead of the top, giving you easy access to your things.
Security: The StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier locks to keep my valuables secure when I’ve made a pit stop on the road, or I want to keep my things in storage overnight. Versatility: All of the StowAway rack systems—bike racks, rod racks and cargo racks—are fully interchangeable with the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier. For more details, including information about rear taillights, side reflectors, and the 10-year warranty, as well as photos and product specifications, visit StowAway2 Cargo Carriers, the Rooftop Alternative. Your StowAway2 Cargo Carrier works hard for you, stowing a lot of gear while being continually exposed to the elements and road grit and grime.
Trim Shine is a vinyl and plastic coating used by professional auto detailers to restore color and brilliance to bumpers, running boards, dashboards and more and it can do the same thing for your StowAway2. Trim Shine couldn’t be easier to use—simply spray it on and watch it instantly restore the shine and brilliance of your StowAway2. The Schiers family of Syracuse, Utah knew they needed extra storage for a road trip to southern California so Robert Schiers began his search for just the right setup. Our thanks to the Schiers family for sharing their story with us—we always appreciate hearing from our customers about how the StowAway2 works for them. Mary Lou uses a philosophical approach to dog training to ensure that dogs attitude and the relationship between the handler and the dog is the highest priority. The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube.
We love seeing our StowAway hitch cargo carriers around the country in all of the beautiful locations our adventurous customers visit. We look forward to your submission and can’t wait to see what all of our StowAway hitch cargo carriers have been up to since they left our warehouse. Our hitch cargo carriers provide a creative solution for storage space outside the vehicle.
The Drifters, who own both a Dodge Magnum and a Ford Expedition, travel back and forth from their home in Florida to their cabin in North Carolina, as well as on their camping trips and scouting adventures. This set up cost Jeremy about $12.00 and took him about 30 minutes to weld, mount and paint. With sixteen cubic feet of space inside of StowAway’s MAX hitch cargo carrier, Dad will have enough room to bring along everything he needs. If fishing or bicycling is more his jive StowAway has a hitch cargo carrier specialized just for him. Along with Canada geese, many retirees begin flocking to warmer climates this time of year to avoid the doldrums that accompany the cold, wet winters in the north.
Once things begin to thaw again in the spring, those who choose to make this yearly trek head north once again to their permanent residence. Not to be confused with your average vacationer, snowbirds spend an extended amount of time in the sunny paradise of their choosing. Fledgling snowbirds often begin as typical vacationers, traveling to visit friends and family in places like Arizona, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico.
Wherever they go and however they choose to get there, one thing is for certain: each snowbird has their own distinct migratory pattern that, despite its cyclical nature, sets them apart from the rest of the flock. The farthest dock-jumping Weimaraner in the history of the sport, Wrigley, owned and trained by Meghan Williams, didn’t seem to be a born leaper. To travel to competitions, Meghan, Wrigley, and their family of four pack themselves into a small Trailblazer.
Wrigley and Meghan’s next event will be September 6-7 in Springfield, Illinois at The Super Retriever Series. So, seeing as how I love short cuts, I’m going to give you one and compare the three most popular and reliable brands of gear and cargo carriers for you. The Rola hitch carrier has 13.5 cubic feet of space, which holds roughly four carry-on bags. The frames on the Rola and Thule hitch carriers are both constructed frommedium-wall steel tubing. Manufactured in the USA, the StowAway is mounted on a steel frame and tigthened onto the hitch to minimize wobble as you’re heading down a rugged back-country road to your favorite remote campsite. The StowAway hitch cargo carrier is a great storage solution for a all different types of applications. All our frames are made from heavy duty, thick walled steel tubing with a black powder coating. The standard fixed frame is similar to the basic fixed frame, but rises 7″ for improved ground clearance. So make sure to use the right frame for whichever vehicle you are going to attach your new hitch cargo carrier to.

While there are a couple other options to meet your storage needs, hitch cargo carriers provide a better solution than those other options. So if you find yourself wanting items that you can’t fit, just want more space in your camper van, or want a more convenient and practical option than your current roof cargo solutions, check out the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.
