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As you can see, how to use packing cubes to maximize space is to roll clothing and then use any additional gaps. For the most part I try to stick to fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily plus they tend to weigh less too.
The packing cubes featured in this tutorial (and throughout my site) are this 4 piece set Amazon Basic Packing Cubes. The Master Lock 4688D TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock in Assorted Colors is super protection for your luggage and it's easy to set desired combination. Your clothes are also somewhat protected from spilled toiletries in your washbag -- but since one side of many cubes is mesh, it's not foolproof.
They're also not really cubes, which confused us slightly when we first heard of them, but "packing cuboid" or "packing hexahedron" doesn't have the same ring to it, we suppose.
Packing cubes are advertised as letting you separate clean and dirty clothing halfway through your trip, though we're fairly certain that the free plastic laundry bag from your hotel's wardrobe does the same thing. Some business travellers with lots of non-clothing stuff in their bags love them, because gadgets, power cords and everything else you take with you doesn't get lost inside your clothes.

Of course, this problem is also solvable by packing that kind of item in its own little bag inside your case.
Many cubes are built with today's rolling carry-on baggage in mind, allowing you to pack the cubes and then just throw them into your bag when you're ready to go. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. By using my packing cubes for compression, this helps me make the most of less space – I never need full size luggage and neither will you!
I hate wrinkles but hate ironing more so if fabric wrinkles easily, it’s usually a no-go in my wardrobe.
Don’t forget to please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. She has the Eagle Creek Cubes above and said there was no way that was all fitting in her luggage and carry on! Trying to travel carry on only is always a plus for me so I can go home to Spain often saving on the luggage fees.

GREAT if you are packing for FAMILY HOLIDAYS (each family member can have their own color), BUSINESS travel & BACKPACKING.
The idea behind them is that you just open your carry-on and pull out the packing cube you need (for shirts or trousers, say) rather than having to dig through your entire case. Business class amenity kits and zip-up plastic document wallets come in very handy for this.
From the US to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe – packing cubes have allowed me to maximize my minimal luggage space.
Are they worth it?" style="display:inline-block" title="These packing cubes from Eagle Creek run to around A$25. Should we do an Australian Business Traveller road-test to see whether they're useful or useless?

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