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For this application Thule recommends the 43 inch long AeroBlade bars you can use bars that are longer if you need to carry more, but keep in mind the general rule of thumb is not to exceed the width of your side view mirrors. The 60 inch Thule AeroBlades, or as I like to call them - The Adventure Makers - have been a great addition to my 2012 4Runner.
The only thing to keep in mind when buying these, and I knew this ahead of time, is that the bars have an odd "tear drop" shape to make them aerodynamic which makes attaching other accessories difficult. The cross bars are good, and hold everything snug, but don't seem as sturdy as the square tube bars.
The biggest downside is that makes it more time consuming to remove and put the bars back on.
I recently bought a 2015 Subaru Forester and wanted to add a trailer hitch for my bike carrier and cross bars for the roof.
Today on our 2013 Ford Escape well be test fitting the Yakima Q Tower roof rack system using part numbers Y00409, Y00639, Y00699 and Y00124. Well do this on both sides of the vehicle, just to ensure that our bar is straight with the vehicle. That completes our test fit of the Yakima Q Tower roof rack system, using part numbers Y00409, Y00639, Y00699 and Y00124 on our 2013 Ford Escape. The only reason I am not giving it an excellent rating is the considerable wind noise that occurs. Thank you for the quick shipment of my new Yakima Q tower roof rack for my 2007 F150 King Ranch.
We ordered the Yakima RailGrab Towers and Cross Bar set for our Taurus X to hold 2 kayaks and it was perfect! I ordered the Yakima base rack system for my 2011 Mazda CX-7, and it arrived in a timely manner and the product fit perfect and is top notch quality as always with Yakima.
Great Experience I know nothing about this sort of thing and your company made it so easy to find what I needed, order it, and have it delivered.
Today on our 2013 Ford Escape well be test fitting the Thule square bar roof rack system, part numbers THLB58, TH480 and THKIT1671. It is important to alternate sides when tightening them down so the crossbar does not lean or favor to one side. Well measure the crossbar spread for the passengers side and drivers side of the vehicle to ensure that the crossbars are parallel to each other and the rear crossbar is perpendicular to the vehicle.
162953CommentsThe square load bars are one of 2-3 components vehicle dependent required to complete an installation. The Crossroad roof rack has square crossbars and uses feet that clamp to the door jamb of your Jeep. It can also be that the vehicle has a lower roof weight rating than any of the rack system components.
These bars will be 20 inches apart measured on center so you will need to verify that your cargo box can fit crossbar spreads as small as 20 inches.
The toughest part of any roof rack that is designed to fit your Jeep is that they will whistle on the highway. You may find that your load bar end caps (if you still have them) may not fit completely on the ends of the 50-inch bar but they should have enough material to stay in place. For your 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, and since you are wanting to carry 4 kayaks on your roof rack, I recommend the Thule Square Load Bars 58 Inch # THLB58. If your Cherokee has the factory installed tracks that run front to back I would recommend the Yakima Control Tower Roof Rack. For a rack to carry 2 kayaks I would recommend you get a Yakima BigStack Roof Mounted 2 Kayak Carrier System # Y04041. You can use SportRack Premium Bar Harbor Foam-Block-Style Kayak Carrier, # SR5527, which will fit on a vehicle with no roof rack of any kind.
When installed on your 2007 Sentra 4-door, this roof rack will be positioned with its two crossbars 27-inches apart (measured center-of-bar to center-of-bar). But if your goal was to transport some light cargo or bikes, then we can still help you with a trailer hitch.
Now with our front bar set we can go ahead and remove the locking cover, gaining access to the Allen bolt. I played around with different widths but the feet on the rack do not move so only the edge of the feet touch the car. For the rack itself, it appears to be sturdy and it's easy to adjust and install, but if you have a curved roof, it probably won't work. The locks were cheap plastic that appeared to be easily taken off with a basic screwdriver. Easy to install and protects the paint with padded mounts.Racks are one with my honda accord 2013, feel really strong.
SportRack Semi-Custom Roof Rack for Naked Roofs - Square Crossbars - Steel - 50" Long installed on my Honda Accord easily as per instructions and mount was secure. Square nuts which hold brackets to rails are of poor quality (threads stripped when tightening hex-head bolts); had to replace them with hex nuts. Good product, but for my cars numbers that were provided in the owners manual won't work. The front to back measurements for the front bar measured from the center of the B-pillar forward is 10 inches.
