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Video: Flight Attendants Association secretary Jo-Ann Davidson discusses carry-on luggage regulations.
As his party meets, how does North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un stamp his authority over a brutal regime? This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. The small pocket at the top, accessible from outside the bag, was perfect for stashing my shorts and thongs.
The colour would have to be the best part, no more trying to find my black bag, in a sea of black bags on the luggage carousel.
I fly frequently between Melb, Bris and Sydney and I havent had any issues with this carry-on. Initially i was a little scared that it was small from the video but it easily fits a week worth of work clothing and whole lot more! I have bought a few items from Rushfaster now, and every time the service has been exceptional.

Bill Shorten has defied recent benchmarks to remain Labor Leader for a whole term, and shown how stability can help policy formation.
The materials are really hard wearing and good quality so I expect it will last really well. If a claim would take the product below our cost price, we will give the cheapest price possible without going below our cost price. Delivery was only a day or two on all occasions, and customer service was fantastic and kind! What makes the Jetway so great is that it has been specifically designed to fit perfectly in overhead bins and taxi trunks. It meant I wasn’t always having to dig to the bottom of my bag to find things and could keep everything more organized. I have used the larger case for dozens of trips overseas and multiple dive trips carting heavy dive gear around and it has lasted really well. If you do choose to buy from our competitors please ensure that you can return for a refund if you change your mind.

This bag meets the carry on requirements for International flights as well as most Domestic including Qantas and JetStar. Technically complies with Aussie domestic flights, though if filled can go well over the 7kg limit of many carriers.
Also, if they're overseas, consider the costs of shipping your item to and from that country for warranty repair or size exchanges. Some of the guys here at Rushfaster have these bags and love 'em.This bag meets the carry on requirements for International flights as well as most Domestic including Qantas and JetStar.

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