As you can see, hitch mounted cargo carriers are a great solution for adding more space to your vehicle.  If you have any question about our hitch mounted cargo carriers or how they will fit your vehicle, give us a call and check out our website.
With its 180-degree swivel capacity, the StowAway Frame makes the hitch cargo carrier the best, easy-access method to haul your extra gear and supplies. The easiest, ready-made use of the StowAway SwingAway Frame is to turn it into a tailgating grill station. The strength, versatility and convenience of the StowAway SwingAway Frame invites new and innovative ideas for towing, transporting and celebrating. Hood to the beaches of Seaside, wind gusts up to 60 mph and heavy rains tested the endurance and fortitude of each runner. Participants were urged to dress warm, wear raingear, and stay alert for downed trees and debris as they made their way from mountain to coast. With over one thousand teams participating this year, runners in the world’s oldest and most popular running relay race surpassed the fundraising goal of $550K, bringing in nearly $562K for cancer research, treatment, and services at Providence Cancer Center to help #finishcancer. As you can see, their Hitch Cargo Carrier kept them fed, hydrated, and happy throughout the grueling event. But despite the friendly faces, great food, and enthusiasm of game day, that “blowout” is also really hard work – after all it is a party, and parties don’t throw themselves. To help you make the most of game day and ensure you’re not worn out before the game even starts, we’ve pulled together five great tailgating life hacks to ensure a smooth and enjoyable tailgating experience. If you don’t already have one, I suggest creating a checklist to be sure nothing is left behind.
For instance, a toolbox is a convenient way to organize and store smaller items that you know you’ll need at every single tailgate party. No matter what it is, bring more than you think you’ll need: ice, beverages, food, chairs, blankets, etc. Quickly and easily organize and transport all of your tailgating essentials, especially those bulky items like canopies, chairs, and even your cornhole boards or ladder golf.
Wshew!  And the box swings open 180 degrees, so Pip gets in and out of the car sweet and easy, the way he likes. The Max Cargo Carrier Box has 16 cubic feet of capacity and holds 4 carry on suitcases, two camp chairs and two duffel bags.
Your dog will want to stretch its legs and take a little sniff-n-pee break every few hours. If you’re stopping for breakfast, lunch or dinner along the way, please promise me you will leave at least two windows partially open for fresh airflow.
A road trip is a road trip, but a road trip with dogs – is a great, tail wagging adventure. Because if we leave anything behind, we absolutely, positively must have our skis, boots, and poles. What about the extra clothing, bedding, food, games, toys-for-all-ages, and – dare I say it – hair care products? And the SwingAway frame pivots up to 180 degrees from the rear of your vehicle, so you can open your liftgate, door, hatch or tailgate, allowing full access to all your other needful things. They have twice the wall thickness of some competitive boxes and are designed to take a beating without cracking.
That means we can easily take our bikes up to the trailhead on one day, load up the carrier with soccer balls the next day, head to the lake with our fishing rods on the weekend, and host a tailgate party on game day.
In exchange, you want to take good care of it so that it will be in tip top shape for your next adventure. After reviewing several options, he chose the StowAway2 MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier for its combination of capacity and flexibility. Incorporating games, treats and toys as integral tools in training, she believes in breaking down each behavior to its smallest component ensuring that both dog and handler clearly understand what tod o. Although not considered residents in their southern homes, snowbirds often become highly involved in their temporary communities — some even find jobs or volunteer for local charities in their home away from home.
When the time is right, these fledglings fly the nest and begin what becomes a lifelong quest to avoid cold and wet weather conditions by taking up temporary residence in warmer climates during winter months.
There are no actual data sources capable of providing complete, consistent coverage of temporary migration in the United States because the U.S.
Top landing destinations for Florida’s snowbirds are Key West, Miami, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Tampa.
