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Not really, but I always feel an urge to kick the people who stand in my way when I try to pick up my bag. A baby died in an accident involving a baggage collection conveyor belt at a Spanish airport. According to sources, the boy's mother placed him on the baggage conveyor belt, which is made for large items such as big suitcases, carriages and musical instruments. The parents of the child, who are believed to have another child, are staying at the hotel where they were supposed to stay for vacation.
According to the Daily News, a Guardia Civil spokesman said it was investigating the incident, but it is currently being called an accident.

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The boy's family had just landed at the Alicante-Elche Airport for the start of their vacation in the nearby town of Denia on Spain's Costa Blanca, when their trip quickly ended in tragedy, the New York Daily News reports. Some say they were British but others say they were Americans who were traveling around Europe. The conveyor belt moved the baby to the entrance of the bag drop portal where the bags emerge and he was tangled and trapped.

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