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Suitcase Travel Ornament - Personalized OrnamentOrnamentPlus online ornament shop offers personalized ornaments and gifts like this Suitcase Travel Ornament - Personalized Ornament.
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Personalize Your Gift - Use the spaces provided to fill in the information for your personalized gift. Information Labels - Use the Labels as a guide for where and how you would like your information to appear. Special Instructions & Special Requests - When you checkout, we will take any special instructions you have. Customer Care- We will do everything to make your experience with us and the product you receive to be of the best quality and satisfaction!

Please complete all fields you wish to personalize OR check the box marked DO NOT Personalize. There is usually a bit of space on most ornament fronts, but if the message will not fit nicely on the front, we will add it to the back of your ornament! Once your order has been processed and your gifts have been created, your order cannot be cancelled. Our glass suitcase personalized Christmas ornament, when customized with a name, destination and year will always rekindle wonderful memories of a special trip taken. Just keep typing and you'll see all your information when you confirm your details at checkout! This 3-dimentional tree decoration features colorful postcards and "Bon Voyage" pre-printed on the front of the red suitcase with shimmering glitter in the corners.

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One of our professional writers will beautifully create a one-of-a-kind memento of a wonderful trip for you to treasure forever! Most gifts are made of a high quality poly resin and personalized with permanent black ink. Click for more Personalization InformationClick Here for Personalization Tips!
Measuring 3" wide, 2" high and 1" deep and crafted of blown glass, this glass suitcase personalized Glass Christmas ornament will sparkle in the lucky recipient's Christmas tree for many years to come.

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