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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I believe most inline skates would have covered more miles and stresses than a luggage bag and yet it does not break up.
If inline skates can break up like a Samsonite luggage wheel it would have caused many accidental falls.
I used this info to repair my old Samsonite Stowe bag where the outer plastic on the wheel had split.
Replacement wheels used were Tron 68mm 84a Outdoor wheels (although I'd say you could go up to 72mm).

Even though I purchased Tron ABEC 9 bearings I reused the 4 original bearings as they had a couple of mm spacer either side for a better fit. I replaced the Axle with a M6x45mm Cap Screws with Socket Head coupled with lock nuts instead (cheaper than proper axles). I had to drill out some space on the inner plastic cover for refitting to allow for the new wider "axles" as the original axle was fairly flat (as per the video). 2x Wheels A$12 on sale, Screws and Nuts A$6 (cheaper than proper axles)i»?Bend Em (Moving Pictures roll em): Easy fixed carry it. Mine is a good 8-9 years before the humid south east asia weather got to it.Sorry i didn't have the roller bracket broken.
The reason the wheel didn't spin freely as you expected it to is that the bearings were over tightened.

I went to a skate place and got 2 lime green wheels, which at first I was hoping to get black ones, but now I definitely will be able to tell my bag from everyone else's. I got some used parts from the skate shopBijay Tay: I have the same problem with the wheel disintegrating.
There is no need to do anything if the wheel was not made of SABOLASTIC (sabotage plastic that self-destruct).

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