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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Those tatty complimentary airline luggage tags that hang limply from your favorite suitcase for months, sometimes years, after a trip are the latest flight companion to be given a 21st century makeover.
Security company GoCodes has developed a unique way to identify your belongings should they go missing. Simply choose from a selection of different designs, and, starting at just $10, GoCodes will register you with their service.

The company also offers similar stickers that use the same technology to safeguard whatever you wish. This luggage tag can be personalised with a QR Code allowing you to convey a message, a special offer, any website link or even your address if your luggage gets lost! Their smart plastic labels attach securely to your bags and, once scanned with a smartphone, lead the finder directly back to you in an instant. Then, once a kindly baggage handler finds your property on the tarmac a few thousand miles from where it should be, he or she will be instructed to scan the tag or visit the GoCodes website.

While a traditional tag might lead opportunists right to your address as you sun yourself and mourn the loss of your belongings, GoCodes has got that covered. They won’t guarantee that a good Samaritan will come across your valuables, but they certainly make it easier to find you if that happens.

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