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Items not collected within 2 months from the nominated date of collection on the receipt shall be deemed to be abandoned and ownership of such items shall be passed on to Airports Fiji Limited. Cost of storing one piece of luggage per calendar day - 125 UAH, regardless of weight and size.
Baggage room is located on the 1st floor near the arrivals lounge for international flights. Baggage shall be stored in any package that promotes its safety and prevents it from contamination the area around it. The following items are not accepted for storage: ??explosive, flammable or poisonous substances, perishable goods, weapons, money, documents, jewelry.
If you lose the luggage receipt you should fill in the declaration as well as obtain clearance from the police officer before gaining possession of our luggage.
Here are RER C train schedules for common routes such as Paris to Chateau Versailles and Orly Airport. The RER C train is complicated with its 8 different terminus stations (used to denote direction of travel).
We also sell a complete range of packaging and storage products at our dedicated World Square box shop.
Every access is logged for your reference and can automatically be e-mailed to you if required. Please provide your passport when making transaction with Talasco Dagang Sdn Bhd (LCCT Left Luggage Service) for the documentation purpose.

Unclaimed luggages (baggages not collected more than 3 months from the agreed collection date) will be disposed off by the management (in any way it sees fit) without any further notice or compensation whatsoever to the owner.
Meat and milk based product (any kind of wet food which produces odor) are strictly not allowed to be stored in here. All depositors shall accept all the terms and conditions that are provided by Talasco Dagang Sdn Bhd (luggage storage) before storage.
The center first opened in 1957 as the American Airlines Stewardess College, it was one of the first facilities in the airline industry for the centralized training of airline cabin attendants.
For weekend or statutory holiday travel, use the weekend RER C schedule (just fewer trains, although the timing is basically the same).
Note that the RER C does not stop directly at Orly Airport but stops at Pont de Rungis where you must transfer to a RATP bus to complete the journey to Orly Airport terminals West and South. All lugagges are also subjected to any airport rules and regulations regarding storage of luggage. Talasco Dagang Sdn Bhd (LCCT Left Luggage Service) will not be liable for any damage or loss of important documents or valuable goods. Storage exceeding the valid storage period shall need to be paid the extra charges by customer. The KLIA Left Luggage reserves the right to rummage and dispose the stored items once found. This website is not subsidized, funded, sponsored, endorsed, officially approved by MAHB or any airlines, food, telco, transport and many other companies mentioned on the website.

The automated luggage storage has different size compartments that can be rented for up to 72 hours. The American Airlines Flight Academy opened in 1970 adjacent to the Stewardess College (as it was known at the time).
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Located near DFW Airport, the facility contains numerous flight simulator, cabin trainers, classrooms, ditching pool training, dormitories, cafeterias, a company store, and a massive collection of AA memorabilia.
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