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There are also Mango flights to Lanseria from Cape Town, and the competition on that routes frequently results in airfares from Cape Town to HLA being far lower than from Cape Town to OR Tambo International Airport.
Kulula is the king of Lanseria Airport, with it being the only airline offering flights from both Cape Town and Durban.
Kulula also provided a map & directions to Cape Town Airport, and weather forecasts for Lanseria Airport. At check-in there was a bit of a hiccup as one of our bags had exceeded the Kulula limit of 20kg for a piece of luggage, and we spent some time unpacking from one bag and repacking into the other, to get the weight right. Going through airport security was fairly interesting, as I went through first with the children; but my wife only followed 10 minutes later as she needed to get something from the shops - as security checked her boarding pass they claimed she had already passed through (we suspect the confusion was due to the fact that our infant, who had already passed through, had his boarding pass linked to his Mom's). It was drizzling slightly, but it would take a lot more than that to prevent me from going outside and taking a photograph of our Europcar-brand Kulula B737-800. Take off was slightly behind schedule, but this was more than made up for by the hilarious security announcement. 28 Oct 2008 : Kulula increase the frequency of their Johannesburg Lanseria - Cape Town (from 1 to 5 on Sundays, from 3 to 6 on weekdays) and Johannesburg Lanseria - Durban (to 2 daily, except Saturdays) flights. Review by Siyabonga Konjelwayo on 2014-03-25: "When I flew with Mango Airlines for the first time in my life, they were so genuine.
Don't be shocked when you see a bright orange aircraft - it's Mango Airline's (IATA code JE) colours and whilst a mango might not be the fastest fruit, orange planes fly just as well as purple aircraft! Review by Avishaan Ramkussia on 2014-03-21: "My first flight ever was with mango airlines and to date I have flown up many times and always with mango!
Review by Annette Sharp on 2014-03-19: "My kids have been flying between JHB & CPT every school holiday for the past 10 years, and since we’ve been introduced to Mango, we’ve have just been using Mango.
Review by Visvanathan Naicker on 2014-03-17: "I travel each month between HLA or ORTambo to CPT or DUR.
Review by Dorothy Adams on 2014-03-16: "I fly often and enjoy the options of requesting my desired seat, Durban to Johannesburg & back is my most often used route. Review by Caitlin van der Merwe on 2014-03-14: "I recently flew from Cape Town international to Lanseria, JHB. Review by Yolanda Mkhize on 2014-03-06: "My home is in Durban, but I am now working in Cape Town.
Review by Dawn Jorgensen on 2014-03-02: "My mind bursts with the visual memories that two weeks in Central Africa have brought me. They highlighted the excellent Mango rates, top notch care from the cabin crew and the patience of the pilot who inspired her child to want to become a pilot. Mango level of professionalism exceeds the highest level of service and surely deserve an accolade.
The views expressed in these reviews are not necessarily those of South Africa Travel Online's. Best of all was the variety of refreshments they were selling - I really enjoyed the Biltong very much.
Pets have different reservation policies, specially if they are going to be transported in the cargo. Apart from guide dogs that are certified to be used to travel with no distressing behavior, all other pets are required to be transported on board or in the cargo appropriately sedated. The pets that will be transported in the cargo must be placed inside comfortable and safe containers.
The official measures of the allowed containers must be implemented upon the own animal measures.
Most containers for air travel are sold by retailers allowed and recommended by the same agencies and institutions that will certify the animal for air travel transportation. All other animals follow similar instructions, tough snakes and animals with specific needs of space may have different official measures for their containers as well as the need of sedative medication. All these non mammal animals are only allowed in the cargo, so you have to be sure they are also fit for the trip. The fee charged for the transportation of these animals is also different and will be informed upon consulting the BidAir Cargo agency. Email us a write-up of a flight (including who you chose to fly with & why) and we'll send you a travel voucher!
