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I don't know if a lot of people realize this, but TJ Maxx, aside from Runway fashion, shoes, handbags, clothing and homewares, sells luggage. In fact in my experience, it has by far the best selection of good quality, functional, stylish and affordable luggage in the U.S. The selection was pretty immense - and most price points were under $100 - including brand names, Ralph Lauren, Samsonite, Heys and even Diane von Furstenberg! I'm going to share more pictures and a full review as I start my packing plans for the rest of my summer travels (my British Passport arrived today - I'm going home baby!) So stay tuned, for now feast your eyes on the other travel delights to be found at your local TJ Maxx! Really great hats for the summer.Lots of designer bags, this is a TOM FORD bag for more than half off the reg. Wow that TJ maxx owns all other ones I have ever been too, more specifically the one in Provo, UT womp womp! The store also gives you well-known brands like Ralph Lauren, Samsonite and even Diane von Furstenberg at highly reasonable rates with guaranteed quality on each unit. Most TJ Maxx luggage section items are lightweight, sleek and in tune with the latest styles and designs. Printed ones having geometric designs, leopard prints, patchwork etc are a specialty and are in vogue.
If you dona€™t require branded ones, you get the others too which too are of standard quality. I recently purchased a 28″ Liz Claiborne tap dance series piece of luggage at a Harrisburg,PA Tjmaxx. Just purchase three pieces of Heys Leopard designed luggage at your store in Deerfield Beach, FL. Get TJ Maxx CouponsThis website is dedicated to collecting and publishing various coupons available for shoppers at TJ Maxx. Get New Coupons by Email Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified by email when new coupons become available. Today, I am going to cover shopping for Family and Friends — everyone from your Mother In Law to your Neighbors to your Best Friend Sally.
No worries — here are twelve great gifts that will have you heading into Christmas all wrapped up! Let’s get started with the first item I photographed for Part 3 and perhaps my favorite gift idea for family and friends this season — throws! If you are lost on a great gift for in-laws, family, or friends, consider a colorful or neutral throw.

Whether you are picking up last minute Christmas decor for your own home or putting together a gift bag or basket of lovely candles, I love to buy candles at T.J. While we are on the decor theme, for mere dollars, you can pick up some stunning pieces at T.J. Slippers may be an old standby for gift giving, but these hip designs take the fuddy duddy out and replace it with comfort that is completely cool. The great thing about giving slippers as a gift is almost everyone appreciates cozy new slippers. Yes, I stocked up for all of these needs — and to have lots of unique gifts and treats under our own tree Christmas morning! And in case you missed them, you can click over and read the first installment of our Holiday Gift Guide with T.J. It felt like all I had to do was march into the store and go right to where I know I would find what you photographed and described. I did not go to either store for Christmas shopping but will start going now to shop for other occasions and check out the buys. If you don’t require branded ones, you get the others too which too are of standard quality. So when Mr Style and I decided that it was beyond time we replaced our pre-marriage hodge podge set of luggage with something sturdy and fashion forward - it was to TJ Maxx we headed - and thanks to a special treat from HQ - I had a giftcard in tow to make the trip even more affordable.
I was surprised to see all of the great product lines they carry!Tons of luggage!! Shoes galore!
This is why I love TJ Maxx, but sadly the one near my house is never this good -- I think everyone just raids it before I get a chance! You can also get personalized or initial-ed ones that help you keep track of your luggage on a journey.
You can also get great discounts and coupons which can be used on them to make purchasing easier and hence avoid empty pockets. I would like to purchase other pieces in this pattern but have been unable to locate any at the two stores I checked. The days vanish and all of a sudden I have mere hours until I must have all of my shopping and wrapping done. Maxx and Marshalls well stocked, bringing in new items right until Christmas Eve, not only do they have items for every single person on my list, BUT I get to save money and pat myself on the back for my shopping genius. Maxx and Marshalls because I can get brand name and designer merchandise at huge discounts, (20 – 60% off,) on all merchandise, every day of the year.

Maxx and Marshalls is THE destination for holiday shopping — and especially for those of your last minute shoppers like me! They add color and cozy to any room — what would a cuddle on the couch be without a blanket?
Maxx and Marshalls have got a huge variety of gift items and gadgets that can fit in any budget.
Kudos for putting together a brilliant Holiday Gift Guide — I KNOW the folks at #TJMaxx and #Marshalls must be so pleased. I didn’t know they sold the perfumes like Burberry Brit though so Thank you for sharing that tid bit of information. Thanks to Taylor for starting the trend!My cute sister, Kristen, was really happy with all of her T.J.
Anything and everything you need to make your journey easier can be found at a TJ Maxx store near you. These luxurious throws are some of the softest, snuggliest I have ever touched — and so reasonably priced. If your wife is a traveling mom blogger, or your in-laws are heading on a trip to Italy, luggage might be the perfect gift. And part of the reason is that I went to town on the specialty food items, chocolates, coffee, etc.
Starting at $3.99, you can stuff stockings with silicone iPhone or iPod cases, flashlights, heated coffee mugs and so much more! Or are you sitting back, sipping egg nog while staring peacefully at all your wrapped presents? She's been working online since 2003 and is thankful her days are full of social media, writing and photography.
I spent several hours searching for my TOP PICKS for Part 2 and Part 3 of this one of a kind three part gift guide! Kate Spade, Gucci, Coach, Miu Miu, Prada, Seven, Paige Denim, etc.I thought these Kate Spade glasses were super cute!
Maxx and Marshalls is a GOLD MINE for all those teacher gifts, hostess gifts, neighbor gifts, and the ones we all dread, the unexpected gifts!

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