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They flew into the US, went through customs and checked two hard carrying cases—one containing four .40-caliber Glock handguns and the other containing three Glocks—before boarding an American Airlines flight to Washington.
To add to the saga, when they finally got the luggage to DC, they discovered that the four Glocks were missing.
Police auctions and lost luggage auctions offer the chance to bag a bargain from suitcases and stolen goods!
Thousands of suitcases are mislaid by airlines each year and the ones that are never reunited with their rightful owners end up at lost luggage auctions. Another option is to attend an auction where police sell off seized goods or items handed into police stations that remain unclaimed.
British Airways flogs its lost luggage at auction house Greasbys in Tooting, South West London. Viewings take place every Monday afternoon to give you a chance to have a look at the bags you might want to buy, and auctions take place every Tuesday at 10.30am.
However, it's all pot luck as you don't get to see inside a bag or suitcase before you bid. Other auction rooms worth checking out include Wellers Auctioneers in Guildford which sells off lost luggage from Gatwick Airport and Hertfordshire Auctions which flogs Luton Airport's mislaid bags.
Bear in mind though that auctioneers will take very valuable items out of suitcases and sell them separately. After you've identified which suitcases or items you want to get your hands on, it's time to bid at an auction.
If other people's dirty laundry isn't your thing then a police auction could be a better place to grab a bargain you could then sell on at a profit.
Police sell off items that have been seized from criminals or handed in to police auctions and not retrieved by the rightful owner. Typical items include jewellery, household items, and electrical equipment such as laptops and mobiles. If you win an auction you'll need to collect larger items from the police station in question or pay for postage of smaller items.

You can search for products, or by towns, and so only view items you'd be willing to go and pick up. Baggage Auctions in Glasgow Scotland (GLA) - Lost or unclaimed baggage at the Glasgow, Scotland International Airport is auctioned off by the British Airports Authority (BAA). An administrative fee of ?5.00 per item reclaimed is charged after one hour, items are held for three months before auctioned off. The Glasgow International Airport unclaimed property and lost luggage auction made international news when the Duchess of Argyll left a piece of luggage at the airport, the airport didn't try to contact her, then auctioned off the bag containing ?100,000 in family heirloom jewels.
Near the Glasgow airport is Central Car Auctions, the largest heated indoor car auction house in Scotland just off the M8 at Junction 8 & 9 near Glasgow. They also auction off lost and found times for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Strathclyde Police four times a year.
Auctioned items include: Jewellery, Watches, Cameras, Gift Vouchers, Computer Equipment, Gardening Equipment, Hand and Power Tools, Lawnmowers, Ladders, TV's, Video Recorders, DVD Players, Toys, New and Second Hand Clothing, Toiletries, hundreds of bikes including new, nearlly new and high spec models, Mountain Bikes, Kid's Bikes, Scooters, Bikes for Spare Parts. We also hold online car house and property auctions.Recent PostsLost LuggageLost Luggage Luggage is lost everyday in the UK, weather it be at an airport, on the subway, or just in the crowed streets of London.
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security detail lost four high-powered semi-automatic guns over the weekend on an airline. American Airlines found the case, with its Washington destination tag still on it, at a Los Angeles Airport terminal TWO days later. In the UK these auctions are usually held at the storage facility site and conducted by an auctioneer.
If this luggage is not tagged with the owners name, address and phone number it is held in lost property rooms at the nearest place it was found.
So if you buy a suitcase hoping it will contain an iPad and £1,000 digital camera, you're likely to end up disappointed.
The Glasgow Airport serves 30 airlines and 7 million passengers per year, 20,000 passengers every day, average. The auction house sells off over 1400 cars every week, hundreds of vehicles every week, many are sold for under ?3000.

The Strathclyde Police has law enforcement authority in Argyll and Bute, City of Glasgow, East Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire. You can find all sorts of things in storage auctions from cars to household furniture.London Storage Auctions For all those storage hunters looking for auctions in London self storage facilities.
Chances are sports-style luggage is likely to contain sports clothes or equipment while top of the range suitcases might contain some posh clobber. However you can bid separately on valuables – and at least you'll know what you're getting, unlike the mystery suitcases. Glasgow Airport's lost property office, operated by Airport Management Services (UK) Ltd, is located in the domestic arrivals hall on the ground floor. The Duchess wouldn't have retrieved her lost jewelry, except that by luck she found her lost items in a catalog of Scottish auction house Lyon & Turnbull.
Baggage auction house specialize in lost and stolen property from airports and transit systems in the UK.
Stunning devices and incapacitating devices: Including stun guns, Tasers, animal killers, incapacitating chemicals, gases or sprays (eg Mace), pepper sprays, tear gas and animal repellent sprays.
But did you know that we also have auctions from storage units and government facilities as well. Tools: This includes crowbars, drills and drill bits, saws, blowtorches, bolt guns, nail guns, or any tool with a blade or shaft over 6cm (eg screwdrivers or chisels). If this property is not claimed within a certain time period the unclaimed lost property will be auctioned of. These auctions are normally held on site at all major airports, railway stations and major bus depots.

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