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Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, airport is shut down after the landing gear of a Jet Airways Boeing 737-800 registration VT-JGA collapsed soon after landing, blocking the sole runway at the airport. As a result of the runway blockage, an Air India A320 registration VT-ESE getting ready to depart soon after the Jet 737 arrival is also stuck at Khajuraho airport, leaving its passengers stranded as well. A electronics and automotive product management, marketing and branding expert, he was awarded a silver medal at the Lockheed Martin innovation competition 2010.
He is ranked 6th on Mashable's list of aviation pros on Twitter and in addition to Bangalore Aviation, he has contributed to leading publications like Aviation Week, Conde Nast Traveller India, The Economic Times, and The Mint (a Wall Street Journal content partner). He remains a frequent flier and shares the good, the bad, and the ugly about the Indian aviation industry without fear or favour. Seeing the quality of third class B737 aircraft on DEL-PNQ, I won’t be surprised even if some wing or fuselage of aircraft falls down. Baggage allowances - Singapore Airlines.You are entitled to a free baggage allowance, which varies depending on your.
Here you will find the cabin baggage allowances for most of the airlines that fly in and out of the UK. We have also listed links to the airline websites and as well as their contact telephone numbers.
According the Munich airport website (screen shot at the end of this article), Jet Airways will be commencing daily flights between Bangalore and Munich from March 14, 2013. While aircraft type is not yet known, it is almost certain that Jet will use its Airbus A330-200. At Munich airport this flight will operate from Terminal 2 which is 40% owned by German carrier Deutsche Lufthansa, and used exclusively by Lufthansa, Lufthansa partner airlines, and Star Alliance members.
Jet would be relying on traffic from many German companies which based in southern Germany and have a strong presence in Bangalore. If Jet’s reported partnership with Lufthansa fructifies, Jet will be able to offer connections to many destinations in Europe, but not the United States, as the Lufthansa Munich US flights operate much later in the day leaving a long connection time, and would also arrive to late to connect to the return Jet flight to Bangalore. This would help Lufthansa increase capacity from Bangalore but yet protect the strong, IT driven, North American traffic for itself via Frankfurt. Late last week, a report emerged from the Economic Times of India that India’s largest private airline, Jet Airways, was considering a shift of its scissors-hub operation for flights to North America from Brussels to Munich. While Munich would appear to have a larger origin and destination (OD) market with North America and India, Brussels has the edge to North America. However, it is doubtful that Jet Airways will be allowed entry into Star Alliance unimpeded. With that in mind, the potential exists for Jet Airways to integrate its scissors hub operations into the current Lufthansa hub structure at Munich. Delhi-New York JFK and Chennai-Toronto services could be continued by simply substituting a Munich stop for the Brussels one once again retaining the usage of an A330-200. Return flights for the 8 segments would work similarly, with early afternoon departures from the US (2pm~4 pm). This series of flights would maximise loads and utilisation of Jet’s flights thanks to the improved connections, especially on the long haul connections to the US which will improve the overall flight potential.
However, despite this potential viability, we feel instead that Jet Airways should maintain its scissors hub operation in Brussels, for a couple of important reasons. The first is that OD between India and Brussels is more plentiful than to Munich, (roughly 140,000 annual passengers versus around 85,000 annual passengers) though Munich traffic is higher yielding. Secondly, Jet Airways has already built up significant loyalty in the Brussels-North America market, which is equally critical for the viability of these flights. If Jet Airways can get a joint venture with Lufthansa in spite of the Air India-Star Alliance fiasco, then they can just as easily get a JV with Brussels based Brussels Airlines (with whom they already have a code-share agreement), who did not have as direct of a role in Air India’s deferral as Lufthansa, who sponsored the Indian national carrier’s entry into the alliance. While Bangalore-Brussels OD demand is very small, at just over 7,000 passengers per annum, there is a huge and well documented high-yielding OD demand between Bangalore and San Francisco (73,000 passengers per year) thanks to IT industry links, while Brussels-San Francisco is also a large market (57,000 passengers per year). Longer term, a second daily flight Mumbai-Brussels-Miami (50,000 passengers per annum Mumbai-Miami – 53,000 passengers per annum Brussels Miami) with low density A330-200, as well as a four times per week flight Delhi-Brussels-Vancouver (120,000 passengers per annum Delhi-Vancouver, 15-40 thousand passengers annually between Brussels and Western Canada) using a high density A330-300 (more on this in another part).
Jet Airways, India’s largest private airline reported its third quarter fiscal year 2014-15 (FY2015) results on February 6, 2015, reporting a wafer thin operating profit after seven consecutive quarters. The airline reported an operating profit of Rs three crore ($500,000), and continued reporting a net profit for second consecutive quarter.
For the first nine months of FY2015, Jet now stands at a loss of Rs 84 Cr which could well be covered by the funds from the sale of its Jet Privilege (JP) frequent flier program (FFP), to 24% stake holder Etihad Airways PJSC. The turnaround has been led by a growth of 10.4% in passenger numbers, which has come on the back of new flights across the network, stabilization of schedules and another set of flights to Abu Dhabi.
