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WHAT SIZE CARRY ON BAGGAGE IS ALLOWED ON US AIRWAYSSouthwests guidelines, southwest airlines is the hold even.
Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. TSA allows certain duty-free liquids through security in your carry-on bag if they?re properly packaged in a security tamper-evident bag (STEB).
The subjectivity would be greatly reduced if the sizers were constructed, as Delta's, to form a full sided box. Those on the margin should really test their bags in advance in all of the different positions to see which allows the most favorable view of its size if required to use the sizer at the gate. Your carry-on bag can be up to 45 inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (23 x 36 x 56 cm) including handles and wheels.
Your personal item needs to be smaller than your carry-on item and must fit under the seat in front of you. Note: Some stations or personnel are generally more zealous about enforcing carry-on limits and baggage dimensions. Gate Agents and other ground personnel have been directed to strictly enforce current carry on restrictions at all stations.
All facets of hand carried baggage policy are to be enforced: dimensions, number of items (one piece of carry on baggage, one personal item), for all classes of service and for all passengers (regardless of elite level). It may be worthwhile to read AA carry-on policies before heading to the airport with the rollaboard with wheels or other bits protruding beyond the template (see below). In the past, slightly oversized bags that were disallowed at the gate would be gate-checked at no charge. As to charges for gate checking, no idea; I do believe they won't do that for now at least, because there will be a lot of carry on baggage that will fail if they're going to follow these marching orders (memos, directives). The tougher they are, the better compliance, the faster planes are loaded, the more customers are happy and so on. If the goal is to reduce gate checking, they should be punishing people who put both their bags in the overhead bin, with no regard for efficient use of the space.
Dinging someone for having a roller bag 1 cm too big in one dimension doesn't fix the issue, it just creates an arbitrary cut-off that excludes bags that are both sold as compliant, and comfortably fit in an overhead bin wheels first. It is also airline policy that the personal item goes under the seat in front of you (unless you're at a bulkhead), and people who think that rule doesn't apply to them throw fits when told to put the smaller item under the seat. If the sizers were an accurate representation of an overhead bin, I'd have no problem with strict enforcement.
Reed cited a report in the Providence Journal that members of the band Deer Tick were delayed while traveling from Nashville. In his letter to Foxx, Reed cited reports from other musicians that their instruments had been lost or damaged after being placed in baggage holds. Yes i was flying from Frankfurt to Barcelona cos i have to make a recording and produce music in the Spain with Lufthansa,per flight i must pay 80 Euros just for my guitar,although i didnt have so much kilos for my clothes,maybe only 5 Kgs,but the guitar i must pay extra.why the airliners are making this advantage illegally?and besides they didnt have any maybe wrapped and packed well or a real good compartment for the instrument.even if the instrument cost a lot ,but why is this so????????????????????????? If the flight involved was on an Express jet, as pictured, this incident is more convoluted then a usual 737 or Airbus 320 trip. The problem with buying a $100 guitar when you get there is that is sounds like a $100 guitar. Why should musicians traveling with instruments have a different set of rules for the rest of us traveling for business? I too got kicked off a southwest flight for my fiddle and my banjo while trying to meet up with a bluegrass festival on a cruise ship. For the non-musicians post recommending we just, "leave our instrument at home and pick up another one for $100".

