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Whether you're an experienced skateboarder or a new enthusiast, chances are you'll want to bring your board with you the next time you head out on a trip.  And when it comes to air travel, a question that often comes up is: Can you take a longboard on a plane?  Well, the short answer is, yes, you can!
Anyone planning for a long trip will need a good set of hard shell luggage, also called hardside luggage or hard case luggage. The Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Spinner Bag is a durable and spacious hard shell carry on. Inside, you’ll find it fully lined along with a zippered compartment and cross straps to hold your clothes and belongings in place. The best thing about this piece of luggage is that it is ultra-light weight so you can carry it through the airport with one hand. The pieces included in the Traveler’s Choice Toronto Three Piece Luggage Set contain a flexible, hard shell that is constructed from 100% abs and coated with a scratch resistant finish. The handles on these suitcases are telescopic which allows them to be comfortably pulled by people of all heights. The Delsey Helium Shadow Lightweight Spinner is a 25 inch, 4 wheel suitcase that is made from a polycarbonate material. Barbara King, from Great Getaway Travel, says the luggage brand DOES matter. Suitcases, especially if used for air travel, are tossed, thrown, pulled, dragged, rained on, squeezed, and any other action that would destroy a poorly made product.
Also a Baggalini Town Tote computer bag with a sleeve for sliding over the Hovercraft handle.
Olivia Hulett, Ricardo Beverly Hills, discusses why her luggage brand tops the list of suitcase recommendations. If you are checking luggage, pick a large, durable, lightweight 4-wheeled case that has a lot of interior organizational features including zippered pockets, shoe pouches and tie down straps.
Since the wheels on 2-wheeled cases are usually inline, the bodies of 2-wheeled carry-on cases tend to be about 20% larger than those of 4-wheeled carry-ons, and more packing capacity is always a good thing. The price for this suitcase was $150 (I think) – which is slightly more than what you pay for (compared to the amount of space you pay for with the larger suitcase). Sarah-Jane Begonja, Chasing the Donkey – My arthritic spine and fingers always appreciates my 4 wheeler.
My last purchase was the High Sierra Evolution Wheeled Duffel and I was pleased how it held up. To find out why rolling duffle bags make great alternatives to a regular suitcase or backpack, please read this article. Jacquie Whitt, Co-founder of Adios Adventure, has been using the Osprey Sojourn bag for the past 5-6 years.
Vanessa, Turnipseed Travel, says that everyone focuses on the size of their bag, but weight is just as important. Anwar Yf  also uses an Osprey Porter 46 and sometimes a Gregory palisade bag for trips that require more space. I use a Jansport Backpack for 2 weeks or less travel (light packer here!) with a Chloe Messenger bag to put my camera. Hope you found these suitcase recommendations and the best luggage brands for travel helpful.
It is important to make the right choice about your luggage before you start packing your things and head-off for your desired travel destination.
Made of a 1200 Denver polyester material which is very durable – the Samsonite Outpost 5 piece Nested Luggage Set is a looker.
These are just some examples of some of the latest arrivals from some of the best luggage brands in the world. There are times when you need to go out of town and to another country for business reasons.