You could utilize your existing crossbars by purchasing a foot pack and the vehicle specific fit kit.
They told me that for your vehicle the measurement for the front crossbar is 10 inches from the center of the door jamb, the rear crossbar is 24 inches from the center of the front crossbar to the center of the rear crossbar.
For example if the number on your lock core is N014 you would want the part number # THLOCKN014. Your Legacy has enough roof space to install the crossbars so that they are the required distance apart without using the short-roof adapter.
Now that we have our AeroBlade roof rack installed we are ready to take it out for a test drive.
My family enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking and skiing.
On my old Thule system the feet connected permanently to the roof rail, and the top part of each foot snapped into place, making it super easy and quick to remove and reattach the bars. While we had our luggage carrier atop our car it seemingly imperceptible, however after driving around for a week while on vacation with simply the bars breaking the wind it was quite loud. I orderd a roof rack for my truck on Tuesday morning and it was on the porch when I returned from work on Thursday.
They upgraded my shipping for free and they are excellent with follow up emails to make sure I'm satisfied.
I tried to find out what kit I needed from the Yakima website but their fit my car function would not load.
Now with the front crossbar secured to the vehicle we can close the front drivers side and passengers side doors and open the rear. The crossbars extend several inches beyond the outer edge of the car as if it were not taylor made for this car. Although I have not yet installed the hardware, it looks like it will work and fit my 86 4Runner.
Very easy to work with eTrailer, great follow-up from the rep (George J) and they arrived on a timely basis.
There are several options but if you want quiet then you will want to go with either a Whispbar system.
Whenever different parts of a system have different ratings, the lowest-rated one determines the overall capacity.

The roof rack we offer that is designed for your vehicle with no rain gutters is the Thule Roof Rack. You can order just the foot pack and fit kit and re-use your load bars as long as they are the 58-inch size. With a hitch installed you can use a hitch-mount bike rack or a small hitch-mount cargo carrier.
Depending on what you plan on carrying on your roof rack you may not be able to open your sunroof, or if the sunroof has a tilt feature where the back of the glass comes up as a vent you may not be able to do that either.
The square, steel crossbars can accommodate a variety of accessories such as bike racks, ski carriers and cargo baskets. This economically priced removable roof rack system is going to clamp to your vehicle's naked roof. Once you have that installed on your naked roof you place the lockable cover over the Allen bolt. As you can see, the clamp that goes around the roof line does not interfere with the shutting of our door. This car spends most of its life indoors there has not been the anticipated problem with schmutz and the rack looks as good as when I bought it. So, I called e trailer cs, and they advised me to basically install it in the best and safest way on my car.
The materials and finish is excellent, for example the part that is set inside the door frame is rubberized to protect paint surfaces. They said in the instructions that came with the roof rack it should tell you where these measurements are made from. This roof rack will use feet with clamps that will clamp to the roof and the vehicles door jamb. We take the quality of our information seriously so that you can get the right part the first time. Then we will make sure we have them set at the same spot on either side of the vehicle so that the bars are running perpendicular to our factory raised side rails.
Combined with the Thule Roof Mounted Railing Foot Pack - TH450R, I found it fairly difficult to get the bars centered on the roof (Subaru Imprezza) properly. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and I know that these cross bars will last a VERY long time. With that being said they were a breeze to install, aside from having to use allen tool tighten down the fittings.
As for the product, I am surprised with the amount of wind noise with the round Yakima bars.
No hiccups; the hardest part was reading my old tape measure in order to get things fasten down symmetrically. You can definitely hear the wind resistance from the rack, and the bars are a lot heavier than I expected. These racks are a must have for anyone who uses their vehicle for biking, water sports, snow sports, camping, transporting wood, etc. In fact, the directions made specific reference to Ford and I specifically ordered this for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. If extension beyond the foot and roof are not desired there is also the Edge system for vehicles which eliminate at the attachment point. Due to a surgery I just had I have be unable to put it on my Jeep, but the way everything has gone so far with etrailer and their customer service I expect I will have no problems and plan I doing more business in the future with them. I do not appreciate that and this will be the last time we purchase anything from etrailer.
