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The description states a "hook and loop closure" but it's actually a single circular magnet and it's very cumbersome to deal with when out, and about and trying to close with one hand isn't possible.
I ordered the sandcastle color, and it came a very dark tan, not the vanilla-ish looking color it's shown as.

I had previously ordered the cool blue color and it came defective - that color was darker than the image as well. All I had in my bag was a fossil wallet, a small makeup bag, sunglasses case, and some small odds and ends like chapstick and a pen.
I had space still inside the bag, but because of how the weight was distributed, that caused the front flap to sit funny, which is why my arm kept catching.
I guess if you don't have a ton to put in your purse (which with this bag it's a little bigger so you'd assume you'd be filling it with a bit more), then maybe you'll have better luck than I did with the front flap piece.

The size was really quite perfect for me as I prefer a longer shoulder bag strap with an option to wear cross body if I need to. I wouldn't suggest this to others, but if you're willing to chance it, it's not a terrible bag - it just has really bad designing.

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