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As far as clothing maintenance goes, packing and transporting men’s suit and sports jackets is pretty high on the list of aggravating tasks. This one does involve a large fold down the center of the jacket, meaning it’s not quite as crease-proof as a good roll.
Basically, you gently work one shoulder inside-out, then tuck the other shoulder into it, seam against seam. This one’s good for when you need a flatter fold than a roll and the jacket is going to be stowed for a while.
Its big disadvantage, other than the single fold that can potentially crease, is that it can take a couple tries to get it right, and that you generally need a clean flat surface to do it on. For the guy on the go, sometimes the easiest way to deal with the jacket is just to quickly fold it over like a dress shirt. The sleeves tuck behind the back, with the shoulders overlapping slightly at the middle, and the whole thing gets folded in half from the bottom, tucking the bottom hem up underneath the collar. The resulting bundle is about the same size as the one you get in Option #2, but a little thicker in the middle and not quite as even.
The big problem here is that you’re folding the jacket in several places, both vertically and horizontally.
You still need to do some creative tucking and layering, but it is possible to roll the whole jacket up (rather like a sleeping blanket or sleeping pad) into a soft tube of fabric. The big advantage here is that, properly done, a rolled jacket is never folded across the fabric.
You can also usually tuck a shirt or a couple pairs of underwear into the roll, if you’ve got a deep enough suitcase. The main disadvantage of a roll is that it takes up more space (especially vertical space) than a flat fold, and that it can sometimes take a few tries to get it right with no wrinkles. If you do have to fold, minimize the number of folds needed, and try to keep them along the seams.
Men, traveling for business isn't always easy and figuring out what to pack can be equally cumbersome.
6) Turn one shoulder inside out over the other shoulder so that the lining is facing outward. Turn the main part of the jacket inside out leaving the arms so that they are inside the jacket. When looking for a suit on eBay begin by typing in an appropriate keyword or keywords in the search box on any eBay page.
It's every business traveler's nightmare: Flying into town for an important meeting and finding that your suit is wrinkled beyond repair.

But if you dread the thought of wearing business attire for any longer than you have to, there are also a few tricks to minimizing wrinkles, even if you're packing in a carry-on suitcase.
So, you’re sick and tired of lugging multiple bags through airports, checked bag fees and waiting to retrieve your luggage. If your bag has a removable Suiter system, use it to neatly fold your dresses, suits and other formal wear.
Place heavy objects on the bottom of the main storage compartment, then arrange your garments on top. Opinions vary on whether folding or rolling your garments is the best method for packing a rollaboard. Folded clothing can be taken directly from the bag and placed into dresser drawers, saving time.
Tightly packing rolled wearables keeps them from shifting in transit, which also prevents wrinkling.
TweetScott ApplebeeScott Applebee is the VP of Marketing for Travelpro International®, creators of the original Rollaboard® luggage, carry-on luggage, and suitcases. The sleeves lie straight down the jacket, one on top of the other, and the breast panels (with their linings turned outward) sandwich the whole thing.
That’s a good way to get at least some creases, especially where the folds cross each other. Most of the action happens around the shoulders and sleeves, which are made to flex, and the broad front and back panels of the jacket get bent gently into a curve rather than pressed flat into a corner. After all, how exactly are you supposed to pack those expensive suits without ruining them? Heavy suit fabrics such as wool and flannel are more wrinkle resistant than lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen.
These methods work for all materials and any style of luggage, eliminating the need for a special suit bag.
Fold the jacket along the back seam so that the front of the jacket lies inside the back of the jacket. Lay them on the jacket at right angles, so that the mid part of the pants covers the bottom of the jacket. Making the most of limited packing space is a skill that saves you time and keeps your suit fresh and pressed. For example, use the interior pockets to store small items, such as belts and portable electronics. If your travel wear is more casual, the Suiter also accommodates shirts, pants and other outfits while keeping them wrinkle-free.

Wear shoes that are appropriate for both formal and casual occasions, and don’t take up valuable luggage space with additional pairs.
Lifehacker has a useful instructional video on folding a suit in a suitcase, using a method created by a professional dry cleaner. Some say to roll it, since folds cause wrinkles; others argue it's best to fold strategically, being careful with collars and creasing.
You just tuck the collar of the jacket under your chin and make three quick folds, and bam, you’re done. While some suit materials such as wool, cashmere, and flannel are more durable and resistant to wrinkles, others such as linen and cotton wrinkle easily. When traveling, consider packing a suit that is more resistant to wrinkles, is durable, and easy to maintain. Take a shoulder and the bottom edge of the jacket and fold a third toward the center of the back. Follow our quick 7-step guide and pack your suit—with minimal wrinkling and maximum space—like a pro. The fold begins where the padding of the shoulder ends or where the shoulder meets with the neck of the jacket. To prevent the suit from possible spills inside the suitcase and to help prevent wrinkles, place the suit inside a sealable plastic bag leaving a little air in the bag. Tuck the remaining shoulder into the inside out part of the jacket so that the shoulder seams touch. Remember when searching to read the product description thoroughly to ensure that the item is exactly what you are looking for.
Additionally, when properly folded, a suit fits into a suitcase or carry-on bag along with other clothes and items, eliminating the need for an additional garment bag.
Using the protective plastic cover from your dry cleaning, place your neatly folded jacket (after step 5) in the top of the bag where the hangers are typically gathered. Fold the entire jacket in half horizontally and place the folded pants in between the jacket halves to reduce wrinkles.

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