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Only flown once so far with the Walkabout Lite 3, but was pleased with the quality enough to order thev matching rolling tote. Travelpro products are designed and manufactured to be durable, functional, and easy to maintain. Travelpro® and Atlantic® Luggage, two of the most prestigious brands in the travel industry, are proud to present the much-anticipated 2016 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Atlantic goes the extra mile with the addition of an external USB port and integrated battery pouch in the Carry-On Spinner model, which provides convenient access to power your phone and tablet on the move. Our very own Scott Applebee appeared on a recent episode of Rudy Maxa’s World with The Careys, the world travel radio show and podcast from travel expert Rudy Maxa. Scott talked with hosts Robert and Mary Carey about the history of Travelpro luggage, and the important role played by Bob Plath in developing the Rollaboard suitcase, which launched our entire company and changed the industry. They also talked about a recent trip Robert Carey made to our testing facility here in Boca Raton, Florida, and the way we test our bags (including freezing the bag and dropping it from waist height). Travelpro, the leader in luggage known internationally for being pilot designed and flight crew tested, is proud to introduce its bold new FlightCrew™ 5 collection. The FlightCrew 5 rollaboard has a laptop carrier as well.In keeping with its demand for exacting performance, Travelpro conducted rigorous testing on all features of this 17-piece collection to ensure a smooth ride and unmatched reliability. In addition, protective bumper feet, ballistic nylon fabric with DuraGuard® coating, superior screw construction which allows the luggage to be easily repaired, sealed ball-bearing inline skate wheels that are removable, protective crash-guard components and a new reinforced, gusseted back pocket translates into long-term sturdiness for those who count on their luggage to go the extra mile.
FlightCrew 5 CoolersHigh mileage travelers such as pilots and flight attendants will be amazed at the versatility and choices available in this collection. This distinctive collection consists of the following pieces: Crew Cooler, Large Crew Cooler, City Tote, Flight Tote, Deluxe Tote, Multi-Purpose Tote, Suiter Sleeve, Horizontal Rolling Overnighter, Vertical Rolling Overnighter, Expandable Rollaboard®, Slim Rollaboard, Expandable Pilot Rollaboard, several other Rollaboard sizes, and the Expandable Rollaboard Spinner.
The FlightCrew 5 collection gives travel pros total confidence and is supported by a 3-year Commercial Use warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
For over 25 years, Travelpro International has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travellers worldwide. Please visit the Travelpro website for a full list of the latest products and retail locations.
Some people wax rhapsodic about the joys of checking their suitcase and only traveling through the airport with a small personal bag or briefcase. One of the things you may not consider when planning a trip is which piece of luggage to use.
Do not purchase any suitcase, duffel, or garment bag without checking the functionality of the zippers!
Put a lightweight spin on travel with the Hardside and Softside WalkAbout® Spinners 3 luggage collections from Travelpro®, the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers for over 25 years.
Lighter and stronger than ever, the Travelpro® Maxlite® 4 Collection allows you to travel with more comfort and convenience than you could ever imagine. The Maxlite collection includes a H2O Guard that protects the interior lining from moisture while the DuraGuard® exterior coating features stain and abrasion resistance for greater durability. Other welcome extras include a Patented Contour Grip with rubberized touch points which give you greater comfort and control when pushing Spinner luggage. An airline-grade aluminum extension handle with grooved tubes add strength and stability to support a tote or case.
On Spinner models, there is an innovative, full-bottom tray which aligns and stabilizes the wheels for enhanced durability and effortless maneuverability. Thoughtful touches abound, such as an exterior ticket pocket on carry-ons which allow for quick and easy access to documents and accessories. Seasoned travelers will enjoy the roomy main compartment that has tapered expansion capability of up to 2″ on select models, maximizing packing flexibility while keeping the center of gravity low. For over 25 years, Travelpro International has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travelers worldwide. Keep your laptop computer well protected and your business travel essentials at your fingertips in the Travelpro Crew 8 Rolling Tote. Travel well with all your essentials neatly organized in the lightweight, water-resistant nylon Travelpro Crew 8 22" Expandable Rollaboard. Sleek and stylish with plenty of storage, this expandable rolling bag is perfect for all of your business and personal trips out of town.
