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Every Saturday morning from 10h00 to 12h00 Greyton’s Market Square is abuzz with activity, where people flock to buy home-made and home-crafted goods. The Kingwill’s Concordia Dairy Farm sells preservative-free cheeses in a wide range of flavours. The Southey’s Vines Country Craft Market with close to 200 stalls offering visitors genuine handicrafts of the very best quality. Khan’s Takeaways offers visitors to the George Farmers Market a full bodied Mutton Curry which is as good as any.
The Kos & Wynmark can be found at the Hermanuspietersfontein Wine Cellars at the Hemel en Aarde Village closest to Onrus. It’s open till 13h00 on every Saturday of the year come rain or shine but please note dates and times may be subject to change and you should check their website or social media pages for latest. Local produce, crafts, plants, food, people, sun, children, chat, fun, laughter, play, relax, meet…. The one loose end left (apart from the possible court case he claims he will bring against me) in the landlord story was the fact that the bed that Adeline's mother lent me was still there at the house. Being a big double bed, we couldn't get it out on Sunday night without a bakkie, so we left it there. On arrival, and with much trepidation, we went into the house, to find that only Jeffrey, George's worker, was home. Poor Jeffrey was in an anguish, and kept trying to beg me to leave the keys with him, clearly very worried about what would happen if I didn't. It was at this point that Mark turned to me and said "You can calm down now, it's over", and I realised what a state I was in. We dropped the bed off at my new house, and I picked up my new set of keys, and I will move into the new place this evening. First, to whet your appetite, here is the letter he sent me detailing how I owe him R24000.
On Sunday night, after getting back from Cape Agulhas, Shannon and James and I went around to the house to get my valuables and whatnot out of there, in case George took it into his head to have a garage sale or something. Was he not listening when the magistrate informed him that changing the terms of the agreement we had about my parking arrangements was flat out illegal?
I took some boxes down from the shelves, and we started to pick through my stuff, deciding how to pack it.
Did I mention the large notice that he had stuck up over the gate button saying "DO NOT OPEN GATE"?
Anyway, we returned to my room, and basically packed up every last jot of my stuff, crammed it into boxes and bags, and carried it to the car. Did George think that by completely fabricating lies and calumny about me, he would get my friend to turn on me? I am absolutely exhausted, and my work and life in general have suffered quite badly, but I'm kind of enjoying the fight in the back of my mind. I have yet to decide what I'm going to do about that, but in the meantime, I'm well clear of that house. I received confirmation that I could move into an awesome little house with two very cool people, quite close to where the old house is. I rescued all my possessions from my house and stashed them at a friend's house, but not before my landlord made another threat to call the police. My laptop ceased to function under mysterious circumstances that may or may not involve me having to pay for a new one, depending on the warranty.
On Monday morning, I phoned then Rental Housing Tribunal, a government department set up to aid tenants and landlords to settle disputes. On Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call from the Rental Housing Tribunal telling me that there was a hearing the next day, Wednesday (today) at 10am, and confirming that I could be there. Today, Wednesday, I went to the Rental Housing Tribunal, getting there about 9am (because I underestimated the traffic), so I sat and waited in the foyer for my hearing at 10am.

