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This is an Interview with Jay Handy, Regional Sales Manager of Travel Lite, where he gives an informative Interview about the many benefits of owning a 2014 Cobblestone and Express Travel Trailers. GRV: Tell me about the background of Travel Lite, how the company got started, how you want to be different as a manufacturer, and how industry and customers responded to your emergence into the RV market? GRV: In 2013, RVBusiness gave the Cobblestone travel trailer manufactured by Travel Lite, the distinction of being one of the Top RV Debuts. JH: The 2013 Top RV Debut by RV Business is quite an honor for us along with winning “Best in Show” for the past 3 years at the annual RVIA Louisville RV show. GRV: As a manufacturer, what are some of the best features designed in this unit that you believe will be popular with the customer base for travel trailers? JH: The Cobblestone comes standard with so many great things – from the true aerodynamic front cap that will cut the wind drag to help you save fuel mileage (we all know how important that is these days), the front power jack (no more wearing yourself out by hand cranking), the power awning (just push a button and your awning is ready), the gel coat exterior is so much easier to clean and keep clean versus the old metal or grainy filon side walls, LED lights both interior and exterior (brighter, less power consumption, and longer life). GRV: How different is the Cobblestone from other travel trailers on the market and how is the Cobblestone an advantage for first time buyers?
JH: There really is not another trailer that compares with the Cobblestone in respect to that weight class that I mentioned earlier.
GRV: Considering design and construction, how Eco-friendly is the Cobblestone and why would it matter to Travel Lite? GRV: Granicote is used in this travel trailer especially in the Molded Front Cap and the countertops. JH: The Granicote that we use in the Cobblestone is gorgeous to look at – it looks like a granite countertop.
JH: We use the TPO roof versus the traditional rubber roof because it is ? the weight of the standard rubber roof – every little bit helps when it comes to making sure our trailers are going to be able to be towed with a smaller truck or SUV.
JH: The hardwood flooring feature has been improved upon and replaced by a wood grain linoleum – which is much lighter weight and more flexible with the changing climates. JH: One of the best things about the Cobblestone is that it is so loaded up that we do not even offer any options for it. GRV: Describe the Cobblestone’s towing feature and how this gives Travel Lite the competitive edge when customers decide to buy. JH: The towing aspect is another thing that really has our customers really happy and excited about. GRV: What is the criteria for Travel Lite designing and constructing a quality product overall? JH: The criteria that we use here at Travel Lite when designing and building our quality products starts with using quality material instead of taking shortcuts.
JH: The Cobblestone uses a beautiful and classy cherry interior wood color that does include standard raised panel cabinet doors on all interior doors, both upper and lower.
GRV: Why did Travel Lite decide to design and manufacture the Express and what type of buyer were you focusing on at the time the design was created? GRV: Did your customers’ input have anything to do with the design implementation for the Express? Unheard of in RVs made 5 years ago, composites are now becoming quite popular in ultra lite travel trailer construction. Note: Please note that product information, pricing and photos are as accurate as possible. The company is family owned and operated by the Johns’ family located right here in the RV capital of the world, Elkhart County Indiana. Dustin saw the incredible popularity of the 3,500 GVWR travel trailers that were being sold out in the market. The thermal foil wrap is a lightweight woven material that we install in not only the side walls but also the ceiling, the floor, front wall, back wall, so that you have an R30 factor insulator along with our standard block foam insulation. We initially thought that this would be more geared toward that family that has enjoyed camping for some time and are on their second or third recreational vehicle.
We have a company- wide recycling policy so that there is very little wasted material from us as a company. Granicote is a very strong yet lightweight material that we use to make our one piece front cap and also our countertops, tables, bathroom sinks and nightstands. What is this roof made out of and how durable is it for long-lasting protection from weather elements?

