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Find your suitcase quickly with these 5 tips to make your luggage Stand out at baggage claim!
Much of Anniea€™s inspiration comes from common or unwanted materials whose wide availability sparked her interest in recycling materials six years ago.
Annie currently designs and makes clothing and accessories (and dances like-a-fool) in Charlottesville, Virginia. No matter where you might be traveling this summer, youa€™ll need somewhere to put your things. Regular Practical Hacks readers know that I’m not a fan of checking luggage, but if you have to, you might as well make sure that your bag stands out from all the other bags on the carousel. As an alternative to yarn to mark my bags, I like to use some duct tape wrapped around the main handle and end handles.
Please note…All information provided at Practical Hacks is for informational purposes only. Have a red, white and blue strap that goes around the bag and it has my name woven into it.
How to Pick the Right Luggage for Your Trip to India - Full Stop India Spice Up Instagram With A Masala Dabba 1 2,220 More10 Reasons Starbucks is Not an Overrated Coffee Shop in India 21 5,967 MoreSrinagar Tulip Garden & Kashmir Tulip Festival Set to Open 15 15,868 MoreSave Tibet: Real or One of the Best Scams in History? Here are the 32 Unique and Creatively Designed Luggage Tags that will make your bags stand out easily.
Tags which have blanks on the reverse side to write the name, address, phone number, email address, etc. Upcycled men’s button-down shirts were transformed into a handy and colorful luggage tag. These are 4-inch round luggage tags made of hard plastic which are great for spotting your luggage. Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies! Now she transforms repurposed clothing into sculpture for solo exhibitions and larger installations. I use some fluorescent orange tape I picked up from Wal-Mart, but discovered many, many more colors are available at a good hardware store. Also, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through product reviews, affiliate programs, or by other means.

It helps you to easily spot and recognize your own luggage in a crowded airport and busy carousel. Luggage tags can help you recognize your possessions especially if you are the one making it. Her work catches attention including that of trend forecasting companies in New York and private collectors on the east coast. Even if you find a great suitcase at Goodwill chances are it looks like all the other black suitcases out there.
If you wrap the tape around several times back on itself, it is also reusable for emergency repairs or even to cover blisters from walking (something I learned from hiking). What to pack for your Indian travels is as important as deciding how much to bring and which type of bag will best suit your travel plans once on the ground.
Paper tag with information like name, address, and phone number written on it is the most common accessory being used by a lot of travelers nowadays. Annie looks forward to blogging about her experiences and showing you how to create fabulous projects (clothing, jewelry and beyond) with materials from Goodwill. Below are some helpful tips designed to take some of the worry out of your upcoming journey.Think of all the ways you might travel while in India. However, the paper tag fixed on a luggage can be easily misplaced, tracing the owner would be difficult then resulting in an unfortunate losing of luggage. You would make sure that your luggage arrives with you at the destination and prevent unfortunate losing of your luggage from happening. This will allow you to pack full-size toiletries rather than the 1 quart bag full of miniature products. To give you an idea on how to design your own personalized luggage label to quickly differentiate your luggage from that of other people, we provide you this list of brightly colored luggage tags for your inspiration.
Also nail clippers, files and other items which many countries do not allow in the cabin can now be packed worry free.Airlines are more aware of baggage coming into the cabin under guise as a carry-on allotment. They work best for those traveling by car & driver service, group tours moving by coach, and travelers who will be relying on trains and planes through most of their itinerary. They lack most of what seasoned travelers consider the basic benefits of a well made piece of luggage.1.
Too Much of a Good Thing?: A good bag should have the ability to expand with one smooth unzip.

Look for reinforced seams and corners, durable zippers (YKK Brand, chain style) and materials such as rip-stop or ballistic nylon that will look good and hold up after the bag has been slugged around.Hard-shell bags protect fragile items better than soft bags. Most ultra-lightweight luggage pieces are hard-shell which can save a few precious pounds on the airline scale.
Flimsy hard-shell luggage can break or crack under pressure, while cheap soft luggage can tear.3. Can you Handle That?: You need to be able to grab your bag from not just a luggage carousel, but the many different environments of India. Train travel means you’ll be rolling, carrying and lifting a bag in tight quarters under stress from pushy travelers with limited time.
Look for padded handles on the body of the bag, in addition to long shoulder straps or handles. Retractable handles that have multiple positions allow you to adjust the length to suit various heights.Use luggage straps to distinguish your bag from others. Pocket Police: There is no right amount of internal and external pockets, but several well placed pockets make the difference between a good bag, and a great bag. Large zip-open compartments on the outside are great for cramming magazines, books and papers allowing easily retrieval before flight. Inside, expandable mesh toiletry holders or hidden compartments are a expert packers delight.5. Give me a Piggy Back Ride: Ever wonder what the small strap that doesn’t seem to do much is for?
Place the strap under the handle of a small tote bag, snap together and slip the bag over the top side of your larger rolling luggage.6. These straps help reduce the size of your packed items while minimizing shifting during transit.8.
Though you have written it for tourists travelling to India but I think most of the content is relevant to any tourists travelling to any destination.

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