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T-tech by tumi introduces cargo wheeled luggage–incredibly light and indestructibly strong. The weight of a piece of luggage matters, especially if someone needs to carry the luggage on a plane or is going to be checking it in at baggage claim. Many Tumi luggage pieces have wheels for carry-on incorporated into the design, and can easily be purchased on eBay. Check the wheeled designs on eBay, keeping in mind that some Tumi luggage is available with four wheels (packing cases, garment bags, large fortnight trip bags, and large split duffels) while some are available with only two wheels (garment bags,duffel bags, overnight bags, garment bags and more).
The Tumi Vapor large trip and medium trip packing cases are perfect for the virtually any occasion.
Tumi luggage purchased on eBay is the perfect gift to give on a variety of occasions, such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays. Even if you are purchasing the luggage for yourself, keep in mind that there are still many different options to choose from, and that communication with the seller will still be important. Choose a comfortable price point as you search for a Tumi luggage item on eBay, and remember that used luggage is always an option. Has your obsession with MLB caps gone past the typical bad hair day coverup to become a full-time, color-coordinated accessory? Hand-made in the USA, this limited edition Kenton Sorenson Dopp Kit ($135) is constructed of natural leather that'll age beautifully with use. Tumi Black This is our extra-large, framed expansion, wheeled packing case--the one you need when traveling for weeks at a time, or when two are sharing a case. Tumi Black Sleek utility becomes understated style for today's design-focused professionals with the Tumi T-Tech Icon collection.
Go ahead and click "Save for later" on all items that don't show the message "In Stock ready to ship".
If none of the items in your basket say "Not eligible for In-Store Pickup", you can switch the selected store () by clicking the "change" link at the top of the page to find a store where all items are available for In-Store Pickup. Our In-Store Pickup program lets you select items online and pick them up at your local store so you can avoid shipping costs.
Complete your order and be on the lookout for an email notification that your item is ready for pickup (this is separate from your order confirmation email). Tumi is recognized far and wide as one of the world’s leading brands of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories.
The tale of Tumi begins back in 1975, when it was founded by Charlie Clifford after a stint in the American Peace Corps in Peru. With no business plan and no market research, Clifford found two factories in Colombia to begin producing his bags. Tumi’s iconic design incorporates a wide opening with a U-shaped zipper and plenty of organizational pockets to simplify the packing process.
Like the mighty vessels that inspire the design of this collection, cargo cases are tough enough to protect your most valuable possessions and light enough to take them effortlessly around the globe.
Consider the purpose of the luggage, the length of the trip, and who and how often it will need to be handled to determine the correct wheeled luggage piece necessary.
Buyers should choose the wheel count that they are most comfortable with, as well as the weight and size they prefer. A businessman may not want to show up at a hotel venue catering to a business conference wheeling an Anna Sui Tumi floral packing case. Look for them on eBay in a variety of colors including copper, raspberry, black, silver, and Chianti.
If breakables, jewelry, or other valuable items will be packed, choosing a hard-bodied bag may be the best choice to protect them.
With Tumi, you can purchase coordinating luggage items and incidental items that work together to make a statement.

