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So, is it any surprise that when Toyota decided to roll out an assortment of new standalone hybrid models, like the new Prius v, that they would share the familiar and popular badge – and maintain a very familial appearance?
The Prius v opts for a larger, more wagon-like layout but shares the underlying Prius platform. The basic shape of the 2012 Toyota Prius v echoes that of the classic model, with a gentle curve sweeping up off the nose and racing back towards a new, roof-mounted spoiler.  Indeed, aerodynamics were critical to the new model, much as they were the original, explains Kirk Forsht, of the University of Toyota. Toyota also aimed to deliver a more “refined and substantial” vehicle, as analyst Aaron Bragman suggested.  There’s a rice paper-like graining to the soft-touch materials on door and instrument panel and a bit more elegant overall look and feel. The 2012 Prius v will be the first Toyota model to offer the maker's new entune system. A few modest changes were made to the driveline, in part to help it maintains its cool, but also to draw a bit more power out, with a revised final drive ratio, reflecting the added mass of the larger Prius v.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, there are some sharp corners and even a few hills in Southeast Michigan, and we charged into every one we came upon.  To its credit, the suspension on the 2012 Toyota Prius v proved surprisingly stable, with pleasantly little body roll. One of the more interesting features of the new model is the introduction of pitch-and-balance control, a system that subtly adjusts wheel speed in order to smooth out a rolling road surface – something you’re more likely to experience in places like Southern California.
The new technology is just one of several systems Toyota will offer on the 2012 Prius V.  The hybrid wagon will also get seven airbags, optional active cruise control and pre-collision technology – and Toyota’s new entune.
By this time next year the Prius badge will be affixed onto at least four different hybrid models.
Toyota won’t set pricing on the 2012 Prius v until closer to the autumn launch, though LaRoque hints it will be “a little higher than the current Prius average transaction price.”  Considering consumers have been paying as much as $3,000 more for the Prius, in recent months, due to the shortages, we’re not sure precisely what that translates into, but something in the high-$20,000 for the base 2012 Toyota Prius v seems likely. Toyota is betting its various Prius models will collectively outsell the best-selling Camry.

Is it worth it?  There are plenty of vehicles now getting 40 mpg on the highway, though few come close to the new hybrid’s 44 urban numbers, so for those who spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, it could be a winner.  And it is a fair bit bigger than most of the higher mileage models now coming to market, such as the Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Cruze Eco and Hyundai Elantra. Tags: 2012 toyota prius v review, alternative power, auto news, auto reviews, car news, car reviews, hybrid reviews, paul a. Toyota Prius with Yakima Q Towers rack, Thule Side Arm bike rack, and Thule Spirit cargo box.
Its high-efficiency speakers are not only lighter but require less power to produce a given level of volume, meaning a lower draw on the Prius v battery.

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