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Rolo keeps your shirts, pants, socks, underwear, ties and other clothing items neat and tidy when traveling.
Take the nightmare out of packing, and know exactly where everything is with this 4-piece Travel Bag Set. With four different sizes, the bags are extremely versatile and can be used for virtually anything you want! The four different sized matching bags are perfect for taking on the plane or used inside your suitcase for organisation!

This is great for protecting essential travel items during travel, but also back home to protect them while you plan your next holiday. The modern drawstring style means that the bags are lightweight and easy to pack and unpack on the run. The smaller bags fit perfectly into a suitcase, and are a great tool for organising all your belongings — use one for underwear, one for toiletries and one for dirty clothes. The bags are available in five vibrant colour styles: brown, pink, baby blue, yellow and red.

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