The load bars # THLB58 for example are themselves rated for 165-lbs while the foot pack and fit kit are rated lower, 130-lbs.
This system features square load bars which will create noise when attached to the roof of your Wrangler.
Pricing and availability are found through the product link that I have attached to the answer page for you.
Had to adjust the length a little more to fit the width of my car, the instructions width to set the bars at was too short.
You aren't going to be able to find a roof rack that will fit both of your vehicles due to the differences between the two in size. The lock cores are keyed alike so that all your racks and can be locked and unlocked with a single key. It should not interfere with the moon roof closed, but it is not recommended to operate the moon roof with the roof rack installed. The low-profile, arced shape of the bars couples with the unique WindDiffuser stripping to produce a bar that is so quiet you'll forget you even have a rack on your car. Thule also includes rubber stripping to fill in the gap and help keep noise down on the underside of the cross bar. You can check the fit instructions to figure out where you need to get the measurement slider to get the foot in the correct position.
It also gets everything out of the car so we are not constantly climbing over and digging through stuff.
If you are OK with spending a little more for your roof rack, I highly recommend getting these. In my opinion, if you put them on leave them there for the season as it is not very friendly to mount or dismount. There is no wind noise up to 55-65mph and the some wind noise after that range, nothing major though. I later discovered that a wratcheting screwdriver with the correct bit size provided for much faster installation and removal. These rails were meant to be permanently installed on your vehicle and should not be removed. The roof rack, plus the weight of the boat and any other cargo will be considered weight on your roof. Now in the fit guide you're going to be able to find your particular year, make, and model.
Now to ensure that we get this in the correct location you can refer to the fit guide to see the distance that you need from the center of the door jam to the center of the foot pack.
To make sure we get this bar in the correct position, another measurement needs to be taken. The doc that came with it does not have any setup info for the 2013 so I contacted etrailer. Rhino-Rack 2500 series roof rack with Euro-style bars # DS1375B and Custom Clamp Kit # DK359. One of the bolts was stripped of its threads for some reason and the item parts were disassemled in the box.
Many factory and aftermarket roof racks produce an annoying whistle that can only be quelled by adding a fairing to your system. It also managed to decrease the drag force by 55 when compared to the Thule Rapid Aero cross bar. The Rapid Crossroad feet use a rubber coated steel band that wraps around our factory side rails. It took a lot of fiddling to get right, and because of the design it will take a lot of fiddling every time, unlike the older design I have on my other car. I'm not so sure this newer one will be in as good shape in 11 years, which is how long I've had the old system.
For example, it was unclear where to measure 10 inches back (side or center) from my windshield as to how far the bars should sit.

The only time that wind noise is really noticable is when it is really windy before driving. Don't have my cargo box yet and wanted to test strength, so I had my 110lb wife standing on them with no issues (yes, the car was parked). This revolutionary, vehicle-specific system is the ultimate base rack, boasting the strongest hold, the most accurate fit and the easiest installation of any rack on the market, bar none. That completes todays test fit for Thules square bar roof rack system, part numbers THLB58, TH480 and THKIT1671 on our 2013 Ford Escape. Then the day it was dropped off at my house I was sent an email confirming it was just delivered.
These rails are bolted and sealed to the roof and water could leak into the vehicle if they are removed and other damage could occur such as denting and scratching on the roof. The roof load carrying capacity of your Kia Soul can be found in the vehicle owners manual.
Adjustable, rotating footpads combine with an easy-to-use numbering system to make the rack conform to your roof for a good fit.A unique numbering system is inscribed on the crossbars to aid in installation. All right, with this side in place we'll go over to the driver side and repeat that same process. Again, you can find that in the fit guide, measuring from the center of one bar to the center of the other.
Michael contacted the manufacture and got back to me quickly but the new settings provided were not correct. Sturdy and the locks are a great addition don't have to take the racks off when I'm not using them. A few other carriers that I would recommend are the Thule Hull-A-Port Pro # TH834 and the Yakima HullRaiser # Y04039.