It is made from 100% polycarbonate that won’t break, crack or bend when it is being abused in the airport.
It is small enough to fit into most overhead compartments yet provides a lot of space for essentials.
Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Well-respected, top luggage brands although perhaps more expensive than generic luggage, often have guarantees or warranties that come with the bags.
Choosing a lightweight suitcase will enable you to pack more without worrying about surpassing airline weight restrictions. Store your boarding pass and other important travel documents in the exterior pockets of your carry-on so that you can easily access them as you go through check-in and security. However, since I pretty much live in my suitcase, the price was non-trivia considering the fact that it suits all of my needs. Not only is it great to push with one finder, but the kids can ride on it too and it saves us losing them in the airport. It rolls along easier and I’ve been known to use it to stack my bottles of booze on top.
It has a pull-out handle that zips into its’ own compartment and runners on the bottom that keep the material dry, but no frame the way an average upright suitcase has. Plus so many are now made in bright colors and are easy to spot as they come down the baggage carousel in busy airports. I normally try to always purchase checked luggage at under 8 pounds (5 pounds is ideal) and this worked out well.
I tend to travel roughly and visit numerous cold weather destinations where my gear takes over. It  features wheels as well as hidden shoulder straps should I be in a place without roads. One of the reasons I like Osprey is because of their guarantee. The luggage you choose must be of a good quality, have a good design, should be well structured and most importantly, should be properly priced so that the customer’s needs are best met. It comes with so many qualities and advanced features that you won’t mind paying in accordance to the expensive price tags which also accompany them.
Bold style with the protection of a hard side case in surprisingly lightweight, easy-to-maneUVer designs.
This often happens if you’re an executive or a high ranking official of an organization or company.
While the majority of air travel rules are enforced in airports, there are other rules that are enforced in the air. Elastic tie down straps are also included to help keep your belongings from moving around during transport. A 10 year warranty is included with this suitcase so you know it will last through many trips. They’ll replace your wheels within a year and have a complimentary 2 year warranty for all other wear and tear issues. It was big enough to carry all of my products for my traveling pop up events, and spacious enough to fit a week of wardrobe for New York fashion week. The middle size is good if I need to take more stuff (which I’m trying to learn not to) and the largest is a bit ridiculous.
Go with the Samsonite with the clips, bags with zips break too easily and fragile pieces are in better car in a hardcase.

A good rolling duffel will cost you around $100-$150 and look for large sizes between 28-32 inches. One compartment serves as a garment bag, the other compartment serves a normal carry-on purpose (holding shoes, toiletries, gym clothes, etc).
My first bag wore out after 4 years of traveling around South America and when I took it in for repair, they replaced it with a new bag. I’m currently trying out the Osprey Porter 46, a soft sided travel bag with backpack straps that weighs just over 1 kilo. Whether one is travelling in and around the city or flying around the globe, luggage is probably the first thing which should be properly managed, as it not only reflects the way you travel, but is also a sign of your personal tastes. Coming in attractive colors, they have a polished finish; enough to make you opt for it in order to be a trend-setter.
Tumi vapor is constructed from a super-light, triple-layer, high-performance alloy of abs and polycarbonate.
Below you can find a selection of the best hard case luggage for sale as well as some reviews of what I consider to be the top three hard shell luggage out there.
Four spinner wheels will really come in handy as you maneuver your bag through the airport.
If you look into the best luggage brands, they leave you with enough choices, allowing you to make the right choice of luggage which suits your personal style perfectly. Made in china, it makes a refined statement which goes in accordance with your business needs. Some opt for the stylish Louis Vuitton while others stick to the durable ones from Tumi, Samsonite, Travelpro and Tourbach etc. These suitcases are sleek, functional and will soon become a favorite for all your vacations and business trips.
For the art enthusiastic people and the ones who go crazy over bold patterns and colors, the Heys USA Britto Collection Polycarbonate 26” spinner in Multicolored Palm Print is a must-have. Some will choose the stylish and expensive pieces from Louis Vuitton while others will stick to the durable and functional pieces from Tumi, Samsonite, Travelpro, Delsey and Tourbacha€“ all good choices. This lightweight collection of rolling luggage is extremely durable and comes with pop artist Romero Britt’s palm prints; enough to make a Britto fan go crazy over it. The company says that they have specially designed this collection for the traveler who is ready to sacrifice style in order to get impressive durability. You tell us travelers by making a list and voting for your favorite brands below!Just like the best jean brands and the best boots, luggage is something that can be chosen either for looks or for functionality.
Celebrities are often photographed by paparazzi at airports and accordingly choose their luggage based on the latest styles. Business people and the rest of us non-celebrity travelers will opt for what fits our needs best, from a small carry-on bag to save on the checked-bag fees to that giant suitcase for longer trips.Whichever we choose, it's likely that we have a suitcase laying around here somewhere, hopefully from a manufacturer we respect.
Tell us what brand of luggage is in your closet and why you love it by creating a list below, or just vote for what the top brand or brands of luggage are in your (humble) opinion.

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