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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. American Tourister Amy Butler Athalon Atlantic Audiobomb Baggallini Balanzza BelArno Boconi Bric's Briggs & Riley Bucky CCL Security Products Cabeau Travel Chill Skinz Chilly Jilly Chipolo Classico Delsey Eagle Creek Exofficio Fitkicks Flanabags Girly Go Garter Go Travel GoGirl Hadaki Hartmann Hedgren Heys America High Sierra Hobo Humangear ID Guardian ILI J & M Acrylic Tags Jack Georges Johnston & Murphy Kenneth Cole Kipling Land Lay -N-Go Lewis N. Perfect for travel, this compact pill case keeps track of vitamins and medications for eight full days. Monster of the Nudist Colony blends monsters and softcore sex mayhem into a wondrous combination that’s now available on your local premium cable channel. And, sorry bigfoot-human sex scene fans, the Monster does not have sex with any women until he has been returned to human form. Director Louis DeWalnut is a pseudonym for Steve Goldenberg, who has worked with Jim Wynorski on several of his softcore adventures. What do you mean, you don’t think Ferris Bueller and Cameron Frye are the same person??? Arch Hammer (Frankie Cullen) – Detective Arch Hammer is totally against being naked, but is totally for solving mysteries. Heather (Lexi Belle) – Nudist club member who has fun time relationships with some of the other members, and attracts the attention of the Monster. Mike (TJ Cummings) – The porter at the nudist colony who gets luggage and makes drinks and has sex with everyone. Kerry (Britney Young) – Nudist club member who has a thing for Mike, which she expresses physically.

Monster (Rickey Ricardo Smith) – The mysterious monster who terrorizes the camp by spying on all the sex going on, and occasionally stealing women for dance parties.
Bonnie (Hannah Reilly) – Brunette woman who is walking in the woods with Crystal that enjoys a good argument and a good woods lesbian sex session. Crystal (Amber Ashlee) – Blonde woman who is walking in the woods with Bonnie that also enjoys a good argument and a good woods lesbian sex session.
Cop (Roobie Breastnut) – A visiting cop who stops by to let the nudist crew know they need to lay off all orgies while monster reports are running rampant! Joe goes to get his phone and Heather and Lucy get it on, because that’s what happens at the nudist colony. Hammer is conflicted, he wants to solve the case, but there are naked people at the nudist colony. The Hammers arrive at the Double D, and there are so many nude people it’s like a nude explosion! They can’t check in, though, because while Mike takes their luggage, he then starts to get it on with Lucy before he shows them to their room. Arch Hammer returns to camp to find his wife topless and tied up near a bed, like she’s being left as a sacrifice to a gorilla monster. It’s important to wear safety goggles when traversing in a monster-infested nudist colony! The cop chats with Lucy about how they could get in trouble with being an unlicensed sex club, and also because of an old Indian curse.

Mary and Mike are still getting it on in secret, despite doing so in front of a huge window easily visible from the outside. Soon more loud Monster roaring (as the double girl dance from earlier is still going on) gets the attention of Lucy and Arch, the Cop and Joe, and the other main characters, which means everyone is running random directions into the woods.
The film is essentially over as the sex party begins, but if you want to see all your pairings that didn’t happen in the film proper, there is a whole bunch of them going on in the finale. Overall, Monster of the Nudist Camp was a pretty fun softcore flick, making up for the paper-thin plot by blotting out the sun with sex scenes.
Amber Ashlee, Angie Savage, Bailey Beetleman, Bigfoot, Bridgette B, Britney Young, Frankie Cullen, Hannah Reilly, Lesbians, Lexi Belle, mad monkey time, Melessia Hayden, nudie cutie, nudists, Rickey Ricardo Smith, Roobie Breastnut, Ryan McLane, Samantha Ryan, softcore, T.J.
Roobie has so many tunes that are still not released on CD but are in the erotics only and will be available very soon.
Consider it a thank you for doing business with us and we hope this is the beginning of a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

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