For wealthy retirees seeking warm sunshine, world class golf courses, an abundance of tennis courts, country clubs, and high-end shops and restaurants, Southern California is the place to be! Texas has a little something for everyone, and the tropical South Texas climate is particularly irresistible to snowbirds. When snow begins falling in the coldest regions of North America, thousands of snowbirds head to Arizona where daytime winter temperatures average 70 degrees and RV parks cater to the seasonal residents. For snowbirds who enjoy warmer weather but still want to participate in outdoor winter activities, Alamogordo just might be the perfect winter destination.
Although you might expect a snowbird to fly south for the winter, more adventurous snowbirds often choose to turn their migratory trek into a road trip, traveling along the interstate and back roads so that they can stop off to visit family and friends, state parks, or other tourist attractions along the way. He started late in life (4 years of age), never swam before, and had to wear a life jacket to dock-jumping class. Wrigley just leapt away with two titles at the Dock Dogs North Central Regional Championship in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, August 8-10, 2014. Given this, and the fact that there are only ten competing across the country, Willams calls Wrigley’s success “astonishing.” At 9? years of age, for example, Wrigley was the most decorated veteran jumper at the regional championships, with invitations to compete in the World Championships. Add to that, her skill at throwing Wrigley’s toy off the dock is 50% of the team effort that has brought them so much success.
They will also be jumping in Carol Stream, Illinois at the Ultimate Air Dogs on September 14.
The Thule hitch carrier has 13 cubic feet of space, which will accommodate about three carry-on bags and two large duffel bags. Which means it’s important to me to have one base product that allows me a great deal of choices in add-ons and versatile use. Staff brought in luggage and gear and loaded the box down with ordinary items travelers might take on a trip.
It slides quickly and securely into the receiver hitch of nearly every make and model of SUV, minivan, truck and RV. A weather tight seal keeps everything nice and dry should the weather turn wet, and there’s a well-placed drain plug for easy clean-up.
With a StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier you’ll have plenty of space to haul everything safely and securely on your next great adventure.
But its ingenuity doesn’t stop there – especially when you add some of your own great ideas.

Add your own grill or take advantage of the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station Plus, which comes with a Cuisinart gas grill, acrylic cutting board and two folding side shelves. Because it is so strong and well made, you can let your imagination soar, knowing the frame will always be there to support you.
Wet, tired, and windblown, participants running the last leg of the race were surprised to find that the finish line had been moved from the sandy coastal beach to the promenade in downtown Seaside as a safety precaution. While some runners seemed to enjoy racing in the wet and stormy weather, others were less enthused.
While this is a party and should be loads of fun, there’s nothing wrong with recruiting your friends to help out. This will help avoid a flurry of phone calls when you realize you’re almost out of hamburger buns or (gasp!) beer. With either 12.5 or 16 cubic feet of storage space, a StowAway Cargo Carrier nearly doubles the average SUV’s functional carrying capacity – you’ll wonder how you ever tailgated without it! It seems as though more and more people are foregoing the kennel and taking their waggly best friends with them on road trips.
This is a great chance for you to do the same, getting some fresh air and working out the kinks of the road. Unless you want to be packed in like little sardines for the whole trip, the other “must-have” is a StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier. When Mary Lou discovered the StowAway Cargo Carrier, she knew she had found a better solution for transporting her luggage and dogs gear to agility competitions.
This approach makes sure that the dog is set up for success – confident enough in all areas of performance so as to maximize speed and accuracy. After all, while it’s snowing and blowing with temperatures below freezing up north, these lucky folks will be wandering about the golf course, basking in the sunny warmth of a balmy 75-degree day. And while there are many things that set the snowbird apart from the seasonal vacationer, the greatest difference is that this migratory pattern isn’t a one-time deal… it’s a way of life. Census Bureau only defines permanent residents, not snowbirds, and they are counted at the place where they live and sleep most of the time as opposed to where they are on a specific day when the Census took place. From Palm Springs to Palm Desert, the Coachella Valley is a snowbird hotspot that offers the ultimate in resort living.
