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Temporary roofing provides protection against weather, dust, and noise on construction and industrial sites as well as public events.
The Keder sheet roof system provides economical weather protection with a lightweight design and attractive appearance. The Layher Cassette Roof is made of strong steel cassettes supported on cassette girders and is extremely sturdy. Including the Layher Keder XL Roof with spans up to 40 metres, designed to provide the optimum solution in terms of performance and appearance. Temporary roofs can be installed either by crane or where crane access is not possible a rolling system can be used to provide a safe system of work for installation teams. Temporary Roofs have many areas of application, ranging from weather protection for refurbishment and restoration work to construction of new structures, and numerous applications for the Events industry.
The weather in Wilmington, NC can be rough on your roof, but you may not be able to find the time or money for a full roof repair after every hurricane season. Surrey Street Scaffolding specialise in Temporary Roof Covers for loft conversions, loft extensions, re-roofing works etc. A temporary roof is a weatherproof scaffolding solution which allows roofing projects and loft conversions to remain fully operational, all year round. We can erect temporary roof covers for both domestic and commercial clients and offer a fast, safe and reliable service. Jayrow Helicopters were looking for a way to protect their aircraft maintenance workers from the harsh Pilbara sun while servicing their fleet of eight twin engine and twelve single engine helicopters at Karratha airport in North Western Australia.
The hangar needed to span 20 metres to take the larger choppers which meant the Layher Keder Roof would be pushed to its limits.

We have the right roofing product for every application: from the light weight cassette roof to the economical and versatile Keder roof and the sturdy Cassette roof, all of which can be erected on our Allround or SpeedyScaf scaffolding systems. With a few extra parts, sturdy yet lightweight roofing can be provided for a wide range of applications. The roof repair cost for significant damage may range from hundreds of dollars to thousands, but even normal wear and tear can end up being expensive as well. Shingle roof repair here and there may be just the thing you need to prevent a full roof repair job.
If you cannot afford to replace or fully repair your roof because of financial restraints, contact All Season’s Roofing for an inspection and recommendations to prevent further leaks and damage. With some clever engineering by Orvad's resident engineer, Julian Schrauth, the scaffold for the roof was constructed with external ballast for extra stability to get the span.
There are a few do it yourself roof repair tips that you can follow if you are not able to afford a full roof repair.
Small amounts of damage tend to result in more damage, as one missing shingle can lead to sagging and eventual damage to the underlying structure. This should not be applied liberally, as it is intended to extend the usable life of your roof.
Being lightweight it is fast and easy to transport and install, including sites where cranes are unavailable.
When inspecting your roof take note of all damages, you find from the smallest crack to any missing shingles that the wind may have blown off. Something as simple as stapling a patch of trash bag over the affected area may tide it over until you can make a permanent roof leak repair.

If you don’t know how to replace roof shingles properly it is best to leave that job to a roofing contractor. In the meantime, keep one eye on your roof and take small steps to remedy deficiencies in its condition and it just may tide you over until you are able to meet the cost of a roof repair. The cassettes are translucent, UV resistant and have low inflammability, making them a safe and durable option. Just make sure that if you do this you pull the patch taut so that it does not retain water and cause more problems. When inspecting, always put your safety first, and avoid walking on the roof if possible…especially on a metal roof.
For a more secure tarp application in preparation for extreme weather, consult these instructions from a Lowe’s How-To Clinic.
There are many unforeseen hazards such as broken branches, debris and power lines that can create a risk of, falls and injury, even on a flat roof repair. Most reputable roofing contractors will provide a free roof inspection with their estimates, so take advantage of an expert’s advice when you can.

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