The TPO roof is a blend of polypropylene and rubber so that it has better resistance to tearing.
Cobblestone has a custom made chassis for that particular size model that you are interested in. We know that just about all of the trailers out there look pretty nice when they are brand new however they start to break down or discolor within a few years. Larry Johns is the founder of Travel Lite, initially building quality truck campers at an affordable price. He also noticed that a lot of the companies were sacrificing quality and eye appeal in order to get the weight that is so important for customers. The looks alone are enough to get their attention however once the customers learn about some of the “unseen” values such as heated holding tanks(12 volt heat pads), thermal-foil six sided wrap, enclosed LP tank, that is when they really get excited and see the true value in the Cobblestone.
You have probably seen the mountain climbers that use that very thin silver blanket to trap in heat so they do not freeze at night – this is the same thing that we use on our Cobblestone to keep you extra comfortable. What we have been seeing is not only the seasoned camping veterans buying the Cobblestone but also a lot of first time buyers that are demanding more quality.
We also contribute part of our profits to Habitat for Humanity to help with global missions. We have a huge advantage over other manufacturers because we make all of our own front caps and countertops right here at our facility.
The TPO style roof has the ability to expand and contract with the heat and the cold changes in temperature especially versus a metal roof that some manufacturers still use that are rigid and have no give which causes all of the stress on the seals.
Instead of buying one Lippert Chassis and “cutting it down” to fit a particular size trailer – this way we know where the axle placement is going to be in relation to weight distribution which is very important in a safe smooth ride when towing a Cobblestone. For example the gel coat fiberglass that we use is not the most cost effective material to use but it is definitely the best as far as looking good and holding up against cracking and fading which will hold the resale value for you years down the road. We are looking to fill that need of the camping people who do not want to spend the money to buy a new large tow vehicle. You still get plywood floors, trussed rubber roof (not a flat metal roof like some other manufacturers), regular 12″ OC (On Centre) sidewall construction, nice big windows and great looking cherry cabinets. You can actually buy a brand new trailer with a warranty for the price usually seen on used travel trailers and that is what has everyone so excited.
Lighter and stronger than wood, composites also provide much better protection against moisture damage than commonly used lauan paneling. Not only do they require less energy to tow, many are built using sustainable materials and in an environmentally friendly manner.How do you know if the ultra lite travel trailer you have your eye on is really green?
Larry is still very active along with his wife Linda on the day to day operations at Travel Lite.
Dustin went right to work and found that a lot of the techniques that we were already using to keep our truck campers lightweight could also be applied to the Cobblestone. It works the same when you have your air conditioner on – keeps that cool air in and the warm air out.
The plush interior fabrics and rich cherry wood interior along with many other things really set us apart from other manufacturers out there.
We have also seen a trend in downsizing from the bigger luxury trailers and fifth wheels – just something easier to tow and get around in. This allows us to also do more custom things and not have to rely on an outside source to make it to our specifications. Most other companies offer some of these as options whereas the Cobblestone makes these standards for you.
Another big thing is the aerodynamic front cap that helps not only with your fuel mileage but also the custom molded grooves are designed to actually push the trailer lower to the ground when towing giving you optimum control over your trailer. Also, on our i15Q and i18 models, the Cobblestone does offer full under bed storage for all of your camping gear.
In fact, chances are, the same vehicle in your driveway will tow something resembling a travel trailer - if it has any tow rating at all.
High-tech composites, super lightweight aluminum construction, and eco-friendly designs are changing the shape of the RV industry. Larry and Linda’s son Dustin Johns is the President of the company and the visionary behind the new Cobblestone travel trailer which is a major reason that the company has grown over 300% in the last three years.

People also like the fact that they do not use as much LP gas because the furnace does not have to keep maintaining the heat lost through walls, floor, and ceiling. Most of the features that are standard on the Cobblestone are what most people have come to expect on much larger and much more expensive high end travel trailers, fifth wheels or motorhomes.
We just know that the plywood is going to last a lot longer than these others and in the long run our customers will be a lot happier with our products. The exterior is designed to have ample storage compartment doors to load everything that you need. One look and feel and you will know the difference between our quality Cobblestone and all of the others out there. The price is definitely very affordable and we offer some very nice option packages to give the customers some flexibility on what is important to them. Fiberglass can make for a lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic travel trailer that can be towed by a small car.
One look at the luxury, not normally found on trailers this size and weight, and you will see the reason why the Cobblestone has been such a success. The Granicote front cap and countertops, gel coat fiberglass sides, heated holding tanks, full body Thermal-foil wrap, raised panel cabinet doors, lighted back splash, power jack and awning, and list goes on and on – are all standard while keeping the trailer at that optimum weight and all with a very high end look. One of the biggest advantages for a first time buyer with the Cobblestone is that they have everything that they need already built on their trailer.
The kitchen sink that we were able to put in since we designed and built it here is incredible. You can go as base as you want to or you can option it up to give you the modern comforts while still being a very affordable trailer. None exceed 20 feet in length and all are light enough for a single axle chassis.These light weight travel trailers are durable enough to last decades.
The Jayco Skylark ultralite travel trailer has achieved emerald certification by TRAThird parties like TRA Certification Inc.
That really got the attentions of not only RV Business but with a lot of our dealers out there as well as the retail customers that have really made the Cobblestone the success that it is. So many times the first timers will buy what they see as a good deal on an entry level trailer – I have seen it so many times myself that when they start using their new trailer they start playing the “I wish I would have” game. It is so big that you can literally put an entire full sized turkey in it if you wanted to.
We even offer an awesome electric fireplace that looks great and really puts out some good heat.
Today, aluminum and high-tech composites are the prized materials used in constructing the lightest and most durable travel trailers.AluminumAluminum is quickly becoming the material of choice in constructing ultra lite travel trailers.
Another huge advantage to our Granicote counter top is that it is one piece so that there are no seams that can trap any crumbs when you wipe it down. Depending on the model, you'll find aluminum frames, floors, roofs, walls, cabinets, and even aluminum framed furniture. These organizations look at several factors including RV design, materials used, and the manufacturing process in order to rate an RV. To find out which manufacturers have RVs with TRA Certification, visit the Certified Green webpage.
With this design there is more space between the trailer's axles, which in turn lowers the trailer hitch weight.
The more popular green RVs become, the more it will drive other manufacturers to follow suit in building eco-friendly RVs. It's also 100% recyclable.Taking aluminum construction to the max, is Livin' Lite Recreational Vehicles. This can increase the RV's aerodynamics resulting in less strain on the tow vehicle and better fuel economy. Pre delivery inspection, filled propane, deep cycle battery and full demonstration included.

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