Keep your travel essentials stylishly stowed and neatly organized in the Travelpro Crew 8 26" Expandable Rollaboard. Designed with comfort, convenience, and style in mind, this expandable case makes traveling just a little bit easier.

So, you’re sick and tired of lugging multiple bags through airports, checked bag fees and waiting to retrieve your luggage. If your bag has a removable Suiter system, use it to neatly fold your dresses, suits and other formal wear. Place heavy objects on the bottom of the main storage compartment, then arrange your garments on top. Opinions vary on whether folding or rolling your garments is the best method for packing a rollaboard. Folded clothing can be taken directly from the bag and placed into dresser drawers, saving time. Tightly packing rolled wearables keeps them from shifting in transit, which also prevents wrinkling.
TweetScott ApplebeeScott Applebee is the VP of Marketing for Travelpro International®, creators of the original Rollaboard® luggage, carry-on luggage, and suitcases. The choice of flight crews and seasoned travelers worldwide, Travelpro's Walkabout Lite 3 22" rolling duffel bag is fully loaded with features to make any trip roll a little smoother.
Finding the perfect gift for your wife or mom can create anxiety every Mother’s Day, which is why Travelpro and Atlantic make your life easier with luggage selections that the special women in your life will delight in, not only on May 8th, but for years to come. You will be amazed by these offerings from the market leader in lightweight, affordable luggage.
Masterfully versatile, the affordable Unite 2 collection gives you a choice of ideal gifts for family travelers who need an extra hand and electronic devices that are always available for immediate use. But if you break something on your luggage, your travel experience may end up being one you want to forget. Check out those great handles!It’s all but impossible to purchase a rolling bag that doesn’t have a handle extension system, but not all systems are created equal!
And they rounded out the segment with the important features to look for when buying a new bag, including looking at the warranty (look for 10 years or longer), testing the retractable handle, and seeing if you can open and close the bag easily.
Sure to satisfy the most discerning travel industry professionals, this luggage stands out from the crowd for its uncommon durability, creativity and functionality. The testing of the main mechanical parts: the extension handle up and down cycle test, the zipper reliability test of open and close cycles and the wheel high mileage test on rough terrain were all conducted to meet the highest standards.
The Spinner model in the line features patented MagnaTrac™ wheels which are a revolution in spinner technology. The full tote selection offers totes that protect computers and tablets with padded sleeves and a vertical rolling overnighter which easily rolls down an airplane aisle, with improved armor on the bottom for extra durability. The Add-ABag Strap with an aluminum J-Hook is included with Rollaboard models and provides efficient carrying options for additional totes and coolers.
Since transforming the ease of modern day travel with The Original Rollaboard® wheeled luggage, Travelpro® has been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers on every continent. The Travelpro® Crew™ 10 22″ Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter received the 2nd place award. While we’re not always big fans of letting someone else take our suitcase, we can see some of the benefits of checking your bag before your flight.
No more wrestling your bag in the bathroom, or worrying somebody will shout “Abandoned bag! These hold your items in the cavity of your case and must be made of high-quality materials and operate smoothly. Travelpro is pleased to introduce these two new luggage lines which combine the sleek look and superb quality of more expensive luggage at a tremendous value for customers. Featuring a unique profile and available in distinctive royal blue, purple and black, they are guaranteed to stand out in any crowded airport. This extensive collection features 11 singularly lightweight and durable pieces, including Spinners and Rollaboard® models, which have the look and quality of much more expensive luggage. The 4-wheel 360-degree Spinner wheels are easy to navigate through any airport, providing maximum maneuverability and a smooth glide in every direction. High performance ball-bearing inline wheels on the Rollaboard models are built for high-mileage travel, tested to the same standards as those on our more expensive collections. Crash-guard wheel housings, a skid guard and molded corner guards provide protection over the long haul. Cushioned top and side carry handles provide convenient and comfortable handholds, which you will appreciate after a long day of travel. All pieces are available in your choice of ocean mist blue, black and purple fabric colors.

