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Another interesting shot of the head tube shows how far Felt has gone with their carbon mold to add ride quality while still retaining stiffness. The Z4 will be a very popular bike for us sporting Shimano 105 and this beautiful color scheme.  Toned down is becoming very unique these days with so many brands kicking out bikes that have 12+ brand logos plastered all over the bike. Rear dropouts were of course reworked for disc brakes, though not much.  Word has it that the current non-disc models were designed around disc brakes but cantilevers ended up being the go-to since so few road disc systems were available for 2012. Our easy to assemble kit makes it easy for anyone to assemble in less than a couple of hours, with no angle lumber cuts necessary. When we were trying to get our Blazer ready for this year's Easter Jeep Safari at Moab, we realized our frame had the classic cracks where the steering box mounts to the frame. Autofab Saves Our ButtRather than go through all the work of trying to box our '82 GM frame, we knew we could reinforce it with this Autofab steering box gusset. Get the Right KitAutofab makes two GM steering box gusset kits: SBGK100 works on '73-'82 GM trucks, SBGK200 works on '83-'87 pickups and '91 Suburbans and Blazers.
Why It WorksThe Autofab kit (B) works by spreading the load of the steering box out over a larger part of the frame and triangulates with the front crossmember.
What If Your Frame Is Already Cracked?All the braces and weld-on plates in the world aren't going to help you if the frame is already cracked. Anyone who has ever dealt with a 240 knows that if you have under body rust the frame rails are probably going to be one of the worst hit areas. As you can see each of the 240s frame rails were in bad shape and because of this decay I would not pass safety in a million years, the only solution would be replacing the rails. Mocking the rail up you can see that they coved my problem areas well with room to spare on each end, and they fit very snug over the stock rail before prep. I began pulling my interior because of the heat that welding these would create on the floor of my car, possibly burning my carpet if it was left in.
Getting back under the car I began grinding the undercoating off from around the rusted areas and got down to the metal where the new rails would be welded in.
At this point I handed my 240 over to my welder who after inspecting the cars underbody felt that cutting out as much rail as possible while still leaving himself enough metal to weld the new rails on would keep the strength of the car and minimize the chance of rust moving to the new rails. After two weeks I got a call from my welder saying my car was ready and that the operation was a complete success. My welder cost $450 CDN with tip, bringing the cost of this project to a total of $682 CDN give or take, yes it was a bit of coin, but for a car that I'm never going to sell it was worth every penny. Thanks for the review, I think your the first person to post any pictures of these rails on a car in general!

Not being mean but that seems like a lot of money just for the welding, the pieces look good though.
Knowing that we couldn't fix something like that properly on the trail, we gave Autofab in Santee, California, a call. This Bronco tried to twist the steering box off the frame--like a cap off a Coke bottle--until a few emergency weld beads were laid down to get it back to camp. The gusset bolts in with new Grade 8 bolts to triangulate the driver-side framerail to the front crossmember.
If you have this factory-installed gusset (below) held in place by four bolts like our '82 diesel Blazer, then you need to use SBGK200. Autofab recommends this to help prevent the steering box (A) from actually trying to buckle the driver-side framerail. From deep, sticky mud to craggy canyons strewn with Jeep-sized boulders, we’ll take you places we guarantee are Prius-free and t-case-required! Nissan stopped manufacturing the replacement rails a few years ago and their supplies of any have since run dry.
A die grinder would be best for this job because of the tight areas, but I only had a large angle grinder so I left the small areas for the guy doing my welding because he had the proper tools.
I love Xcessive's stuff but the pricing is usually xcessive too, though it has come down recently. Even though my underbody is 100% rust free i might buy these just for the fact the factory rails are too weak to even jack the car up off them without bending them. I always thought it would be cool if someone made covers for the frame rails to protect them from scraping.
Trucks that use crossover steering like this Ford stress the frame perpendicularly to the main rails and try to punch the box off the frame. The reason solid-axle GM trucks are one of the worst offenders for broken frames is because GM used a short pitman arm and short steering arm on the knuckle, which results in very little leverage on the tires. There is even a kit for two-wheel-drive GMs that you can tell your prerunner buddies about. For the ultimate in frame upgrades Autofab also suggested we drill out all the old rivets that hold the crossmembers and framerails together and ream the holes for snug-fitting Grade 8 bolts. I had to go elsewhere to find a replacement, so I talked to several different metal fabricators with them explaining they would do their best to create a OEM replacement for that segment of the rail that had the rust, exactly what I was looking for. As you can see the metal surrounding the rust looked healthy but it still had to be cut making certain no rust was still present.

He also said that he drilled four holes at the top of the rails and four at the other end and he used plug welds creating a extremely strong connection.
Xcessive's stuff is legit, even with a price thats excessive its worth supporting a company that makes great parts like this. While on the phone, they also gave us some frame strengthening tips to pass along that'll work to make this and other 4x4s' frames stronger. If your truck uses a drag link that moves parallel to the frame (fullsize GM and Dodges, among others), it is constantly trying to shear the steering box off the frame.
I was going bring my 91 to a local fabricators but then I stumbled over this Online Store - Xcessive Manufacturing, a pre-fabed rail replacement. Adding a coat of rubberized spray finalized the project making the twenty year old rails look just like they came off the line. Because most boxes mount with Grade 8 bolts, the frame is typically the weak link and will wave the white flag of failure and crack, slot, or completely break through before anything else does. Just consider how big the tie rod ends are on these trucks--it's clear the engineers knew how much stress they were creating. I thought that getting these specifically made rails would save me time, money and most importantly keep it's alignment true. If GM had always boxed its frames like on the '88 IFS truck frame shown, we probably wouldn't be writing this story. I called xcessive manufacturing and got in touch with Rich who made the order process very easy, and in total they cost me $232 CDN . If the bolts that hold the steering box to the frame have ovaled out the frame, use the bolt as a guide and fill in the hole with your welder until it is round again. If you do not see a size that suits your needs on any of our listings, please feel free to contact us to place a custom order.
Paint the repaired surface and bolt the power steering box back on with your Autofab gusset.

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