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One of our most popular old posts at Carryology is Backpack vs Messenger; a look at which bag format suits which needs. The starting point was a typical Carryology reader; think smart, sexy, intelligent… mixes work and play, cycles, carries a laptop, likes long walks and bathes in unicorn tears.
This one is down to personal taste, but we loved being able to spec the whole outer of the messenger with waxed canvas.
Even with the laptop issue, backpacks just end up more comfortable when carrying heavy loads or loads for long periods. Ando will write reviews that run for pages, he’ll never think a carry piece is fully resolved, and he’ll always call it out if it should be.
I really like this Head2Head for many reasons, one being my love for Timbuk2, but maybe more so being able to post this comment. Yeah, pocketing for irregular shaped items is an issue with 99% of the messengers on the market. Ah, San Francisco, you peaceful hippie heaven … A simple clip lock would do the trick, I believe.
The issue I have is that a ready made bag such as the Snoop camera or Stork bag both taper up on each side and have Velcro to pull the sides in when you close it to keep water out. I like Timbuk2 and I’ve always loved backpacks so my first purchase was the swig, the toppling over drove me nuts so I bought a medium messenger bag and it has been my EDC since then and will probably continue to be for a long time. I’ve gotten away from buying bags with integrated laptop sleeves, instead buying a bag and then buying a well padded sleeve for my laptop. I’ve been following Carryology for several months ever since I decided I want to replace my Northface Recon.
You can start with almost any woven (cotton or synthetic) and make it very water resistant by backing it with something water-resistant. Our Classic Messenger has a waterproof TPU liner, so whatever fabric you choose, your bag will be extremely water resistant. To emphasize again, any Timbuk2 custom messenger you make will have the waterproof TPU liner, so you’re covered on water resistance no matter which fabric you choose. I have a customized bagaboo messenger bag and everki titan backpack, and I find myself switching between more. The backpack asks you to leave the body in ballistic nylon – customising the flap and construction details.

The Timbuk2 Swig backpack is guilty like most laptop bags, but the Timbuk2 Custom Laptop Messenger fixes this admirably, getting a big thumbs up (and a point) from us.
The landscape format gives you a massive wide opening for large volume stuff, and the single strap is easier to swing the bag around to your front. If you order a custom bag, it has the standard sides that poke out when you close it that can let water in. They certainly help keep water out of messengers during a solid rain, but if you close any of our messengers properly, water does not get into them, with or without ears.
I’m a grad student and spend most of the day sitting in a chair, but moving from chair to chair or home to school is where the bag comes in. Can you comment (both objectively and subjectively) on the weight of the waxed canvas compared to another material?
The Swig is a favorite in the office and like you, we feel the side zipper is more of a win than a liability. If I had to stick to one for my job, mainly travelling around my country (Singapore) for work which do you recommend? For crew that live under mountains of bags on a daily basis, we’re loving a move back to (slightly more) natural fabrics. With our highly calibrated office-material-volume-off, it was a dead heat (we share an office with the amazing baby wear brand Oishi-M, hence the fabric). Other than being more versatile in load ability (push it back for a helmet or split it for work and play separation), it lets you put soft stuff between the laptop and your bent back. The downside is that the pocketing is maybe not as good for lots of small things, where backpacks almost always win at this. That point was for the fact that despite normally being backpack people, we’re using the Messenger more. It is rather whether it would be easy or not for someone to open it and steal the computer in, say, a crowded subway. Timbuk2 needs to update the custom bags with this feature to make as good at keeping water out as ready made bags. Nevertheless, it’s a fair call-out that we should add that feature to our custom bags. Could you provide such a comparison between the waxed canvas, ballistic nylon, x-pac and polybond.

In cycling, your back is arched (so your pack should bend), and the weight should be help across your back with friction (a waist belt usually just stops you bending). So that means if you are not particularly demanding on a pack, you should more make the choice about what you like the look of. The floating laptop section is awesome, the access is better, and it just looks better in a workplace setting. Our 3-zip front organizer now has a zippered Napoleon pocket behind it that you can fit your whole hand into without opening the flap. Introducing pattern changes to our custom products requires updating our San Francisco production line so it won’t be a quick fix but know that the request has been passed on to our design team.
All our custom bags are made to order in San Francisco and like all Timbuk2 product, come with a lifetime guarantee. I agree that the polybond must be the heaviest and xpac must be the lightest, but can you compare the waxed canvas to the ballistic nylon? My skepticisim about the security of the side zipper stated above is gone, as the zipper ends so high that it is virtually invisible when properly closed. However it is worth mentioning that the backpack took us about 6 times longer to get all that fabric in and out, where the messenger was super quick. My problem with my current backpack is the shape of the main compartment is poor for books–squarish footprint and tall but not deep. AND, we have our standard organizer with pen pockets and a fuzzy phone pocket sewn into the front wall inside the messenger. So, our messenger have a shocking amount of pockets, but they’re a bit covert at a glance. This review has been pretty helpful as I had been looking at a number of different messengers especially the MW Rummy and the Timbuk2 Classic. Since you know the weight of each panel I would think it would be fairly trivial to provide those data for custom or off-the-shelf bags.

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