We eventually got to discussing the rent issue, and Donovan from the tribunal tried to find an amicable solution that would benefit us both.
At this stage, the tribunal members left the room for a few minutes for a discussion, and came back saying that they had re-evaluated the early termination clause and decided that instead of finding a replacement for myself, I could just pay the rent for September (i.e. By this point, the tribunal had realised that nothing was going to be achieved by rational debate, and they decided to move the hearing into court. After being sworn in, I was asked to give a statement, which I did, explaining about how George demanded rent from me on Sunday, then confiscated my keys, demanded rent again, and then ordered me to remove my car from the property.
They asked George what had changed that made him change the rules for me, and he said that I had given notice, so he had ordered me to remove my car. A brief interlude here: In changing the terms of the agreement and refusing to allow me to park on the property, George violated the law behind the contract - you cannot do this without a court order and a written agreement between the two parties. I seem to have the order of events wrong, but I remember at one stage, George tried to give me a pedestrian key to the gate, but was stopped by a Tribunal member who pointed out that I had had a remote control, not just a key.
Finally, the magistrate ordered George to give me a gate buzzer, and said that although he had performed an illegal lockout, he was going to put it down to misunderstanding on George's part, and gave him some stern words about taking the law into his own hands. I'm going to Cape Agulhas tomorrow, until Sunday, and when I come back, we'll see what happens. The story so far: I wish to move out of the house I am living in, although my lease only expires in seven months time. When I moved into the house, I paid R5000, which covered the first and last month's rent (2*R2500) - here, the "last month" was the last month in the lease, i.e. Then, when I paid rent for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th months, I paid an extra R1000 each month, for R3000 in total, which covered the deposit that is standard in most leases.
On Monday the 30th of July, I gave him one month's written notice that I would be moving out, as per part (a) of the early termination clause detailed above. I wish the "last month's rent" that I paid him at the beginning to be used as rent for this month, August, and the deposit that I paid him in R1000 installments to be used as the "amount equal to one month's rent" described in clause (c) above.
However, he came to me shortly after I gave him written notice, and told me that clause (b) above means that I have to pay R2500 rent every month from now until March next year, instead of simply paying the rent for this month, August. In other words, he is interpreting "through date of termination" to mean the original date of termination of the lease. By his interpretation, early termination of the lease as described in the lease would entail me continuing to pay rent, even though I moved out, and paying the one month penalty and advertising fees, and so on, which does not make sense to me - the entire clause becomes absurd and unnecessary. I tried to talk to him about this, but he refused to enter into any discussion about the lease. Having discussed this matter with several people, I decided that he was either simply incorrect, or bluffing in an attempt to get me to either pay him, or find somebody to replace myself.
I think it became clear to him that I was not going to be intimidated into finding a replacement for myself, or paying for the rest of the year. It transpired that I know one of the other tenants who has just moved into the house, although neither of us knew that the other one was there, but she witnessed the entire scene on Sunday morning, and can confirm my reporting of the scenario. Since at that point I had no really viable way to get in and out of the property, I took some clothes and toiletries, and left the house.
One day, I came home, wanting nothing more than to cook and go to bed, and I discovered that my food was no longer in the freezer - it had disappeared. It was round about this time that George cut off my access to the house's internet connection, stating that it would be "safer" for him to leave it disconnected. To summarise, living in that house was utterly miserable, and I only went home to sleep, bath and change - I spent all the rest of my time elsewhere, with friends, or maybe reading a book in a restaurant, or otherwise passing the time until I felt I could go home and just sleep. We were quite worried at first about the venue layout: there was a big partition halfway across the venue which cut the two sides off, and meant that anywhere that we put the screen would only be visible by half the attendees. I was very pleased with how the evening turned out, and as I said, I think everybody enjoyed it. Anyway, the point is, we're helping to digitize humanity's knowledge, and fighting spam at the same time.

Please let me know if there are any issues using the new CAPTCHAs when submitting comments? The SMS was from UTi couriers, telling me that they would be delivering my card today, and I should have proof of residence, proof of income (bank statements or payslip), and a copy of my ID. Anyway, the UTi chappie arrived, and I signed all sorts of bits of paper, and now I have my card. Jonathan, this is (somebody) from Virgin Money, I've just been reading your blog, and I'm slightly embarrassed.
Anyway, I just got another phonecall from Ntsoaki at Virgin Money, who was great, and she's going to reel the UTI people in and put a redirect order on the card, so that it actually gets to me this time. There's a type of wasp called Sphex, or "the Digger Wasp", who lay their eggs in burrows in the ground. If, while the wasp is inside, inspecting its nest, you move the paralysed insect a few inches away from the hole, the wasp will come back up, have a look around, and see the insect some distance away, and go and fetch it. We use the Sphex wasp in philosophy as an example of behaviour which seems sensible and rational (it's a good idea to check out the nest before dragging a paralysed insect into it backwards), but turns out to simply be a set of hard-coded rules. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Craft, Handmade African Curios, Hand Made Carved Wooden Carvings, Local Crafters, Artists, Original Art, Crafts For Sale, Gifts, Toys, Fresh Organic Produce, Markets, Food Stalls, Bazaars And Festivals. There is a wide range of stalls from fresh produce and homemade products to crafts and plants. The farm lies nestled in the valley between the mountainous area close to Stanford and the Atlantic Ocean. After some lengthy discussion about this, George returned to the topic by saying that I had refused to accept the key from him earlier in the discussion. They then sting other insects, paralysing them, and leave the insects in the burrows, for the larva to feed on when they hatch. There is a good selection of food from vegetarian and specialty dishes to hot dogs and pancakes. I would still get my deposit back (less damage to the property), so in the end I wouldn't actually pay much extra at all (although I'm sure George would find lots of "damage" to remove from the deposit).
You enter the courtyard with stallholders at wooden tables, black boards behind them and a welcome aroma of bacon and eggs. They suggested that I make things easier for myself by finding a replacement, but I said that I would much rather pay an extra month's rent than put somebody else in the house. Visitors are spoilt with a choice of local cheeses, wine by the glass, oysters, charcuterie platters, salads, pancakes, cupcakes, olives, tapenades, jaffles, vetkoek and themussel pot. The bath upstairs had a leak and strange habits when you varied the hot and cold water, but was usable. There are pates, shawarmas, biltong as well as freshly squeezed carrot, beetroot, kale, broccoli, apple, pineapple and banana. He did not explain why he had gone behind my back and told Isaac to leave my laundry to rot, instead of telling me face to face that I should stop asking Isaac for favours. I found out later, from Isaac, that George had done this because he was angry with me for not helping him to install anti-virus software on his computer, and this was his way of "getting back".
When a member of the tribunal asked him whether I would then lose the rent for March of next year, or whether I should return to live in the house in March of next year, George got very indignant that she used the word 'lose' and mentioned that it was all about the lease.

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