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All of our luggage measurements are taken from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the case when the trolley handle is down, this is to ensure the product you are purchasing will fit your required size dimensions.
Expandable luggage will have both the standard and expanded measurements in the product features section. Under agreement with the TSA it is Travel Sentry that sets the standards for these locks and approves each design.
Some TSA accepted luggage locks feature an indicator which will appear red if opened by a master key. So if you are travelling to the United States you will need luggage that is fitted with a TSA lock.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. With all the different types and sizes of wheeled luggage, it can be confusing as to what may fit your needs the most. Often thought of as overnight bags, rolling totes are typically small enough to fit both under the seat and in the overhead bin of airplanes. The “safer” carry-on option, the smaller “international” carry-on size generally affords people peace of mind when boarding a plane. For those traveling for a week or less, the smaller (23” to 26”) checked bag option affords you plenty of space for clothes and shoes. Designed for long trips of a week to much longer, the largest checked bag options afford the most space possible while still able to fly. While some are small enough to be checked to the airline, the larger 36” and 42” duffel bags are too big for most commercial airlines.
I know how hard it can be when you have your first flight to prepare – packing your luggage properly can be quite a challenge – especially as a girl! Actually when I first travelled by plane to London I didn’t even know that I can take my beauty products so I had to pay a big tax for an extra luggage just for that and a few clothes.
So, after you are sure of the correct baggage requirements depending on the flight company you are flying with, we can go to the next step. A general rule for is that you are actually allowed to take liquids in your cabin bag, but they set some limits to that. First of all, the containers should not be over 100ml. So OK you’ll just put everything in small containers and that’s it – but there is also a limit of the whole quantity of liquids that you are allowed to bring with you in the cabin.
What is very important now is that you will have to put all of your liquid beauty products in only one sealable transparent plastic bag.
OK, now you know how to pack your liquids, but you don’t really know what to categorize as a liquid maybe.
Use a solid soap instead of a liquid one, this will help spare some space in your small transparent plastic bag. Buy some small packs with travelling containers or use the bottles from the shower gels and shampoos from other hotels or hostels. You can use a reusable bottle water, like those from cycling or mountain tracking, but be sure they are empty before you go to the check point, otherwise they will have to take the whole bottle. Wet wipes are not liquids, so don’t be afraid to take them with you, they will help you get through many situations. Of course you can take some food with you, I wish I knew that the first 10 times I travelled by plane. The condition is that, they should be not liquids. You must be aware of the fact that some countries have banned some pills and drugs which means that at some point even if in your country are just normal pills in others may be illegal, so check them first on the internet. We all know how useful they are when you travel, I personally love my small tools, it really got me out of some very ugly situations, but there are some things you might want to know.

Pocket knifes, well this part is quite tricky because if you travel in most of the countries there is no problem if you have a small one, but I once had a problem at an airport in Portugal where they wanted to keep my pocket knife because they thought that it exceeded the normal length. Scissors, just to be sure, just don’t take them with you, it’s much easier if you have a pocket knife that also has a scissor, but usually you are not allowed with one even though some of them can only cut paper. Tips: Check out for a hostel that has a kitchen, this way you will not have to take any cutlery with you.
You can also take your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, whatever pleases you, but you really have to remember to put them on flight mode or shut them down during the flight.
Tips: If you don’t really need your computer just take a tablet, or your smartphone might work just as fine for e-mail checking.
Well, you can basically take everything you want just be sure you don’t take more than you need. For example if you are travelling in the Summer maybe you will want to take more skirts or t-shirts than when you travel in the Winter time.
All in all, the most important tip is that you really need to take some time and patience to prepare you baggage so that you won’t have any type of problems at the check point in the airports. Cabin luggage can be taken on board an aircraft if the items meet the IATA recommendations: the sum of its dimensions should be maximum 115 cm.
Due to capacity limitations however some airlines do apply further restrictions on size and or weight. Most ‘low cost’ airlines have more stringent rules about the dimensions and the weight than the regular airlines. If your cabin luggage does not meet their standards you will be forced to have it checked in as normal luggage.
This entry was posted in Ways To Travel to Spain and tagged Cabin Luggage on April 13, 2013 by John B.. Every lock with the Travel Sentry identifying mark (red diamond) is accepted by the TSA and may be opened by the TSA using their master keys. In this guide, we have broken down all the different sizes and styles of luggage to help you find what fits your personal needs. Sometimes these rolling totes can be considered personal items depending on the airline and the size of the tote. These bags are made to be smaller than the max carry-on size; thus, they typically board the plane without issue. Tighter airline restrictions have called into question some of the 22” and 21” bags ability to be carried on the plane; however, they are still the staple for business and leisure travelers looking to maximize space. These bags are perfect if you need more space than a carry-on, but don’t need a large bag for weeks of travel. These bags border and sometimes exceed the typical 62” linear inch limit for checked luggage and are difficult to keep under the 50 pound weight limit because of their sheer size and capacity. But in the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to travel very much by plane in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and so many other countries that I’ve become an expert in packing my cabin luggage. But this varies depending on the company, there are some where you can carry no more than one small backpack or some that allow you to take larger bags.
For example, if you have a liquid soap container of 200ml but it’s just half empty, it won’t work.
They usually have this type of bags at the airport, at some airports they even charge you a small fee for them but most of the times they will offer them for free.
I have to tell that almost all of the beauty products are liquids, from face and body lotions to deodorants and face foundations. Many countries have different types and sizes and you might end up frustrating yourself and spending money on products you cannot use or aren’t in conformity with your needs. Biscuits, sandwiches, even chocolate, or big boxes of flapjacks (like I always use to buy when I am coming back from London).

