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The Oakley Large Roller Bag features a 92L capacity, the top half zips off and the bags can get checked separately, a telescoping handle, and a lockable zipper pull. Or you can choose to be notified when we get more in stock by selecting the Notify Me link in the Notify column. The Oakley Large Roller Bag is a versatile piece of luggage that can be split in two if the weight of your bag goes over the airline's limit or you can't fit the single bag in a certain space. Please note that only items sold as new, blem or with damaged packaging are eligibile for the listed warranty. The Nike Fiftyone49 Roller Bag: Spacious storage, durable designTravel easy with the Nike Fiftyone49 Large Roller Bag. So while on vacation, you were a little overzealous at the local souvenir shop and wound up buying 3 cases of the bacon-scented lip balm.

It's 7300 cubic inches (32 x 17 x 13.5) and features a mid zipper opening for easier organization, two zippered top pockets, a retractable handle and durable urethane wheels.
Made with durability in mind, this bag has space to keep all your gear secure and organized. Now youa€™re standing at the airport check in counter and the person on the other side is telling you that you have to pay a $100 over-the-limit baggage fee because your luggage is a little porky in the waist. Our LARGE ROLLER BAG actually splits in two, so if the packed weight exceeds the airline?s limit, you can eject the top half and check it in separately.
Telescoping handle, a lockable zipper pull, and interior mesh pocket with zip round out the package. Au contrairea€”Oakleya€™s Large Roller Bag actually unzips into two bags, so you can jettison the faux-meat petroleum product and leave it with the airline while you proceed to security with only the essentials.

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It?s big and brawny with durable polyester and more than 5600 cubic inches of storage space, but the design won?t weigh you down. Added features include a lockable zipper pull, a holster for your ID tag, and an interior mesh pocket with a zip.

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