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Stowable cross bars unfold to a locked position for use and can be stowed in line with the roof rails when not in use. Maintains Toyota’s high standards for quality, performance and strength.2005-2015 TACOMA DOUBLE CAB ROOF RACK. Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories are essential to maintaining the integrity of your Toyota. TOURING & CAMPING GEAR Awnings Roof Top Tents Roof Rack Cage 4x4 Adventure Lights Whether you're planning on getting lost of a couple of days, or want to head into the less populated parts of the country, you'll need some warm and convenient shelter. I'd like to think I'm an eclectic guy with an oddly-wide palate for cars, but Eddie Melkumian of Everett, Washington may just have one upped me. For Eddie this whole automotive obsession started at the early age of 9, when he traded his Yamaha moped for a '76 Chevette. Now having just turned 23-years old, with a degree in engineering, Eddie works as an aerospace mechanic and has also started his own fabrication shop, Old Series Garage, where he does engine swaps, welding and restoration. This orange nightmare on roids, comes from his interest in everything from raised trucks, to lowriders, to rat rods, to drift cars, to everything in between that has wheels. Chatting with Eddie, he told me about how the '73 Mark II is not a Corona, how it's Toyota's first X-chassis that led to the Cressida, Chaser, Cresta, and later Mark II cars, and how this particular year is the only year to look like this. Three years ago Eddie picked up this Mark II wagon and in 5 months he had it looking like this. Thanks you I would like to thank everyone that participated in this build and Old Series Garage for their hard work and skills. Only Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories are manufactured to meet or exceed the quality standards that have made Toyota one of the most dependable brands in the industry. Only Genuine Toyota parts and Accessories are manufactured to meet or exceed the quality standards that have made Toyota one of the most dependable brands in the industry.

ARB's Touring range incorporates the Kakadu and Simpson III roof top tents, a vehicle mounted awning and outdoor shelter, along with a variety of other optional accessories to cater for all of your camping needs.
It is the same great rack as the PitchFork, but includes mounting hardware specifically designed for these slotted crossbars.
Steel Tubing Black Textured Powder Coat Finish Built For Years Of Trouble Free Use Offers 2 Styles Perfect Blend Of Form And Function Welded Light TabsDefend your right to haul it all up on your roof?and look great doing it?with the Smittybilt Defender Roof Rack. Three years ago when I first saw his 1973 Toyota Mark II wagon I nearly pooped in my pants.
Tinkering and ruining that car sparked his interest in not just cars, but engineering as a whole.
But wanting some demon negative camber Eddie converted it to independent rear suspension, taken from a MA60 Supra. A huge and special thanks to Alex Stefankiv, Josh Thorne and the Thorne family for their uncountable hours of help, skills, talent, patience and dedication. Designed for maximum off-road functionality and style, your Smittybilt roof rack keeps your cabin clutter-free by holding all your gear on the roof. By 14-years old he had already picked up and read many engineering books hoping to someday go to engineering school. Mainly imports like a few Crowns, Crown pickups, Celicas of every generation, ten AE86s, five S13s, a few S14s and probably 70% of the Mark IIs that are still alive in the country have been owned by this guy at one point. There was a lot more info in the conversation but my ears, mind and pen were having sensory overload and I just couldn't catch everything. The Euro PitchFork is available in eight colors: Black, Silver, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange.
Easy to mount and operate, this retractable awning fits on to the side of a roof rack, and is conveniently stored for immediate use on arrival.

To name a few in his collection - a JDM RHD '71 Celica coupe, an '85 Celica GT-S coupe missle, two other Mark II wagons, a Beams swapped '71 Celica, a track-car project '71 Celica that will be the sickest drift machine stateside when it's done and a bagged '02 Lexus LS430 for daily comfort. All of this was done with a lot of planning in order to keep the factory floor and all interior panels factory-looking.
Specifically designed for harsh Outback conditions, the awning is rugged but lightweight, and provides fast and convenient protection from the elements. It?s designed modularly, with a fully integrated array of accessories that bolt on with ease.
Spacious and comfortable, it contains all bedding during travel which frees up storage space in the vehicle, and can be mounted on a number of angles for optimum versatility.
A roof top tent is cheaper and easier to carry than a camper trailer, and is ideal for overnight stays or extended travel. With the help of a bright, powerful glow, the versatility of the 16-foot power cord, and the ever practical dual hanging points, the ARB 4x4 Adventure Light series has allowed you to set yourself up for a good nights rest. Practically is essential for outdoor activities and the 4x4 Adventure Light is just that, practical.
Supplied with a 16-foot power cord with in-lie switch, dual hanging points, and a canvas storage bag, the 4x4 Adventure Light is the perfect accessory for outdoor enthusiasts. Familiarize yourself with ARB's extensive range of 4x4 accessories, and you'll see they manufacture and stock a quality range of 4WD products to enhance your outdoor experience.

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