We used EZShuttle to get to the airport, and they got to our house well before the scheduled time and all went smoothly. Next to the boarding gates there was a children's play area, with a miniature bus, racing car and horse and carriage (all of which require coins to operate), which our 2-year-old enjoyed playing on (when he wasn't watching the planes coming in to land).
As soon as the seatbelt sign went off a chap ran down the aisle towards the toilets, tripped, fell down, and stayed down for 5 minutes. Kulula's Lanseria Airport sale: Lanseria to Durban from R296, Lanseria to Cape Town from R396. Kulula begins operating flights between Lanseria (Johannesburg) Airport and Cape Town International Airport. If you do not present the card or a verifiable copy thereof, you wont be allowed to board the plane.

As we were told to adjust our seats for the plane to take off, I had no idea how to go about towards doing that.
If you want to stay online during your flight, Mango is the only airline in South Africa offering in-flight wifi. However due to good and safe flying by Mango Pilots I have always reached my destination on time. As a new granny in waiting the excitement gets overwhelming & the need to travel is increasing. I flew Mango because of their super low rates in comparison to other airlines (it was only R1800 return for a same day booking!). She attributes her enjoyable Cape Town holiday to the affordable prices and service she received on her way to CPT.
As a frequent flyer, I want to compliment the great service and always pleasant being on board. Sally booked a flight from Durban to JHB with a credit card for her niece, and the card wasn't presented at the self-service check-in, but was requested at the boarding gates (where Sally obviously wasn't present). I am so pleased to say that the service and treatment I received on my flight was outstanding. It was 1,2,3 and done - most user friendly site I have used" - see her writeup of a Mango flight to Durban through Edgars. To my surprise we arrived earlier than anticipated and I was afraid I'd have to wait at the airport for my girlfriend to arrive. He had his arm in a sling, and was concerned at coping with flying, but the Mango staff were very helpful, even giving a free cup of coffee. This time they gave us a wheelchair for my elderly Uncle because I liaised personally with them. Mango is always a pleasant flight and the staff are always very accommodating and super friendly, the pilot always has a sense of humor and makes the flight so much more enjoyable. Went back home for a short visit to see family and friends for my birthday this past weekend. I got to the King Shaka Airport and checked in, and was notified that my flight was boarding.
To me it was a moment in my high school career I had looked forward to since going into high school - that was until my then boyfriend left me for my neighbour. The flight was on time, the turbulence was practically non-existent, the snacks on board were overpriced, and one of the flight attendant's had lipstick on her teeth - you know, the usual flight experience one has with Mango. The flight was very good and my daughter and my husband were travelling for the 1st time via an aeroplane and were amazed at how smooth the flight went. For that reason, you must book your pet at least 72h before the departure and they might travel separately from you. Your arrival in the airport with the pet must be upon 2 hours prior the departure time for travels inside South Africa and 4 hours for regional flights. Kulula Airlines is not responsible however for the kind of sedative you are applying to your pet.
Apart from the bars on the door of the container, the body of the containers must have at least 50% of its surface with orifices that allow the ventilation and exchange of air with the exterior. You can stick to their recommendations and purchase a cargo that fits these international criteria. Nonetheless, you have to also check the official recommendations prescribed by international laws.
Be ware Kulula Airlines will not be responsible for the loss of your pet whether you transported them under alternative allowed procedures. It originally had an agreement with the airport that it would be the only airline operating there, much to the chagrin of the erstwhile 1time airline. There were 5 of us flying together - 2 adults, a 6-year-old, a 2-year-old and a 0-year-old, and the tickets cost R1035 each (except for the infant who cost R141), so we should have a good feel for what it's like to travel as a family. If somebody else in a different city has booked on your behalf, then you must produce a copy of the card & the card holder's ID. The best thing is that there is no confusion and it's the simplest and most convenient flight to take.
The flight was fantastic, we arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule as well as the staff being very polite and helpful.
Mango has made it possible for me to fly at least once a month to Durban to see my family since their flight are always cheap.
