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Credit: BluetrackThe Prime 1300 from GPS experts Bluetrack is designed to be discreetly and easily placed in any size and shape of luggage, to give you peace of mind on the move.
The tracker enables you to see where your luggage is, whether it accompanies you as planned or includes an unexpected detour or delay.
It ensures that luggage laden travellers can be reunited with their belongings as efficiently as possible.
The airline industry claims that it has reduced the number of mislaid bags by almost 45 per cent since 2010, almost three billion people fly each year.
This means that a huge amount of bags, suitcases and belongings invariably go missing every day.
In 2012 alone nearly 23 million pieces of luggage were mishandled, a figure that equates to almost 2,600 lost units per hour, with 4.6 per cent of items never recovered. Bluetrack’s GPS trackers can track in, almost, real-time almost anywhere in the world and can be operated from a range of devices including smartphones and tablets. Travellers arriving without their checked bags can activate the tracker and see where their suitcases have ended up while still in the terminal building.
This makes it easy for the airline and baggage handlers to recover misplaced items and return them to their rightful owners with the minimum of delays.
Keith Walker, Director of Bluetrack says, “When we fly we expect our luggage to arrive at our destination at the same time as we do, and most of the time it does". If a piece of your luggage goes missing during transit, you can inform the airline exactly where it is at that very moment in time.
Whether it is tracking 'errant spouses' or finding your bags, trackers such as the Bond, the Sniper and the Pelican can also help you locate – whatever you need -- whenever you need to . Trakdot acts like a homing beacon to monitor and locate your luggage anywhere in the world. Losing your luggage during a trip is one of the biggest worries for travelers, but a new gadget shown at this year's CES could assuage some of those fears.

Trakdot is a relatively simple device that connects with any mobile Apple, Android, or SMS-capable device to alert the user to its current location. Once users have registered their device on the Trakdot website, all they have to do is toss it in their bag, and it will deliver location updates via SMS texts or email. At the CES Unveiled event, a rep with Globatrac told us the device uses a company-owned GSM frequency to detect its location and has already been approved by the FAA.
Anyone who has gone through the painful process of recovering their bag after an airline loses it knows how handy Trakdot could be. Trakdot comes bundled with a luggage tag and two batteries and will be available for purchase in March 2013.
The Bluetrack Prime 1300 is the smartest and smallest real time tracking device in the world. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center.
Part Detail Part Grade Part CategoryU Part Placement NotesCROSS BARS This part will fit these makes and models with these options Guarantee and Returns Most parts we sell come with a 30-day money back guarantee unless otherwise stated. The Trakdot Luggage tracker from GlobaTrac LLC acts like a homing beacon to monitor and locate your bags anywhere in the world in real time, with almost any mobile device.
It's designed for travelers to keep track of their bags as they shuffle through different airports, and ensure that their luggage is passing through each city along with them. One device can be linked to multiple phones and, conversely, one phone can be linked to multiple devices, if needed. The rep also noted the Trakdot could also be an effective security measure in case someone grabs your bag from the baggage claim by mistake.
If an airline loses a bag, for example, the owner usually has to rely on the airline staff to locate it and send it to the correct destination. When the distance between Master and Slave is over 6~15m (Short distance) or 15~25m(Long distance), a high beep alarm is triggered on Master(95dB) and Slave(95dB), thereby alerting you to check your valuables.

The Trakdot gadget itself is just slightly larger than a deck of cards and powered by two AA batteries, so it can easily fit inside a bag and remain charged for a long period of time. Users can also monitor its location in real time from either the Trakdot website or with a free app. If they have Trakdot in their bag, however, they can know exactly which city it's in and pass that information along to the airline to speed the recovery process. As someone who's lost their fair share of luggage while traveling, that seems like a small cost for some real peace of mind.
No labor warranty is provided.  In the event a part sold with a warranty fails to operate within the warranty period we will replace the part(s) with a functionally equivalent part or refund the part purchase price, at our option.
With an additional app, the Trakdot will even alert users when their luggage is moving closer to the airport baggage claim. No expedited shipping is available.  If an item arrives damaged, please contact us via eBay Message or by phone at 855-352-3126 within 24 hours for instructions. Payment Policies We accept payment using a credit card via PayPal and PayPal payments only.
Contact Us If you have a question about a part please contact us BEFORE purchasing.  We try to answer all messages within 24 hours. Make the decisions about what to take out before you get to the airport, where its too late!! LCD display with backlight (frequency, low power indicator) - dual power usage of battery and car power cable (18 Hours usage of AAA battery - alkaline or NiMH). Carry all your important documents and files with you safe beside your credit cards and cash in your wallet.

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