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World class Italian luxury goods firm Bottega Veneta has come out with an elegant, extravagant set of alligator luggage for the private jet set.
The luxurious collection consists of six matching pieces harking back to the days when aristocrats required a full retinue of servants merely to look after all their luggage.
The beautiful collection is covered in a superfine and distinctive noce fume rich brown soft-finished alligator skin. The six piece set, which includes three suitcases (small, medium and large), a beauty case and a duffle bag, costs $157,000.

LUXUO list all kind of luxury items, from estates, boats and watches, to the most expensive gadgets. Isabella TL9031 has been brought to us from Tuscany Leather and offers a wonderfully soft and supple 100% polished calf skin leather outer.
Victoria's Secret Pink saw (PinkofVICTORIA \ 'SSECRET) bag is not there to immediately after the impulse to replace their bags? Smooth curved lines and a beautiful cut set the Isabella out from many other handbags on the market, making it the ideal handbag for the discerning female user who likes something a little bit different.

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