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Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 2:02 pmThis entry was posted in Trip Gear Reports and tagged Samsonite cases reviewed, Samsonite Cosmolite review, Samsonite luggage on July 10, 2013 by Andy Mossack. Not wishing I’d have to endure any of those situations, I was much more interested that the Samsonite Cosmolite was one of the lightest hard cases on earth.
This is though, a case that’s in the premier league as far as baggage hierarchy and price is concerned, but you do get a lot of case for your money. There’s four wheels for a start, so you get the option of wheeling it alongside you, or dragging it if the terrain is dodgy. Inside is a tale of two halves, on one side a zipped net ensures all your stuff stays packed away neatly, and at the same time protecting the other half from any potentially dirty objects.
To complete the package, the case comes in a range of sizes and particularly striking colours, easy enough to pick out on the baggage carousel from miles away. If you’re looking for a hard case that will stand up to the rigours of travel for a long time, then the Samsonite Cosmolite ticks all the boxes for me and in the long term would certainly return your investment. IJP Design Waterproof Golf clothing Adlens Interface Digital Eye Strain Solution AirPortr. When it comes to luggage in my opinion the Samsonite cases are some of the best you can buy.
When I'm travelling I have two types of luggage, if we are off trekking and going to be doing a lot of travelling around then I take my rucksack however if it is for work or a tranquil holiday on a resort or for a city break then I will be carrying a lot more valuables and cosmetics and then I want to ensure my items are well protected and then I go for my rather expensive Samsonite Graphite. Anyone who reads my blog or any of my other reviews knows that I only buy products from brands that specialise in what they make. I don’t ever buy a fashion brand version of something for the label, I buy the product because its the best in its class and made by a company that builds its name on a product line. I actually own a large lightweight Delsey suitcase which has been in constant use by the whole family since 2005. This is the complete contrast to a non-branded bag I bought to travel across India with in ’92.
This actually put me in a good bargaining position as I managed to get a few pounds knocked of the Chronolite as its slightly more expensive and I really I would have been happy with two of the cheaper Firelite’s.
The two suitcases are very similar and the Chronolite is a slighter newer model, hence the price difference.
One main difference is the extendable handle, the Firelite has a single stem, and the other a double.
Inside, the difference is more noticeable, with the Firelite on the left sporting a slightly more finished look and the Chronolite on the right, sporting a more minimal black interior with see through mesh for the divider.
In essence they both provide exactly the same functionality, two separate halves, a pocket and strap to fasten. However I am guessing by giving it a more minimal finish is how they shaved the extra 50 grams of the weight. Because the Chronolite puffs out more at the sides, it will fit slightly more in, which is a bonus. Although you may not tell from the photos, both have a soft fabric type finish interior bonded to the polycarbonate case which is soft to touch. I bought both as I got a discount for buying two together and the more expensive Chronolite had a further discount as I said I needed two matching and in order to make the sale he did a price match.
They are both remarkably well made suitcases that are ultra-light and best in class with a ridiculously smooth wheel action. You may squeeze in a little more before you fill up or hit your weight allowance, but only to the tune of an extra shirt or two! That said, the Firelite looks nicer on the inside and has a studier to hold handle due to the thickness.
They are guaranteed for 10 years which means each suitcase will cost at most just ?24 a year, plus they look great and you know you own the best.
Basically you cannot go wrong with either suitcase and I highly recommend either one should you be considering either as a purchase. Ok, happy holidays and let me know if you have any questions and I’ll respond as quick as I can. We’ve been on the road recently, both for personal holiday travel and some staff trips during the re-launch and redesign of the websites. The Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite 20″ Spinner is from the acclaimed Cosmolite line, available in three sizes (27 inches and 30 inches as well). We loved the color on this one- ours was a classy black, though it’s available in red, silver, and a dark violet as well. This is our new carry-on spinner, for when we need a hard-sided suitcase with a decent amount of room and a lovely lining.
Greg Greg dreamed up the idea for the Truly Network while living in Hawaii, which began with a single site called TrulyObscure.