Time in a reunited and reconciled Rwanda, the Boda Boda tour of Uganda’s Kampala city, Gorilla Trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a game drive near the DRC border and time spent with wild Chimpanzee in the Kalinzu Forest. I was a bit reluctant as I have always used another airline and was a frequent flyer with that airline, I bought the ticket as I had no choice. After 3 year I had no option but to fly the competitor airline locally from Jhb to CT, and disappointing as always. I chose to fly Mango as it is the most cost effective airline and always has the best service. Dateless, dressless and dream crushed I had no idea what I was going to do and then I met Johann.

My daughter ordered a Chicken and Mayo sandwich and my hubby and I ordered a beef Sandwich. The plane was so comfortable and I had awesome treatment from the cabin crew as well as the Pilot - he would update us as to where we were and the weather. The width must be twice the width of the widest point and the height, the distance from the floor to the tip of their raised ears.
No polymers or derivative plastics are permitted by Kulula Airlines following the international laws. The holes must not either be bigger enough so they can put the nose or paws outside or way too small so there is not enough air circulating. Vuke informed us that he receives no salary from the airport (ACSA), so we tipped him R25 for his efforts. Flying for the first time was such an awesome experience and the service of the staff was simply incredible! I dreamt that I was in the air, whisked away by angels who showed me the most beautiful land in the world where I was at peace and very content. The flight was way cheaper and I must admit my flight was extremely pleasant, the crew professional, friendly and hands on.
I rate this airline a TOP OF THE CLASS 5 and recommend it to all of my friends and family flying anywhere. He was everything I could have wanted in the perfect date and boyfriend, the only problem was that he lived in Durban. The presentation of the sandwich was very good, but it's the sandwich itself that was dry and the bread was stale and nothing on the sides. Kulula Airlines will check all these measures upon the boarding and if they do not match the animal will not be allowed to be transported. They are only allowed to be transported by Kulula Airlines as pets, following all the specific laws and certifications. I would also love to be part of Mango Arlines, an airline that makes everyone feel so comfortable-thus enabling each and every one of them to feel free to ask for assistance when a need arises.
Yet the dirt I can’t seem to scrub off my feet and layer of dust on my backpack bear testament.
To my surprise the pilot had set to take off at the exact time that I had booked for, I had previously flown and this was the first the my flight was prompt. Animals that are dispatched like cargo or excess of baggage represent a forbbiden practice and customers doing so will be breaching the law. It’s my Birthday and I’ve been up since 4am to make a flight from Entebbe to Johannesburg’s OR Tambo. And I am seeing it among many others that are given the opportunity to do so too just cos of that.
I eat and sleep, on arrival I robotically pass through customs, collect my luggage, find the green channel and exit into the fresh air beyond International Arrivals.
I choose Mango because of its good service,friendly staff, affordable and its proudly South African.
That way, you don't get the people behind you getting annoyed when you want to get slightly more comfortable. I reached ORT airport about 15 minutes before scheduled, which was again very pleasing as I had to get fetched from the airport and this resulted in me being on time.
They were kind and caring as I became very emotional having to say goodbye to him not sure when I would be able to see him again.
I always have lots of funny things to say and pics after a flight about the kind of lovely, individual but awesome attention and assistance given to all by Mango!
I flew Mango because they had the perfect time departures that I needed as I am still in matric and can only fly after certain times. I nonchalantly mention ‘Its my Birthday’ and the announcement is met with a squeal of delight and the determination to give me the best seat on the plane. Seated on my Mango flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town the inflight staff knows I’m celebrating.
We enjoy animated conversation in an orange bubble of happiness, one with a green and black heart tattooed on its tail. We speak of gorillas, our shared love for Africa, Birthdays and the insignificance of age in a world of adventure.
Refreshed and all loved up by the flight, by a closer look at Africa, the power of kindness and personal service I arrive in Cape Town. There seems to be a light magic encased in this plane painted the colour of an African sunset.

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