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While we wait for designers to begin unveiling their Fall 2015 collections next month, Spring 2015--or, as Celine calls it, Summer 2015--collections have started arriving in stores. Although Celine's bags still sell pretty briskly, paging through this lookbook is a reminder that the brand is still looking for its next huge hit, after the blockbuster success of the Luggage and Trapeze bags. Celine has once again provided prices for the bags included in its lookbook, which we've compiled with the photos and style names below.
Oh gosh, I really really want a Box bag but there are just too many things on my wish list. They are not robbing anyone, if someones happy to pay that kind of money for a bag, thats their choice.
I think they actually lowered the prices, because they were $4600 for the ones made of actual box leather, if I am not mistaken.
That medium Curved bag reminds me of a Celine that I bought in Harrods in 1997, pre-Michael Kors.

I feel like it’s been expensive for a while, it’s always been a deterrent for me! I’m curious about the curved clutch, but other than that, the mini tie is the only one I truly like. The Best polka dot rolling luggage Deal is Rockland Luggage 19 Inch Tote Bag, Pink Dots, One Size from amazon We, Rolling Luggages look thorough many kinds of polka dot rolling luggage that you looking for but the best deal is from amazon you can get the lowest price there. Although the Belt Bag is back for another season and quite attractive, it lacks the look-at-me presence that's usually necessary for a bag to reach the realm of the hyper-successful. I can never justify spending that type of money on such a small bag that fits very little and to be honest i like the look of the Symmetrical bag more and it is more reasonably priced. I am really loving the look of the Celine Ring bag, Mini Belt bag, symmetical bag and the curved bag. I just don’t get how they can expect people to keep buying these bags with the way the prices are going up.

It’s measurements are nearly identical to the box bag, has an interior made of leather and is half the price. I was hoping Celine would bring out Ring bag in the same Buff leather but in different colors.
What’s a trendy color for some – scratch that, most – is a long-standing basic in my wardrobe. Not only does it set off neutral shades with ease (with navy, it’s brilliant), I believe hot pink to be the most spirit-lifting color in the spectrum!Now that vibrant bags are popping up allover Resort season, I might not be the only one treating it like a style staple.

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