Formerly the head technology correspondent for the Des Moines Register at age 16, he has since lived and worked in five states and two countries, helping a list of organizations and companies that includes the United States Census Bureau, TripAdvisor, Events Photo Group, Berlitz, and Computer Geeks.
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The collapsible long handle is very robust, I mean how many times have you had to pull up your case by its long handle to see it break in front of your eyes? The other is left bare save for a small pouch for toiletries and a sturdy strap to keep everything in its place. Just remember though, extra durability is a balancing act between the potential additional space you won’t have for jamming in those last minute extras.
I've seen them in John Lewis for ?200 but would imagine you could pick one up cheaper if shop around. Samsonite are probably now the better known due to their more aggressive marketing and tough image, but Delsey have been around a long time. Other than a few obligatory scuffs and having to tighten up one of the bolt straps once or twice, it is great condition and looks like it will be good for another 8 years.
This is a lot to have to pay on two suitcases but we do a lot of short haul flights and need to maximise our luggage capacity now we have a small child in tow. It felt tougher and lighter, plus Samsonite is renowned for this style of suitcase so I stumped up the extra cash. My girlfriend who is quite fussy gave me strict instructions on the colours – black or silver and that they should be matching.
The Chronolite is actually a tiny bit wider and puffs out more if needed but both will fit comfortably into the 55cm x 40cm x 20cm hand baggage allowance, so you’ll be fine for budget airlines like Ryanair.
These are the smoothest wheels I have ever experienced on a suitcase and they even make the Bugaboo pram feel stiff in comparison! Also, the handles that you carry them with should you not be able to wheel them are made of very grippy rubber that feels secure to hold.
They have the same combination and key locking function plus strong, waterproof zip to keep everything super secure. I hope you found the review helpful and I have used affiliate links so I will get a small commission if you use them to purchase your products. And through it all, we’ve been testing two hard-side carry-on spinners, at two different price points, that both hit their marks.
We’ve previously tested out Samsonite luggage, and always found it be high quality, at a price. Instead of being a fairly stiff, dual-pole retractable handle, this one is a sexier, single-column type that rolls easily in the hand and helped the bag feel more navigable. In 2010, when advertisers and readers were requesting coverage beyond the scope of that site, TrulyNet was launched, reaching a broader audience over a variety of niche sites.
He also served as the Content Strategy Manager for HearPlanet, a multi-platform app that has reached over a million users and has been featured in the New York Times, Hemispheres Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Fox Business News, PC Magazine, and even Apple’s own iPhone ads. In addition, he has served as a consulting editor for the Foreign Language Press of Beijing, as well as a writer and editor for the George Washington University Hatchet, the school newspaper of his alma mater. Then they told me it could withstand over 25 continuous drops from a great height, and temperatures of minus 12. With baggage weight even more critical in these days of budget airlines’ rules and regs, getting a case that doesn’t take up half your allowance before it’s even had anything put in it is pretty handy. There are two more handles, one on the side and the other on the end so you’re covered whichever way up you want to be. One week into the trip we inadvertently boarded a 1st class only train and when we were discovered with our 2nd class tickets and were refusing to pay the difference, which was 2 weeks budget, were then forced to jump off the train while it still moved, albeit slowly. I will say if budget was more an issue, the Delsey would have been a no-branier as has very similar specs. The Chronolite actually has a slightly thinner handle but it makes no difference when picking up. The only real difference is the ever-so-slight wider width and lower weight advantage that the Chronolite has. Versus the Gravtec, which runs about seven pounds for the 20″ model, this one only comes in at a svelte five pounds! Available now, online and in stores, for a list price of $450 (but we were able to find it for closer to $400). There’s a combination lock built in to the chassis, and the muscular zip looks strong enough to contain your clothes and the kitchen sink if needs be.
I'd really begrudge paying so much for a case, but if you have the money quite happily, its definately worth consideration.

It has a three point locking system that is easy to use and I always fit an additional travel band lock as well, there is a inbuilt flexible shelf to seperate those items you want to protect from heavy creasing and some pocket storage around the inside and dividers for shoes and the like, it certaionly does make packing easy especially on the return journey when you have items that need to be washed and the odd clean item as well that you want to keep apart.Mine has picked up a few scratches and dinks but so far it is proving to be a great investment, the moulded wheels seem very robust as the adjustable handle is very comfortable to use and smoothly slides up to different lengths.