Located on the Gulf of Mexico, and featuring a bay front promenade, arts and museum district, waterfront restaurants, golf galore, plentiful shopping and beautiful beaches, Corpus Christi is one of the most popular snowbird destinations in Texas.
Quartzsite is one of the most popular and affordable places to take up temporary residence in Arizona.
With an average 70 degree temperature, snowbirds can spend their days in the lowlands and afternoons skiing or snowshoeing in the mountains.
While some drive the family vehicle to a condo or apartment that’s awaiting them in their temporary paradise, others invest in a motorhome or camper, finding an RV park that caters to the snowbird community preferable to a resort or condo complex. You can save a lot of money and get a better product when you take the time to compare features and prices.
The StowAway MAX Hitch Carrier outguns both competitors with 16 cubic feet of space, holding four carry-on bags, two large duffel bags and two camp chairs.
StowAway’s largest and most popular cargo box adds 16 cubic feet of extra storage to the rear of your vehicle.
Our Standard Cargo Carrier is slightly smaller but can also accommodate a good deal of luggage and gear. More importantly, it offers easy ground-level access to all your gear, making it a snap for any family member to grab what they need at rest stops or destinations. John Sherry, a University of Notre Dame marketing professor and cultural anthropologist who conducted a two-year study of college tailgating, says, “The idea of getting out of your house and feasting and drinking somewhere else is a pretty old tradition. After all, if they want to eat your food, drink your beer and hang out at your tailgate, they can pitch in too.
For larger items, you can use bins (I recommend clear ones so you can see inside easily without having to take the lid off) to store kitchen items such as dishes, aluminum foil, soap, and paper towels, as well as games, blankets, seat cushions, and more. And since half the fun of tailgating is making new friends, having extra to share with your tailgating neighbors and fellow fans is a bonus! Even some hotels are now specifically accommodating dogs, with pet-friendly rooms, treats upon arrival, and fenced play areas. That means if – God forbid – he gets lost, wanders off, or is otherwise misplaced, any good person who finds him can reach me by having his chip scanned. Her teaching style instills confidence in the handler allowing them to feel that they can be the best partner possible for their dog. Despite the lack of data, however, there are certain states that see a definite influx of temporary residents (and a boost to their local economy) during the coldest months of the year. Other hotspots include Galveston, Port Aransas, Rockportand South Padre Island, which is known for its abundance of fishing, boating, bird watching, and shopping opportunities. With thousands of acres of low-cost and free public camping areas known as Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs), Quartzite’s population swells from a few hundred full-time residents to several hundred thousand snowbirds each year.
Local attractions include the White Sands National Monument, International Space Hall of Fame, and McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch. The StowAway hitch carrier boxes are molded with Linear Low Density Polyethylene – a super durable polymer, the same material used to mold high-performance whitewater kayaks. Essentially, the MAX Cargo Carrier was able to hold four roller bags, two carry-on bags and two folding chairs. Not only will it help you pack your rig before heading to the stadium, but you can use it to be sure everything makes it home safely at the end of the day. Having the necessities packed and ready to go each weekend will save so much time, you just may have a shot at landing the best parking spot at the stadium! Also, when we’re traveling, I never, ever, ever take off his collar, which has his name, address and my cell phone number on it.
They have twice the wall thickness of competitive boxes and are designed to take a beating without cracking. The StowAway Hitch Carrier on the other hand, offers a bike rack, cargo rack, rod rack, lid rack, grilling station, custom cutting board, wheels, wrap-around reflectors and tie-down rings.
You’ve got luggage, sporting equipment, food, maybe a tent, sleeping bags, cooking gear, lighting, furniture. The standard cargo box can be used with a Class 2 hitch, which has a weight limit of 125 lbs., still a generous amount. A lock secures your gear safely while you’re at diners, trailheads and other roadside attractions, and protects your cargo. With 300+ days of sunshine and humidity averaging approximately 40%, Albuquerque is one of the most popular Snowbird destinations in the entire Southwest.

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