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Packing well is an art: Frequent travelers know how to pack as little as possible while still toting everything they'll need. We recently published a post on the best hacks for packing a suitcase.A Since it's easier to visualize the suitcase, we've created an infographic that shows exactly where each item belongs. With the price of airline tickets rising and most airlines charging additional dollars for luggage, I’m trying to make better decisions in how I pack and what I pack when I fly!
My carry-on bag has to have a change of underwear, an outfit, and personal hygiene items just in case my checked luggage gets lost. I love the idea of packing socks in your shoes and wearing your clunkiest pair of shoes instead of packing them.

Whether you're concerned about saving space in your bag or the size restrictions on the liquid toiletries, organizing all of your belongings into one spot seems like an impossible feat. Because less is more, I bought a new set of luggage with many additional compartments which should decrease my need for one additional bag. This little trick is a sure-fire way to save room for all of my accessories by taking advantage of hidden storage areas.
She loves all nerd content especially anything related to science fiction novels and drawing manga fan art. What better way to hack your way to a more efficient suitcase than using the best tips and tricks out there.

This will save you money if your luggage gets lost because you won’t have to pay full price for a bottle at the local store (without coupons). Average time for packing my clothes is 15 minutes ?? My advice is to keep collars stiff with belts.
We scoured the do-it-yourself capital of the internet -- Pinterest, of course -- and found the best hacks we could.

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