There is still one condition, you will have to put them in a resealable plastic bag like you do with your beauty products and liquids.If you are seriously ill or you only have a flu, you should know that you are allowed to take your pills with you. Normal knifes are forbidden, you maybe are not surprise by this, but I’m telling you, there are lots of people who don’t know this and think that they can take all of their cutlery with them just because they want to have a nice picnic in another country. If you carry a laptop or big tablets you will be asked to take them out of your bag at the security check point, this doesn’t mean that they will take them from you, so don’t panic. At hostels most of the time you will have to share the bathroom with lots of people and this way you will keep your feet safe from different types of bacteria that might be found in the showers or bathrooms. Keep tidy and take some time to keep everything in place, this way you will be able to take more things and also souvenirs for your loved ones when you’re coming back.
I hoped that this will help pack your hand luggage or cabin luggage when you travel by plane, and don’t forget to share with us if you have any ideas, comments or feedback! On some airports you will find a ‘template’ at the check in desk : if your cabin luggage fits in the template you will be allowed to take it on board.
Generally, these rolling totes can hold one or two outfits and other small personal items you keep with you on the plane. While designed for weekend or one to two day trips, “international” carry-ons can be packed for much longer depending on your use of space. Originally intended for 2 to 4 day trips, the 21” and 22” carry-on can provide for a week or longer if you maximize space.
This means that you can take up to 10 small bottles and plastic containers (this may depend on the volume of your containers). I really prefer to put all of my products in a plastic bag at home, because you really never know who will check or luggage and what might happen. Even fruits like bananas and apples, just be sure they aren’t to ripe so they will mess all of your clothes up. Just to be sure, put them in a separate plastic bag or paper bag, it really doesn’t matter, and don’t forget to ask your doctor or pharmacist for a copy of your prescription, in case there’s something wrong with one of the medicines you take when they will check your bag.
I personally prefer to only take my tablet, is smaller and lighter than a laptop so I don’t have to carry lots of weight on my shoulders around the town and on my way to the airport.
Most of the small electronics and gadgets nowadays use a microUSB cable, so it’s easier to just take one, but if the cables are different is always a better choice to take some small adapters. Before travelling to a country don’t forget that some countries use different voltages and have different plugs (beware especially with US-UK-continental Europe). If you travel in the Winter time, well you don’t really need so many shirts but if you take one hoodie instead of 2 or 3 long-sleeved shirts might save you some space and also might be a lot warmer and comfortable. They are also really useful because you don’t really want to go to the bathroom in your boots. You will be asked to take out of your bag the transparent bag with liquid products and put them separately so they will check them properly.
At one moment I even forgot a small plastic container with humus and nobody told me anything, but I won’t do this next time as this might have been just my lucky experience. For the fruits it’s easier if you chop them and put them in sealable food small boxes. Besides, if you don’t travel for business you usually need your laptop for e-mails, Facebook or whatever social media website you use.
Even if most of the times you will find a plug adapter in the Duty-Free it is most advisable to buy one from your home country (it’s usually cheaper and this way you will don’t have to stress yourself about not finding the adapter you need). You don’t really want to not be able to move yourself freely when you visit monuments and lots of places in a day, might also be quite frustrating.

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