You notice the difference, and it gives you a bit of extra weight for luggage- if you’re like us, you can hit airline weight limits for carry-ons without much difficulty. And the zippers took some serious yanking without showing wear, and felt the same, with a nicely curved design on the pulls. We have used it for a number of airline journeys now and although its got a couple of scrapes on it it does not have any dents or proper damage and I can see it lasting for a good number of years to come. If you are looking for a large, stylish and very secure case, that is going to do an excellent job of protecting your belongings - consider this case.
It is a lot of money to spend however bought new they come with a 10 year guarantee something I do not have but I trust in the brand and know that I can rely on this product. The material composition has changed as well, and seemed more resistant to scratches and scuffs (the surface of the Gravtec marred fairly easily)- it’s now a polypropylene instead of the more typical polycarbonate. Wheels are a bit less of a certain improvement- they have a single roller instead of the previous two rollers-per-wheel, and seemed a bit smaller.
But they handled lifts and stairs better in our tests, as you aren’t so likely to hit the protective tube around the vertical pivot or axis. I like to cram as much as much as I can into my suitcases and when I use a fabric one its easier to sort of sit on it and try and close the zips by squeezing down the sides and pressing on it but with a hard shelled case you can't, you just have to close the case as it is although this does mean that you don't overfill it and make it too heavy to carry. The omni-directional wheels on the Cosmolite took drops well, and definitely seemed superior in gravel or dirt. The grew thing about this case is that it is on wheels, definitely a must when you have a case as big as this as I find it too heavy to carry just on its own and do need help from my hubbie when it comes to lifting it in and out of the car, off a carousel etc. It weighs in at around 5.5kg which is quite heavy, so thats something to take into consideration when travelling abroad because with it being full, its going to have an impact on those scales and allowances! There are four wheels on the bottom of it which spin around 360 degrees so its a very easy suitcase to push and pull as it pretty much goes wherever you want it to which is great. On top of the suitcase is an extendable handle that pulls out so it can be easily pulled along.
The handle to this suitcase is located at the top of the case and its quite sturdy so you are able to pull along a heavy suitcase quite easily. The handle is a telescopic handle so it goes in and out of a slot at the top of the case meaning it is protected when not in use. WHen you need to pull it up there is a button you press and then you can pull the handle up.
I do pack the suitcase fully though, so it probably wouldnt be so much of a problem if I didnt have everything but the kitchen sink. When it is up all the way it sort of snaps into place and so will not go down again until you press the button in to depress the handle. Its quite a plain looking black case which is fine, if I was rich I'd travel with a beautiful set of antique Louis Vuitton luggage and trunks but alas, I have to stick to regular luggage.
Inside the case is your main compartment with 4 seperate pockets which can accomodate items such like toiletries, phones, books, magazines, camera etc. I would recommend in order to spot your case amongst all the other baggage on the carousel to add a label or bright piece of ribbon as well as you name and address so you can distinguish your luggage from the others. A flexible shelf inside helps protect certain items and the picket storage and shoe dividers also come in really useful. We travel to the USA quite a bit as I am half American and what is great about this case is that it has a permanent TSA combination lock on it. I am easily able to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes in this suitcase and tend to use if for long stay caravan holidays. You need this for when you travel to the USA as this enable their staff to open your cases if they need to and means they do not have to break other kinds of locks or damage your case.
Basically all you need to do is put in a 3 pin number so that your belongings and valuables are kept extra secure.
Inside the suitcase is large and will take a weeks worth of clothes, shoes etc and I like the capacity it gives you. There are dividers in this bag which makes it quite easy to pack and I use them during the time I am away to store my dirty clothes in one side so they do not get mixed up with my clean clothes.
This case was expensive at the time, I think we paid in the ?150-?160 region but it has served us well up to this point and I can see it lasting for quite a few years to come so we will definitely get our moneys worth out of it.

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