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There's a moment in Stansted Airport where you leave the departures lounge and head up towards the Ryanair pier.
At the pier entrance you are greeted by Ryanair staff who pounce on you to check your hand-baggage.
Michael O'Leary has always maintained that the Ryanair policy on bags is aimed at persuading people to travel with hand baggage only, as this will cut down the costs of baggage handling (a saving, by implication, that will be passed on to the traveller). If that were true then the airline would do all it can to make travelling with hand baggage easier. The answer to both these questions is that the airline's labyrinthine baggage rules provide golden opportunities to fleece travellers. Mr O'Leary should stand at that point in Stansted Airport where his passengers suddenly discover they have to cough up an unexpected ?35 - he will discover exactly what those passengers think of him and his airline.
Do you agree with Frank that Ryanair's baggage regulations are designed to catch out the unwary traveller? Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them. The company has attracted particular criticism for its draconian policy on the size of hand baggage and the high fees it charges if bags are judged too big to take on board.
Our investigation comes just days after Ryanair was taken to task by many of its own pilots who claimed in Channel 4a€™s Dispatches programme that they had concerns about the airlinea€™s attitude towards safety. Strictly one item of cabin baggage per passenger (excluding infants) weighing up to 10kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm is permitted. We recently travelled to Barcelona on Ryanair and my daughter took her Trixie Trunkion as hand luggage. There’s something to be said for taking the worry out of travelling via Ryanair by choosing a bag that fits within their size guidelines and sticking with that.

Be aware that unless your suitcase is a rigid, hard case it is liable to bulge out of the specified dimensions so take care not to over fill it.
If you’re travelling as a group and all want to take hand baggage then don’t double up on things you can share like toiletries and hair dryers.
Children under the age of 2 are classified as infants and do not qualify for a cabin baggage allowance.
If your luggage has straps, buckles and belts be sure to use them to hold things in place and keep your luggage within the guideline dimensions set by Ryanair – don’t overfill external pockets and pouches to push your baggage over the limits. You can see our selection of Ryanair Cabin Baggage including suitcases, rucksacks on wheels and holdalls.
Although Ryanair claims many of its customers travel light, increasing the luggage charge during the school holidays means many families who are unable to pack light for their children and babies will be penalised and landed with a higher fee.Rochelle Turner, head of research for Which? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If you have more than one bag (and cannot consolidate your bags into one bag), or your bag weighs more than 10kg then be ready to hand over ?35 to the person behind the counter. The hard-nosed sales tactics which helped them earn these extraordinary profits are laid out in a 34-pageA  training manual, seen by this newspaper. IT'S ALL IN THE BAGRyanair admits that it a€?incentivises ground service providers at many of the airports it serves to levy correct excess baggage charges for any baggage that exceeds Ryanaira€™s published baggage allowancesa€™.Staff get A?1 per item of hand luggage judged too big or heavy for a flight, according to the GMB union which represents check-in staff at Stansted employed by the Swissport agency. It sets out a series of salesA  tricks that cabin crew should use to increase their monthly bonus and, more importantly, create revenue for the airline.Here, we detail the aggressive strategies and sneaky tricks along with some shocking staff disclosures a€“ all of which keep Ryanaira€™s profits sky-high. The figure was confirmed by former Ryanair employees.a€?Staff are under a huge amount of pressure from Swissport who in turn are under a huge amount of pressure from Ryanair,a€™ said a GMB spokesman. Please stop.a€? a€?Wea€™d go up and down the aisle several times during the flight and offer the same products.

Cabin staff must also buy numerous items for their a€?crew baga€™, including, bizarrely, clean tea towels for taking food out of the oven.
One woman said: a€?If we didna€™t have a tea towel we got a strike on our record and after three strikes you were out. It is ridiculous how much youa€™ve got to push sales from the trolleys and it made me feel uncomfortable.a€™Ryanair said its cabin crew are a€?encouraged to sell all products equallya€™. The training manual gives an example of sales targets to be achieved by eight members of cabin crew throughout the day. He lives on his Gulfstream.a€™For his 60th birthday, the American businessman a€“ whose Ryanair holding is worth A?57a€‰million a€“ paid A?5a€‰million for the Rolling Stones, John Mellencamp and Williams to entertain 600 at Vegasa€™s Hard Rock Casino. Notoriously secretive,A  a€?Bondoa€™ a€“ worth A?1.66a€‰billion a€“ bought a 20 per cent stake in Ryanair for A?9a€‰million in 1996, becoming a director and chairman of the airline and transforming the Irish firm into Europea€™s leading no-frills carrier. I didna€™t even get a thank-you.a€™SO, DO YOU WANT PEANUTS WITH THAT?According to the training manual, cabin crew can boost their bonus with a€?link sellinga€™ a€“ encouraging passengers to wash drinks down with Pringles or cheese and crackers. Some of you hate this airline and some of you love it but many of you fly with this low-cost airline which is why we though it was high time to have a brief and up-to-date summary of Ryanair's baggage policy.
Travelling with Ryanair you may carry one piece of cabin baggage free of charge onto the plane. This compares to 55x40x20cm with Ryanair, and 56x45x25cm with both Easyjet and British Airways. The airline claims that only 30% of passengers check in a bag, however, that's the equivalent of over 22 million people.

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