All you will need to do is find the number printed on the core of the lock and then enter THLOCKNXXX where the X's equal your core number and you will be taken to the correct lock core's product page.
We will repeat the same proceedure on the other 3 feet and then we will be ready to install it on our vehicle.
As we tighten the foot down the foot locks onto our side rails and it also secures the AeroBlade bar into place.
When the rack is not in use it is quiet, which is awesome, because car noise drives me crazy.
At first I measure from the center, but that was clearly incorrect as I reviewed videos on line of the bars being measured from the side. I ordered them from etrailer on the Tuesday before Christmas, and 2 days later they arrived in the mail UPS ! Their customer service is amazing, shipping is fast, and their prices are usually the best.
The coating material is also soft enough that it won't scratch items being loaded onto them.
The feet are going to have the nice coated clamp so it's not going to damage your vehicle.
We'll do it on both sides to ensure that our bars are parallel and that our feet are straight across from each other. When no accessories are mounted, the included WindDiffuser rubber stripping covers the slot.
We will move back and forth from the drivers side to the passenger side as we tighten down to make sure the crossbar tighten downs evenly.
Then I heard howling and whistling and thought, hmmm, maybe I should install the rubber into the top and underside, even in the sliders -that did the trick! First, find the number indicated for your car, and then slide the roof-rack feet along the crossbars until they line up with the appropriate number for your application.
All right, with our bars in place we can go ahead and repeat the same tightening process that that we used for our front bar.This system may require the SportRack Short Roof Adapter sold separately with part number SR1116 for shorter roofs or dramatically curved roof lines. Some people think the 60 inch bars are too much, but if we have to choose between biking and paddling, we choose both!
Tighten the feet in place with the included Allen wrench.Refer to the application guide to find specific measurements that allow you to properly position the rack on your roof.
I called before ordering to inquire if a cargo box could be used with the sport rack, and was advised that as long as it didnt exceed 130 lbs total it would be ok.
This textured surface disturbs the air flowing over the bar, tripping it to create turbulence.
We will place the rear bar into position and then like the front we will check to make sure the overhang on either side is even and we will also measure from the center of our front bar to the center of the rear bar to make sure the bar runs perpendicular to the side rails and it runs parallel with the front bar.
The result is less wind noise, little or no annoying whistle, and a more aerodynamic rack. Once we have the crossbar into position we will go ahead and use the same tightening procedure we used with the front bar. Bottom line: if I went on-line and viewed videos of the installation first, I would have gotten it right the first time.
Place the front crossbar first, and make sure that the screws that hold the clamps in the roof-rack feet are loose before positioning the feet on your roof.Before attaching the clamps to the door jambs and tightening them down, you need to make sure that the feet and pads are oriented correctly. That's going to do it for our review of the SportRack Semi-Custom Roof Rack for Naked Roofs. This crossbar does not have a full-length teardrop-type tail; rather, it is cut off, leaving a square end at the rear of the bar. Make sure that the feet are sitting flush against the roof.Once the feet are properly positioned, attach the clamps to the door jambs and tighten via the screws in the feet. The aerodynamic effect is essentially the same as it would be if the bar continued into a full teardrop shape.
Air continues to move over it in a streamlined fashion, flowing along the bar as it would if the tail were complete. Once you have installed or removed whatever accessories you need in the T-slot, close the end cap and your ready to go. Because there is no tail, though, the bar is smaller and weighs less.Strong, Durable ConstructionThe Thule AeroBlade load bars are constructed of extruded aluminum to ensure an extra-sturdy roof-rack system. During the extrusion process, metal is shaped to form a complex design on the interior of each bar, as seen in the cross section of the AeroBlade. This process creates crossbars that are primarily hollow but still reinforced for added strength. This molded material lines the bottom slots of each bar and is scored and numbered to directly correspond with the instructions included in your custom mounting kit.
With the AeroBlade you can slide accessories into the T-slots without having to wrestle off an endcap. Rubber coated steel clamping straps provide maximum security and unmatched strength while protecting existing rails from surface damage.
Turn the factory installed raised rails on your vehicle into a versatile, multipurpose rack system. The iron grip of the Rapid Crossroad, provided by the flexible steel clamping strap, allows for unmatched strength and security when mounting carriers to the roof of your vehicle.

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