For synthesizers, sure, I can leave it at home, take a flash drive with my patches and have it set up in my rider that a such n such keyboard will be waiting for me on stage, but an instrument that is more personal can not be substituted. It would be like telling the office exec, you don't need to bring your state of the art MacBook on board, we have a Dell 386 with 16MB RAM running Windows 3.1 that should be just fine! I imagine babies could become "dangerous projectiles in an emergency," toxic waste and all. I gave up taking my guitar on long travel, thinking i would rent one when I reached my destination, it never worked out that way. My guitar,of much sentimental value,Was going to be delivered as a gift for one of my friends,In a fly from Indianapolis, Houston, TX. Musical Instruments , delicate, expensive , easily broken, or thrown out of alignment and their owners are disrespected. One thing the airlines could do to alleviate some of these problems is allow musicians with small instruments to pre-board and get their instruments safely secured. I have a problem with large pieces of baggage being brought onto aircraft that is actually "luggage". AA formulates carry on baggage policy that meets FAA criteria as well as airline established criteria; these are submitted to the FAA and if approved become the airline's policy. Both items may be checked at the ticket counter or one item can be checked at the gate and one at the counter. AA occasionally puts out directives to all stations to enforce carry-on baggage rules and limits (e.g.
Flight attendants don't have time to play bag tetris, but if they're going to be pulling bags off the plane to gate check, start with the people who make no effort to stow their bag efficiently, or get combative if another passenger tries to move it. I can't find anywhere that says it is - though I only travel in a single bag, so I'm not part of the problem. A GA just went around the waiting area looking at people's bags and requesting those with large carryons to take them to the sizer. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to speed implementation of a 2012 law that requires commercial air carriers to allow musical instruments as carry-on items as long as they can be safely stowed in the aircraft cabin.
I know of an incidence of a vintage 1960s Gibson ES335 being destroyed by a conveyor belt at the airport. Take your guitar in a soft case and carry it upside down on your shoulder with a back pack and they won't notice you have a guitar until after you have boarded. Then I bough a Nolo Press book on music law and it documented that they have to let you carry your guitar on if it can fit in the overhead.
There is very specific information allowing instruments to be carried on for domestic flights.
Even with a seat assigned at the bulkhead, having bought the tickets months in advance, getting on the plane is a too often an nightmare. I often take my 12-string guitar when flying and airlines sometimes tell me it counts as a "piece" of carry-on, and sometimes not.
This would apply to bringing musical instruments as carry-on, impounding 200 year-old violins with a tiny piece of ivory trim, and priceless collections of FolkArt flutes destroyed as agricultural imports. If the airline repeatedly violated their FAA-approved policy, they can be held accountable by the FAA. But Reed said the law has not taken effect because the Department of Transportation has yet to adopt the specific rules needed for the provision.
Airways refused to allow the band's guitarist, John McCauley, board a connecting flight in Philadelphia with his guitar. I had no trouble on the way to Atlanta, however on the return trip when I was checking in the Airtran employee insisted that I put my $4000 Martin guitar in checked baggage.

I have used,with good result,UPS to deliver my instruments to the Grand Canyon one year for my artist in residence gig, it was cheaper than a plane ticket, insured to the hilt and packed by them, in my hard shell cases.
BUT more especially, the people who own them.$$$$$Most Airlines dont even charge or count them as baggage. The softcase, over the shoulder, probably saves me a lot of grief; at least I don't get told to stow it below (often). Recently, during an FAA audit, AA was found to be violating its FAA-approved carry on policy. The depth is a definitive full 10 inches from the back board to the inner side of the metal tube running low laterally across the front of the sizer. You may have AA and contract personnel challenge your carry-on dimensions, sometimes without the use of baggage sizes, or by attempting to fit your carry-on into the sizer. Jack Reed said, after a report of problems encountered by a band flying to Rhode Island for the Newport Folk Festival. The airline later apologized, according to the report, and paid for a train ticket to get McCauley to Rhode Island.
They are delicate and expensive and if they go missing in transit I'm screwed, but still they insist they go into the haul. I calmly explained to her that I had always traveled with my guitar and that it fit in the overhead compartment and would get destroyed in baggage, She told me I should considered that before I brought it with me. After reading the book I packed my guitar with confidence and went off to Italy last December.
It is a terrible stress to fly not knowing what you have to deal with getting your instrument on board. Laws and regulations have indeed been "passed" in 2012 -- but not finalized as Federal Regulations which airlines must obey. That being said musical instruments that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars should be allowed to be carried on but not as regular baggage. I saw a guy trying to stuff golf clubs in an overhead compartment last week - and on a small commuter jet. I was skeptical the first time it got "gate checked" to go under a regional jet, but the handling was done gently & I watched it go in & come out. I asked for a manager and he backed her up, but offered to have it "hand carried" on and off the planes. I met some Italian musicians in a cafe and because I had a guitar my whole travel experience changed, I was able to communicate with people and go play at clubs, cafe's and really connect with people who did not speak English. If the musician feels their instrument is that delicate then pay for an extra ticket and strap it into the seat next to you. Thanks Braniff and thanks for shipping it to the midwest when I was going to the east coast. Mothers have to hold their babies or buy a seat and use their car seat for the baby so why shouldn't it work the same way for musicians.
When I arrived in Boston it was not hand carried and I caught it as it was dropping from the outside conveyor onto the baggage carousal.

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