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Because of their quality construction and the memories they carry with them, we still run across these relics all the time. What could be easier – just buy several vintage suitcases and stack them, from largest to smallest next to a bed or couch and use as a side table. Of course, these babies were made to store stuff in the first place, but use them in a more stationary way by storing books, sewing essentials or even turn small toiletry cases into jewelry boxes.
Pamper your favorite felines with a double decker cat bed made with two halves of an old suit case.
A traveling dollhouse made from a small, vintage suitcase may be the most brilliant thing we’ve seen. The first ever Old is New Consignment Sale opened to the public at 8AM today in the athletic center at Albany Academy. The Old is New Sale is a chance for people with stuff they don't want, to sell it to people who are looking for stuff -- without having to bother with their own garage sale. AOA previewed the sale yesterday with fashion writers and super-shoppers Kaitlin Resler and Jess of JessJamesJake to scope out the scene and see what kind of deals there were to be had.

Says Jess: "If I were buying it for myself I'd pay $14 and if I were going to resell it, I'd pay $5.
Kaitlin found one of her own dresses that she had dyed and given to For Pete's Sake a while ago. Jess: "The prices were reasonable overall and the boutique section had some designers like Coach, True Religion, Betsey Johnson, etc.
Ever wish you had a smart, savvy friend with the inside line on what's happening around the Capital Region? All the dolls and their belongings go inside and can be easily transported to keep your little one busy during the next trip or hotel stay.
These versatile, affordable pieces of history have served their purpose well, and now it’s time to set them off on a new adventure.
This table was made by our friends over at Fresh Vintage Painted Furniture for a little girl’s nursery from a case found in our store. I found a lot of things I actually had wanted to buy earlier in the year but didn't, and now they're cheaper!

The prices range a bit because people can set their own, but there are some pretty amazing deals to be had.
Create a low-boy bed for you small pooch with a suitcase that’s been made to stay open. Attaching a mirror to the topside of the case, and storing makeup and hair accessories inside is a brilliant, space saving way to get ready in the morning. I visited Albany the weekend of the recent market there and really enjoyed seeing so many people in the park on a weekend. Store toys and treats in the storage flap found on the lid of most old suitcases and put pillows or cushions in the bottom.

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