This micro-ballistic nylon wheeled bag has a water and stain-resistant Duraguard coating and self-repairing nylon zippers for flawless operation. This carry-on case, designed to fit under your airplane seat or in the overhead bin, has a spacious main compartment for clothing and shoes, and includes a removable suit sleeve and patented foam bars for wrinkle-free packing. The Travelpro Maxlite 2 22" Expandable Rollaboard bag is constructed from durable polyester fabric with a water repellent finish, a honeycomb framing system and EVA foam, a telescoping handle system, in-line skate wheels with crash-guard wheel housings, protective skid guards, and corner guards for durability.
This compact, lightweight, and durable, water and tear-resistant ballistic nylon wheeled upright suitcase features a sleek design and shiny, silver-toned hardware, and it's available in several colors. The Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 22" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter is constructed from durable and stain resistant nylon fabric and features lightweight construction and a full length bottom foot that provides stability when the bag is expanded.
For example, use the interior pockets to store small items, such as belts and portable electronics. If your travel wear is more casual, the Suiter also accommodates shirts, pants and other outfits while keeping them wrinkle-free. Wear shoes that are appropriate for both formal and casual occasions, and don’t take up valuable luggage space with additional pairs. It’s also not pleasant to retrieve your luggage from the carousel and discover some strange stain on its exterior, like grease or who knows what. These Unite 2 Spinners have design innovations such as the Link2Go™ System which easily connects luggage together with Velcro straps, so you can push two pieces with one hand. Most are constructed of lightweight aluminum and have multiple stops within the extension so that they can be adjusted for different heights.
Proud of its reputation for innovation, Travelpro is always listening to flight crews for ways to improve its luggage while setting the industry’s highest quality standards. The Travelpro® FlightCrew 5 collection was also examined for its endurance by the 70 lb drop test in below 0°F tempe ratures, fabric tensile strength test, fabric surface abrasion resistance test and water repellency test, all adding to its appeal to the durability needs of the professional traveler. Must-have ancillary pieces include food coolers in large and small sizes for added convenience and a garment sleeve available as a separate item, which has a padded roll bar to keep clothes from wrinkling.
The company is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with our customers by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. They also save you money because you don’t have to pay the checked bag fee suitcase users incur when they check their bag. Plus, every piece is tested to conform to Travelpro’s most demanding testing standards and backed by our reassuring Lifetime Warranty. Packed with innovations like tapered expansion for added stability, the Contour Grip on Spinners for more comfort, and stylish accents throughout, Maxlite 4 makes travel a pleasure, rather than a hassle. The zippered side mesh pocket is ideal for storing bulky power cables, chargers, other portable electronics, or socks and belts, while adjustable hold-down straps keep contents in place during travel. The company is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with its customers by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. Its spacious lined interior contains tie-down straps for keeping folded clothing neat, plus a secured laptop computer sleeve that doubles as an accessory pouch. Travelpro thinks this system is so critical to a successful travel experience that we’ve patented ours. The patented Contour grip with cushioned touch points offers even more comfort and greater control. After all, you’d like to buy it once and buy it right, rather than buying a new suitcase or carry-on bag every three years. And if you get a cheap bag, there’s a good chance you could figure that one out for yourself.
Plus every piece is tested to our most demanding standards and backed by our reassuring Lifetime Warranty.
All TravelPro luggage features high quality zipper systems, so they open and close right every time. While we’ve covered how to clean the interior of your Travelpro luggage in a previous post, we realized we need you to know how to maintain your bag’s exterior as well!

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