While the quarter saw forming up of Etihad Partners – an alliance of all of airlines in which Etihad has invested, including Jet Airways, this quarter also saw a huge surge in code share traffic, up 93.48% to 314,351 passengers from 162,476 passengers in the corresponding quarter last year, mainly driven by the Etihad stake investment.

The airline management expect a reduction in maintenance cost as power by the hour (PBTH) for the engines on the ATR72 and B737 fleet started in last quarter. Cash generated from operations improved by Rs 808 crores (USD 130m): 9M-FY15 Rs 196 crores (USD 31m) vs. While the Vietnam route, which the airline launched via Bangkok from Delhi with connectivity from Mumbai has been doing better than expected, the airline is expected to launch flights to Doha from Calicut and Trivandrum in mid-march and to Abu Dhabi from Pune, Ahmedabad and Mangalore from the summer 2015 schedule which begins on 29th March.
In its earnings call, Jet Airways confirmed that since the closure of Q3 there has not been a single aircraft on ground and this is confirmed from the higher utilization of the aircraft.
The ten leased wide-body aircraft consist of five B777-300ERs (B77W) and five A330-200 (A332).
The long lease is a profitable bet for the airline since the A332s have not been a good fit for the markets served from India. With nothing on the order book and only replacement induction planned for the next two to three years, the airline will have to depend heavily on the international market to increase yields, revenue and passengers since this is a bilateral controlled area as compared to the domestic market which will see continuous pressure on yields due to fare sale from existing players and new services by Vistara. While the airline has been climbing up the ladder in terms of yields, and vacated the low cost space last quarter, its passengers, especially the premium class have consistently complained about the hard cabin product. Jet faces competition from the new aircraft of Vistara on the domestic side, and the gulf and ASEAN majors on the international. While the airline has streamlined operations into a full service carrier model only, the airline continues to operate with two airline operating permits (AOP) and continues to operate 10 aircraft under the erstwhile Air Sahara S2 code. There has been an exponential increase in expenditure for Jetlite in the last quarter and the management in its call with analysts clarified that this can be considered as a one time expenditure due to four major engine shop visits for aircraft in its fleet. While airlines are now going in for hedging fuel, Jet Airways does not have any plans of hedging fuel nor is in the middle of hedging fuel right now. Schemes which give higher miles, discount on premium seats will help create a niche for Jet Airways and distinguish itself from Vistara. Jet Airways has begun operations from it’s new European hub at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport yesterday. Emergency slides were deployed, and all 67 persons on board were safely evacuated on the runway. Construction number 30410 and line number 1228, the aircraft was delivered to Jet Airways, new, in November 2002, thus making it 12.5 years old.
Notably Siemens and Robert Bosch which are head-quartered in Munich and Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, about 250km west of Munich. While questions have arisen about the factuality of the report, the combination of such rumours and the fact that Jet Airways recently applied for 35 weekly frequencies between India and Germany lends credence to the idea that Jet might actually consider such a move. Munich, lying close to the automotive heartland of Germany, and virtually all German automotive majors having a presence in India, has the traffic to and from India, it is also a full-fledged hub for Star Alliance member and global behemoth Lufthansa, who operates more than 250 flights per day in Munich. In August 2011, Air India’s long touted entrance into Star Alliance was delayed indefinitely, due to a variety of operational, financial, and service issues. Finally, a Bangalore-Munich-Houston routing with A330-200 could be used to connect two Star Alliance hubs and feed Bangalore into the scissors hub. Return flights would arrive in Europe in the early morning (6am~7 am), as do most trans-Atlantic flights, and then a departure bank back to India would leave around 9am~10 am. But even more importantly, OD traffic between Brussels and the US is more plentiful than from Munich (700,000 annual OD versus 600,000 – both estimated figures), and higher yielding. High-yield OD is critical to the profitability of long haul flights.
Moving to Munich will mean that they would have to once again start from scratch in building customer loyalty, which is likely to be retained by Lufthansa anyway. Brussels Airlines is already starting a daily Brussels-New York JFK flight to connect into their own African network, so with a JV, Jet could drop the Brussels-JFK segment of their flight from Delhi, and instead replace it with Chicago O’Hare (while Brussels-New York is a larger market, it also has much more competition). This cumulative passenger base of 130,000 passengers should be more than enough (along with connections from both Jet Airways and Brussels Airlines short haul networks) to fill daily A330-200 flights on the 258 seat variant, or even 777-300ER of current configuration (it would provide for optimal utilisation of the 777-300ER fleet as one of few routes with huge high yielding OD traffic base).
The airline moved to full service operations in December 2014 and the quarter reflected a mix of full service and low cost operations. This is an improvement of 101% compared to the loss of Rs 284 Cr (USD 46mio) compared to the same quarter last year in Q3 FY2014 to a profit of Rs three Cr (USD 500k) in Q3 FY15. Jet management had already acknowledged in its second quarter earnings conference call, that the first tranche of cash, Rs 305 Cr, was received in Q2 of FY2015 and the airline would continue accounting for this cash in subsequent quarters.
