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Tumi is recognized far and wide as one of the world’s leading brands of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories. The tale of Tumi begins back in 1975, when it was founded by Charlie Clifford after a stint in the American Peace Corps in Peru. With no business plan and no market research, Clifford found two factories in Colombia to begin producing his bags. Tumi’s iconic design incorporates a wide opening with a U-shaped zipper and plenty of organizational pockets to simplify the packing process.
What makes Tumi different from their competitors is that that are not only a manufacturer of fine bags, they are leaders in engineering and technology. When you purchase a Tumi bag you are the last stop in a long and arduous process of real world testing.
I hesitated on buying this bag because of the price--but when I took the leap, I was glad I did.
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Despite the high contrast in designs, the collection keeps to a warm and rich colour palette of plums, olive and garnet hues, giving it some uniformity.
For the uninitiated, carbon fibre can usually be found on high performance planes, race cars and luxury yachts, making it a durable material for your travel luggage and bags. Atika Lim is a coffee chugging, animal loving, 5'2 human with a penchant for music and travel. Enter your email to get the latest news from LifestyleAsia delivered weekly into your inbox! Over its 30-year history of creating superior luggage and travel accessories, Tumi has built a mammoth fanbase of frequent travellers and discerning professionals.
The name is taken from a Peruvian ceremonial knife once used in sacrifices, now seen as a national symbol of Peru and considered good luck if hung on a wall. The brand’s game-changing products include the PowerPack Backpack, which incorporates solar technology for charging phones and PDAs, designed in collaboration with Anish Kapoor.

The brand is known worldwide as one of the strongest players in the game, so if all you want out of your luggage is to make people think you’ve got great taste, Tumi’s got you covered.
Not only is Tumi one of the worlda€™s leading travel brands they are also a status symbol that is recognized worldwide for their quality and beauty.
They currently hold over 125 patents for their technical innovations such as FXT BALLISTIC NYLONA®, TEGRISA® impact resistance, TUMI TRACERA®, LEVER LOCKa„? expansion systems, and the X-BRACE 45A® HANDLE SYSTEM.
There are thirty unique tests that each item must pass in order to meet Tumia€™s heightened level of quality.A  All of these tests combined with their technological advances combine to create what is called the Tumi Difference, which truly sets them apart from the rest. Used this bag for several months and it held its shapes beautifully, then I added an iPad to the center compartment, towards the back, and the following day the top at the back caved in.
Working together with American manufacturer, Carbitex, the 11-piece collection features sturdy and high performance travel bags and accessories. As one of the most durable and fully-functional range of bags from TUMI, the cases all have hard sides and expands inwardly to give you more space for your necessities. Samsonite announced that it has agreed to buy competitor Tumi in a deal worth approximately $1.8 billion. The brand has also earned more than 25 patents for its design excellence and technical breakthroughs. Enamoured with Peruvian handicrafts, Clifford set up an import business and amassed start-up capital selling leather tennis bags.
Tumi has also partnered with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati and graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos. Hundreds of custom-designed and engineered parts go into Tumi luggage, and even the best products are consistently tweaked with more pockets, better handles, stronger screws, etc. If, on the other hand, you’re actually concerned with performance, Tumi goes above and beyond. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure with Tumi luggage. It is big enough to hold everything I need (and I carry a lot), yet it is slim and fits close to the body so its not too bulky.

If you haven’t experienced Tumi’s unique blend of modern styling and unparalleled performance yet, add it to your travel bucket list stat. Clifford spent as much time on the frontlines as possible, talking with customers, shop owners and other industry insiders. Travellers can feel secure in the knowledge that a Tumi product is built to last and that if something happens to go wrong, a limited warranty and world-class customer service are there to help. Case in point: the Tumi Tracer program, which affixes a unique 20-digit registration number printed on a metal plate to each bag to help reunite customers with lost or stolen items.
It is perfect for travel, as there are interior pockets and a secured zippered pocket on the back. His dedication paid off in the 1980s, when Tumi branched out from leather and introduced soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags.
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