When purchasing luggage on eBay, it is easy to communicate with the seller and request that the invoice not be placed inside of the package. If you want this service, simply email the eBay seller and give him or her the address where the item should be shipped. This shipping method is a bit more expensive than other shipping options, but can help ensure that the item is tracked during shipping and that it arrives in a timely fashion. With so many options to choose from, there are pieces of luggage to meet any traveler's needs. It offers ultra-modern style that defies definition, the protection of a hardside case, and a surprisingly lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design. Enjoy push-button, pop-up expansion (2.5") when you need it, a removable garment sleeve for suits and dresses. A modern and metropolitan approach to simplicity, Icon offers a variety of lightweight travel, business and day bags made from our IXT nylon fabric with distinctive, custom-made hardware. This wheeled carry-on offers soft, zip-around expansion and fits into most overhead compartments. World travelers, frequent flyers and international jetsetters all trot the globe with TUMI luggage. If you can't make it in during that time, we'll cancel the order and you'll receive a refund.
Therefore, a delivery surcharge will be billed in addition to the standard shipping charge. Over its 30-year history of creating superior luggage and travel accessories, Tumi has built a mammoth fanbase of frequent travellers and discerning professionals. The name is taken from a Peruvian ceremonial knife once used in sacrifices, now seen as a national symbol of Peru and considered good luck if hung on a wall. The brand’s game-changing products include the PowerPack Backpack, which incorporates solar technology for charging phones and PDAs, designed in collaboration with Anish Kapoor. The brand is known worldwide as one of the strongest players in the game, so if all you want out of your luggage is to make people think you’ve got great taste, Tumi’s got you covered.
Cargo 4-wheel cases offer 360° of protection and lightweight maneuverability in bold and truly distinctive designs that appeal to women and men travelers of the world.
Evaluate your individual needs and circumstances or, if you're making a purchase for someone else, how they would use the Tumi luggage.
It is much easier to wheel a piece of luggage through the airport than it is to lug a heavy piece of luggage through crowds and security checkpoints. A T-Tech Gateway wheeled medium trip back, an Alpha, or a Zurich Tumi wheeled bag will not only serve the purpose, but it will make a simple, business-like statement.
Hard body Tumi luggage designs are heavier than fabric designs, but are also more durable and are not subject to rips, tears, or other damage that can be incurred within the luggage compartments of airplanes. Bags that mostly include clothing do well with fabric designs that are flexible or collapsible.
If purchasing a large hard packing case and a messenger bag or a garment bag, for example, you may want to choose colors and designs that go together.
This tip will ensure that the gift recipient will not know how much money was saved by purchasing it on eBay. Many eBay sellers ship quickly, so be sure to email the seller immediately after the purchase of the Tumi luggage.
It is important to communicate with eBay sellers, especially when giving Tumi luggage as a gift. Many shipping services will place large items, such as luggage, on a porch or beside the door. Available in four-wheel variants of the Extended Trip, Medium Trip, and International Carry-On cases, as well as a two-wheel version of the latter case for the traditionalists out there, these stylish, highly-distinctive cases are made from a triple-layer alloy of ABS and polycarbonate, making them extremely light while giving them the protective abilities of a heavier hard case.

Available in two-, six-, or 24-cap varieties, the carriers are made from either crush-proof neoprene or high-tensile strength nylon, ensuring that your beloved headwear will arrive looking as fresh as a cap straight from Jerry Ferrara's Entourage wardrobe. Vapor is constructed from a super-light, triple-layer, high-performance alloy of ABS and polycarbonate.
Made from Tumi's signature ballistic nylon, this case also features interior and exterior accessories pockets. The brand has also earned more than 25 patents for its design excellence and technical breakthroughs. Enamoured with Peruvian handicrafts, Clifford set up an import business and amassed start-up capital selling leather tennis bags. Tumi has also partnered with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati and graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos. Hundreds of custom-designed and engineered parts go into Tumi luggage, and even the best products are consistently tweaked with more pockets, better handles, stronger screws, etc.
If, on the other hand, you’re actually concerned with performance, Tumi goes above and beyond.
This medium packing case is made from lightweight-yet-tough polycarbonate material with surface texture to reduce signs of wear. Lightweight totes, garment bags, satchels, gym bags, backpacks, or duffel bags may be the best choice for someone who needs to carry items to and from a location on a daily basis. Remember, matching luggage not only makes a statement, but it can be much easier to find everything as it comes through baggage handling. Smooth gliding wheels and a telescopic handle plus roomy compartments make these suitcases the ultimate travel companion. If you haven’t experienced Tumi’s unique blend of modern styling and unparalleled performance yet, add it to your travel bucket list stat.
Clifford spent as much time on the frontlines as possible, talking with customers, shop owners and other industry insiders. Travellers can feel secure in the knowledge that a Tumi product is built to last and that if something happens to go wrong, a limited warranty and world-class customer service are there to help. Case in point: the Tumi Tracer program, which affixes a unique 20-digit registration number printed on a metal plate to each bag to help reunite customers with lost or stolen items.
Tumi makeup cases and lightweight bags for women can also be purchased at an economical price on eBay. The eBay seller will communicate the shipping and delivery choices in order to ensure a timely delivery. His dedication paid off in the 1980s, when Tumi branched out from leather and introduced soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags.
Features aircraft-grade aluminum dual handle systems and recessed wheel design for increased packing capacity.
Once this is determined, you are ready for the next step when it comes to purchasing Tumi luggage on eBay. Buyers should consider a small leather bag, a lightweight messenger, or a toiletry case from Tumi for specific lightweight needs. Many eBay sellers will giftwrap an item for a small fee and can include a gift card if requested.

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