The influence of Etihad on Jet’s operations is increasing and we fear Jet might, slowly be converted in to a regional feeder for the gulf giant. Expenditure is estimated to be between 10% and 11%, which is marginally higher than the global average.
The impact of these new flights would only be known in Q1 of FY16, and the yield and revenue pressure due to the new flights would be felt in next financial year. Now all of Jet’s idle A332 fleet is leased, and the airline confirmed no wide-bodies are in an AOG (aircraft on ground) situation.

Many of the B77Ws leased to Etihad are deployed on north American routes which were to have been operated by Jet via Abu Dhabi, but the downgrade of India by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has caused this change of plans. This implies a further delay in the delivery of the new generation Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners which the airline has on order with Boeing and was planned to be inducted starting in 2016. The wide-body business class product is now dated and in poor upkeep, while the Boeing 737 fleet used on international flights offer an inconsistent product. The airline is progressively changing the livery of these planes to get them in sync with the master Jet Airways brand and this exercise is expected to be completed by April. The airline executed “Sale and Lease Back” (SLB) for three Boeing 737 aircraft this quarter, same as that of what it did in the last quarter. This is certainly going to save the airline a lot of money, which it could have potentially lost due to agreeing for a rate higher than current market rate, but will come back to bite as the fuel prices have already started increasing. Flight 9W-2423 originated from New Delhi via Varanasi before arriving at Khajuraho around 13:15 this afternoon. The airline added Safety chutes were deployed and all 59 passengers and 8 crew on board the aircraft disembarked safely and were transferred to the terminal. Supposedly, the shift in scissors operation would be in conjunction with Jet Airways’ entry into the Star Alliance global partnership of airlines. However, reports that have emerged since that time give indication that one of the sticking points on Air India’s entry was that the Star Alliance insisted on the condition that Jet Airways be allowed to join the alliance simultaneously (listen to podcast here). This would allow the two airlines to coordinate on schedules, pricing, and service, as well as (most importantly) sharing costs and profits. Under this scenario, there would be overlap between Jet’s EWR service and Lufthansa’s, so the carrier would instead pair Mumbai service with Miami on a daily A330-200 service Mumbai-Munich-Miami. This routing would be more heavily dependent on connecting traffic from Lufthansa, and on connections with Latin America in Houston.
This route would continue to be served with an Airbus A330-200, while Mumbai-Brussels-Newark and Chennai-Brussels-Toronto will continue with their current equipment.
Rs 1,054 Cr is the amount which is yet to be accounted for and it will be considered every quarter based on the deal agreed between the two companies. Five B77W and two A332 are leased to strategic partner and 24% shareholder, Etihad Airways and will be back in Jet’s fleet between 2015 and 2016 unless re-leased again.
If India returns to Category 1 by FAA, which could happen in the next few months, one can expect the leases to be changed and aircraft returned to Jet for operating the same flights.
It is perplexing since the aircraft is in high demand and could help Jet improve its dated Boeing 777-300ER cabin product. As an example many Mumbai passengers do not get IFE on the Mumbai Bangkok flight and get IFE on the much shorter Bangkok Ho Chi Minh City flight.
In the call the airline said it intends to study a next gen IFE option to be fitted into the widebody fleet and look for options for the narrow-body fleet too, however there was no time-frame offered, indicating Jet’s passengers are going to have to make do for some time yet. Whether or not these reports are true, India’s government has taken a provocative stance, and is unlikely to allow the induction of Jet Airways without significant concessions from the alliance.
Once this profit sharing plan is in place, it incentivises Lufthansa to slot Jet Airways’ flights into its current hub. The Mumbai-Miami leg has more than 40,000 OD passengers per annum, the Munich-Miami leg has close to 50,000 OD passengers per annum, and the Mumbai-Munich leg has around 25,000 OD passengers per annum, for a sum OD of close to 115,000 passengers per annum.
All of these flights would be timed to arrive between 12 and 1 (with late morning departures from the Indian airports allowing for connections from other Indian cities). An upgrade could also decide on the fate of Jet’s current scissor hub at Brussels and the launch of new services via Abu Dhabi to North American destinations like Chicago. With a majority of the regional international network serviced by the 737s the lack of an IFE alone is a huge product inconsistency in the fleet. An additional flight is also being operated on the Delhi-Varanasi sector to assist in accommodating the outbound guests. A daily A330-200 represents roughly 160,000 seats per annum, so when combined with new connections enabled by Lufthansa’s hub, the flight could be adequately filled. This Premium Economy and Business baggage allowance applies on Air.ANA News,ANA, All Nippon Airways provides travelers to Japan and Asia. The overall rejig and stability at Jet Airways has been cheerful for the shareholders too, with Earning Per Share (EPS) of Rs.

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