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Situated just yards from the terminal of Newcastle International Airport and a Metro rail link to Newcastle city centre. Weigh-ahead has two pre-check-in luggage weighing systems within Newcastle International Airport which offer airline passengers peace of mind and the opportunity to avoid the costs associated with excess luggage. The systems are the most advanced available and provide the most up to date and accurate information on the luggage allowances for each individual flight. Passengers are guided step by step through the easy to use system, allowing them to weigh their luggage and compare it to their flight’s luggage allowance. The Weigh-ahead system offers a free re-weigh should the passenger decide to re-pack their excess.
One option available for repacking is our unique fold-away travel bag, available for £10 from our Best-vend machines which are located next to the weighing machines. User-friendly and weatherproof, Streetwise Maps will help you get from point A to B with ease. Become a conoisseur with 33 Books tasting journals for wine, whiskey, cheese, and even hot sauce. With the efficiency and speed of emailing and texting, communication is easily taken for granted.
We’re not saying you need to build a fire and make your own food, but going on a digital detox definitely has its perks. Rather than relying on apps and websites to lead the way, you’ll be more likely to ask locals for directions, and local recommendations. You just Instagramed what you thought was worth a solid 40 likes, but after checking every 3 minutes, you haven’t even reached 11. Is there anyone out there that actually enjoys long-haul flights? Between the dry cabin air, insufficient leg room, crying babies, and general discomfort, there are about a million things we'd rather be doing than sitting squished in an economy class seat for 18 hours.
Cabin air is extremely dry at under 20% humidity (just think, it’s about 30% at home), so it is best to avoid caffeine and alcohol. This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised to see the kinds of outfits people choose to wear while flying. A: As a general rule of thumb, if you’re from North America (your case), you’ll need a converter because the voltage is different. You can use the Flexible Dates function to compare prices for different dates and to get the cheapest flight possible on Skyscanner. Orbitz allows free cancellations within 24 hours (not for all flights, but it's pretty common).
I’m going to London soon and already know I’ll be stocking up on plenty of food at Borough Market to bring home.
It seems like you'll have to check in the type of items you mentioned, so to avoid breakage, make sure you carefully wrap everything in bubble wrap. However, if you still have a tendency to overpack (don’t worry, I do too!) and can’t decide between bringing an LBD or sundress, you still can take both using our Spacepak Packing System, thanks to dual-compression technology! Don’t forget to utilize your one personal item by bringing a large tote or backpack so you have a little extra room in case you buy more than you intended. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

These are great for use not only as a hand luggage bag, but as a beach bag, gym bag or shopping bag. But even if you don’t have Google Maps to tell you that you’ve made the wrong turn, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit lost. You won’t have to worry about using up your phone’s memory, and instead, you’ll focus on capturing the moment in just one shot.
Scribble notes onto the designated flavor wheel and record the sensations from your taste buds. Unplugging can help you unwind and appreciate every aspect of travel without those distracting push notifications. Think of how many times you mindlessly scroll through feeds or reach for your phone when there’s an awkward lull in conversation.
You may meet a new friend that turns into a personal tour guide, or just a friendly face that recommends his favorite beer spot. And while sticking with your workouts and maintaining good health habits may not be the first thing on your mind upon arrival, it's easier than you think to keep up the good work. Stock your hotel room with local healthy foods to munch on so you won’t rack up a minibar bill. But thankfully, for those days when it can't be avoided, we've rounded up a few tried and true tricks that are sure to help time pass faster or at least make you slightly more comfortable en route. Besides reserving an aisle seat and getting up to stretch your legs often, you can even keep blood flowing when sitting down. They will dehydrate you even more, so stick to water or electrolyte-rich drinks like coconut water and Gatorade to quench your thirst and avoid a headache.
They're all natural and homeopathic, so funky chemicals won’t mess up your circadian rhythm. If you’re from anywhere else in the world, you won’t need one, since the voltage is the same. Personal electronic chargers for things like your phone, laptop, or camera are most likely multi voltage-friendly and will adjust accordingly, whereas small appliances like hairdryers or hot water kettles may not be. I’ve found that it’s easier to find lodging in central parts of down and at a fraction of hotel prices. Regarding tours, I'm a fan of day tours because you get to see the major sites and can decide which ones you’d like to go back to and not waste your time at the ones you didn’t enjoy so much.
As for selecting which tour to go on, go back and think of what your main motives for the trip were. I’m scared that some of the containers may break if I check everything in, but I’m not sure what semi-liquid items (things like spreads or butters) I can carry on. I tend to overpack, so it worth it to pay for a check-in bag, or should I try to fit everything in my carry-on? Major American airlines have generous weight limits for carry-on baggage, so as long as you can fit everything in your suitcase and personal item, you can save money and won’t need to buy a check-in!
This gives passengers the opportunity to re-pack any excess luggage before they check-in, avoiding any unnecessary airline charges. This summer, we recommend leaving the digital world behind (at least for a little while) and really taking in your surroundings.

It will help you record your memories from the road, and narrow in on your favorite flavors around the world.
We've become so dependent on our devices, sometimes its worth powering down for a while, and just being completely present in the moment.
A huge part of traveling is absorbing a new culture, and you can’t do that without reaching out to those who call that place home.
Leave those worries behind when you disconnect, and don’t let numbers determined by others define your self worth.
It's easy to forget about all of these senses when a red notification bubble pops up and completely takes you out of the moment.
Besides staying hydrated on the inside, show your skin some love and moisturize, especially on longer flights.
Keep it confined to the hotel’s office center or the desk; otherwise there are no boundaries between work and relaxation. Some airlines even have instructional videos for massages and movements you can follow along with to fight fatigue and discomfort. We can’t say it’ll be as comfortable as first class, but at least you can pretend you’re there once you’re in your own world with zero distractions.
Adjusting your sleep schedule will be a breeze, and you’ll be much less likely to fall asleep at the dinner party you're supposed to attend upon your arrival. Be sure to double-check the label on the plug before using your devices or see if there is a switch to adjust voltage. My favorite sites for booking flights are Kayak, Skyscanner, and Orbitz; they consistently have great deals. Going on an entire tour for your vacation is more restrictive if you want to explore on your own, but if you like a regimented schedule and budget, it may work for you.
I can share the document with whoever is traveling with me, giving them access to view and edit. Not only will you ramp up the steps you take per day, but you’ll also remain motivated to stay active.
It folds up to the size of a newspaper, so you can strike a yoga pose wherever you are. Namaste.
I typically make a calendar-like chart and split it up between morning, afternoon, and night. Who cares if you look silly, you’ll be refreshed and ready go to by the time you reach your destination. Ask for favorite restaurants, activities, and must-try foods for an authentic experience that your guidebook may have not covered . You can choose from options like biking tours, food tours, running tours, and even pub crawls, just to name a few if double decker buses and big groups aren’t your thing. I supplement my Google Doc with marking all of the restaurants, museums, sights, and shops I want to go to on Google Maps to easily see where everything is located.

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