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If you are in NJ, DE, MD, or Eastern PA, chances are high that we can give you the best deal possible on new miller machines.
Return PolicyYou can ship back your products within 30 days of receiving them for a full refund of your original purchase price. To start your online enquiry use the "Add to Enquiry" buttons to select the products that you are interested in. We have all Welding spares and consumables to suit hire units in stock and at reduced prices!
Industrial Applications: Shipbuilding, Construction, Heavy Manufacturing, for shipbuilding, maintenance or wherever a portable feeder is required. The Millermatic 350P Aluminum synergic welding system from Miller Electric gives the operator the first-of-its-kind flexibility with synergic “one knob” control in both Pulsed MIG and MIG operation. Consistent aluminum wire delivery is the core feature of the Millermatic 350P Aluminum thanks to the enhanced wire delivery design. The machine is equipped with easy-to-use operator controls, including the “Trigger Schedule Select,” which permits the user to pre-program two weld settings that they can quickly toggle between. Overview of the Millermatic 350P Aluminum All-in-One MIG welder, the first single- or three-phase power Millermatic that’s optimized to weld aluminum. Jog and purge: allows operator to jog wire or purge gas and preset gas pressure at the regulator before welding. Retains Auto Gun Detect feature: direct connection for Miller 10-pin XR-Aluma-Pro™ and XR™ Pistol Grip air-cooled push-pull guns.
Miller Electric also has enhanced select models in the XMT® WCC (Weld Cable Control) multiprocess welder lineup to improve productivity, quality and safety by reducing trips to the power source to adjust welding parameters and making process selections. The WCC system uses the existing weld cable to communicate from the wire feeder to the XMT, eliminating the need for control cables to the feeder.

A free copy of the WE BUILD™-themed 2014 Full-Line Catalog of welding and cutting products from Miller Electric Mfg. Insight Core™ and Insight Centerpoint™, welding information management systems that provide real-time data from the weld cell. Weldcraft® TIG Torches, now branded Miller, a series of air-cooled and water-cooled torches and accessories designed for reliability and versatility in various applications. Bobcat™ 250 Diesel and Trailblazer® 325 Diesel, engine drives designed for smooth generator and welding performance while taking up less space on the truck.
FILTAIR® Capture 5, a fume extraction system that increases the fume capture distance over three times that of conventional technologies. Non-conductive case eliminates high-voltage lines and the potential of welding current shorting to the workpiece.
Thermal Overload Protection Internal components are protected from damage by thermal overload protection which automatically shuts down the unit if duty cycle is exceeded or air flow and cooling are restricted.
The synergic connection means the Millermatic 350P Aluminum automatically adjusts voltage and amperage when the operator adjusts wire speed on the gun. Co. (Appleton, WI) offers the Millermatic® 350P Aluminum MIG welder, the first dedicated aluminum welding power source with a true torque push-pull design, electronic wire spool brake, Trigger Schedule Select and synergic capabilities in both MIG and Pulsed MIG weld settings. The torque motor and the electronic brake work together to provide hours of continuous and productive wire delivery.
Simply press the trigger down and after a few seconds the gun holds, giving the welder better comfort while working on long weldments. The Millermatic 350P Aluminum’s Hot Start™ eliminates fusion issues by ensuring correct heat from the beginning of the weld.
This reduces the need for welding operators to leave the work area to change wire processes and helps improve quality control by ensuring correct process selection for the job to be done.

Once you complete the enquiry, an email will be sent to one of our sales staff, who will contact you back. This saves time and improves quality because the welder can react in real time to changing joint profiles and positions without having to stop welding and go back to the machine. This makes it one of the most versatile products for welding aluminum by giving the operator the ability to tailor the arc to the weld by adjusting machine performance at the point-of-use — eliminating trips back and forth to the machine and concerns over wire feed consistency.
The true torque push-pull feed motor provides positive and accurate wire feeding between the torque motor and gun, and the electronic brake allows the wire spool to “free spool” to provide drag-free wire delivery. This also prevents costly stop-and-go welding — just select the preset setting and keep welding. The wire jog feature is a convenient and safe way for the operator to feed wire at the machine without energizing the weld output. Sharparc® gives control of the arc cone shape, puddle fluidity and bead profile while in the Pulsed MIG mode. Previously, welding operators could add WCC capabilities to select XMT Series machines by adding a separate, external WCC control box. The all-in-one Millermatic 350P Aluminum’s programs, speed, wire feed consistency and flexibility are perfect for builders of aluminum watercraft, trucks, trailers, aluminum signs and others products.
Recent enhancements make those WCC capabilities an internal part of the XMT 450, adding to the convenience of the system and reducing clutter on the jobsite.

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