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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Bare-bones suitcase drum set parts Old plastic suitcase, preferably a Samsonite Heritage or Silhouette model. I love drumming, but hate transporting my whole set around, so I designed a drum kit using a suitcase as the bass drum. This video -- made almost four years ago by Poodus --- jokingly explains my case for the suitcase drum set. Ken Preece, the mad genius behind the VioBass that I fatured here a few months back, has been busy building these ingenious little suitcase drum kits for friends and for sale. Paul Overton is a prolific blogger, maker, writer, and ukulele player living in Hardwick, MA with three dogs, his closest co-conspirator, and a lawn that makes his octogenarian neighbors want to call the authorities. I have tried and seen others try many approaches that fail or make the suitcase very clumsy. The first one I built was a BMW -- so named after I found a BMW hubcap on the sidewalk while biking the suitcase home from a gig. People would show up to the gig with stickers, car logos, name tags, women's undergarments, service bells, and many other things. Lightweight hardware is undesirable by most drummers and it should be easy to find cheap and used items.
I was literally trying to find the way to do this with minimal tools and budget (being a college kid) starting six months ago.

The only thing I did differently was the tom mounting (close-up shown) - it has a strange attachment for some unknown type of stand, which happens to perfectly fit on an L-shaped shelf bracket, which I've bolted to the top of the suitcase. You inspired me to spend the past 4 months putting together a suitcase set of my own and (finally!) I think I can say it is complete.
He delights in the unusual and can often be found in his tiny studio, whipping up some sort of self-indulgent nonsense for his own amusement.
Makers of all stripes are welcome here and are encouraged to join the conversation, no matter what their enthusiasms. If you build one, I would love to see a picture or video of your own suitcase, and am glad to answer any questions you have along the way. The logo pulled off the hubcap and had enough stickiness left to hold it on the front of the suitcase.
Ebay is a good place for cheap cymbals, and a local music store should have some used drums and stands. I use a little dog toy football as the beater and I've wrapped it in duck tape because it was disintegrating slightly without, but the sound is good. For example, I've learned how to fix the problems that plague the use of a suitcase as a bass drum.
I played 3-4 long gigs every week for almost four years before the suitcase gave up, and I am a hard hitter. If you had a friend like me; a drummer, they would most likely have some parts laying around you could easily schmooze.

A music store should have bass drum hoop protectors that would do the same thing, but might run you $4. Don't have a lot of cash to spend though, so approximately how much do u think i would need to spend if i can't find any of the items for free? I used a popcorn snare with a cymbal stand mount and added a bucket on the side of the case. The suitcase in the video is the one I built after the BMW went to the junk yard, the pale yellow made me think of an old Cadillac. If you seriously have troubles finding one, send me your address in a private message and I'll throw a chunk in an envelope for you.
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