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Deactivated ItemHere is what you get in the Universal Roof Rack package: 2 steel 48" bars, 4 end caps for the bars, installion instrucions, 6 bolts with locking nuts, 4 plastic towers (rack bases), 4 rubber pads for the towers, 4 vinyl-coated hooks that clip around your door frame, and 4 buckle straps that connect the hooks to the towers. TOURING & CAMPING GEAR Awnings Roof Top Tents Roof Rack Cage 4x4 Adventure Lights Whether you're planning on getting lost of a couple of days, or want to head into the less populated parts of the country, you'll need some warm and convenient shelter. We were kind of at a loss on the round bar so we measured the diameters of the holes that the rack foot installs to. Note: The telescoping rack model comes with 4 bar pieces that you fit together to make 2 adjustable length bars. ARB's Touring range incorporates the Kakadu and Simpson III roof top tents, a vehicle mounted awning and outdoor shelter, along with a variety of other optional accessories to cater for all of your camping needs. We measured where there were ridges, labeled as top above, and where there were not ridges, labeled as side above.The aluminum rack cross-bars all have a T-slots along the top of the cross-bars so we measured the width (W) of the slot, the height (H) of the slot and the width of the opening (O).

The Thule and Inno plastic sleeves are very tight, the SportRack is a little loose, it is possible to slide the steel bar inside the sleeve, but not loose enough that it would be a problem. Easy to mount and operate, this retractable awning fits on to the side of a roof rack, and is conveniently stored for immediate use on arrival.
Specifically designed for harsh Outback conditions, the awning is rugged but lightweight, and provides fast and convenient protection from the elements.
Spacious and comfortable, it contains all bedding during travel which frees up storage space in the vehicle, and can be mounted on a number of angles for optimum versatility.
A roof top tent is cheaper and easier to carry than a camper trailer, and is ideal for overnight stays or extended travel. With the help of a bright, powerful glow, the versatility of the 16-foot power cord, and the ever practical dual hanging points, the ARB 4x4 Adventure Light series has allowed you to set yourself up for a good nights rest.

Practically is essential for outdoor activities and the 4x4 Adventure Light is just that, practical. Supplied with a 16-foot power cord with in-lie switch, dual hanging points, and a canvas storage bag, the 4x4 Adventure Light is the perfect accessory for outdoor enthusiasts. Familiarize yourself with ARB's extensive range of 4x4 accessories, and you'll see they manufacture and stock a quality range of 4WD products to enhance your outdoor experience.

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