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Written by Karen Watson 31 Comments It’s Thursday so that means it’s request day here at TGF!
Christine was wishing for a graphic showing a child, who is baking or cooking, for her local school’s cookbook.
And lastly, an anonymous reader asked for a table to match some chairs that I had previously posted.
The image of the little girl baking, reminds me of my own little girl doing exactly that in the identical mixing bowl. Thank you so so so much for the requested table, and yes, thatA?s exactly what IA?ve been looking for!
I know this is probably a tall order, but do you have anything that’s Swedish Christmas (like Santa Lucia, or a Tomten elf, or saying God Jul in it) or anything of a Viking?
And there can be some people who haven’t traveled anywhere and your information will be very useful for them as well.
You can find various guides in the Internet and put tem altogether to make a long presentation if required. If you are a history fan too, you can prepare a presentation about explorations back in old times.

As you can see there are many topics in this field so just pick anything you like and start preparing the most fun presentation ever! If you need more inspiration, read this article about presentation ideas and watch 1 minute prezi to get more tips. Don’t forget to use our advanced search with 10 000 other topics sorted out by category and type for you. At the time I had found a plain suitcase and posted it, but today I came across this fabulous vintage leather suitcase just covered with travel stickers! I’m not sure which chairs, since I have several, but I think this Victorian table will probably go with most of them. Oh how I long for travels to some exotic place where the waters are pristine blue, sands are white, and the sun is shining! The bed is perfect, I am just now getting ready to work on the project that I was wanting this image for. It is also a great idea to tell your audience a story from your own experience or you can ask your family and friends about their funny stories as well. This assignment can be a great opportunity to share your experience or to make some research and present your dream voyage to your listeners.

Take you audience for a walk in the past, describing how hard it was to travel with all that old style equipment and don’t forget to add pictures to make your story more colorful. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. I’m not sure if she was looking for something this Grand… but this was all I could find for now!
If so please leave it here in the comments section of my Request Day post, and then check back on Thursday to see if I found your requested image (Sorry but I can’t fill every request, I usually pick a few each week).
If you come across anything like this, would you please please please be so kind and post them? There are many presentation ideas about traveling; all you have to do is pick one that is close to your taste.
There are many colorful pictures available online, so make this journey as bright and memorable as possible!

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