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Jaguar not only brought the standard XF to the New York Show, they also brought the most powerful version in the line-up – the XF-R. The 2012 XF-R will be distinguished by a more aggressive bodywork treatment, a new front grille, a new hood, modified front fenders, and redesigned LED taillights. Of course, the easiest way to tell that you are dealing with a more powerful kitten is checking out what’s under the hood. Top of the tree is the Jaguar XFR which is at least the match of the M5, E63 and RS6, but at less money.
You can now opt for the Aerodynamics pack on the Diesel S, which gives you black mesh inserts for the grille and lower air intakes, sculpted lower air intake blades ((with LED running lights if you want them) and the side sills from the XFR. A CarGurus contributor since 2008, Michael started his career writing about cars with the SCCA - winning awards during his time as editor of Top End magazine. For those who like the distinctive appearance of Jaguar’s XF model but are held back by the lack of cargo space, the XF Sportbrake should be a welcome sight. Jaguar say that due to some clever engineering, the chassis rigidity of the XF Sportbrake is only fractionally less than that in the sedan.
The Jaguar XF Sportbrake has been fitted with a number of features any luxury-home-owning countryphile will find pleasing. This model has received a unique, assertive styling treatment that further differentiates it from other XF models. The XFR comes packing the same 5.0-liter V8 engine but gets supercharged to deliver 510 hp.

Since then, his journalistic travels have taken him from NY to Boston to CA, completing a cross-country tour on a restored vintage Suzuki.
The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is based on the underpinnings of the XF sedan, but with a estate car rear end tacked on. The rear seats can be folded remotely, meaning sir doesn’t have to strain himself leaning into the car to make extra room for his antique furniture. Dotata di tutti i comfort, la Jaguar XF e tra le auto piu eleganti presenti attualmente sul mercato.
If the badge isn’t enough then they can always take a look at the new exhaust system with four end pipes for instant clarification.
This engine is mated to an electronically controlled, six-speed transmission with additional clutch plates.
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While his preference is for fine German automobiles - and the extra leg room they so often afford - his first automobile memories center around impromptu Mustang vs. The self-levelling air suspension is designed to improve the handling, while also allowing the XF Sportbrake to serve as a competent tow vehicle. While powerful LED lights illuminate the ground below the open rear door to make sure nobody steps on the corgis at night. But without all-wheel drive (AWD), Jaguar was missing out in those rare states where it might actually snow in winter.

Le condizioni generali del servizio saranno dettagliate nel modulo di offerta che sara inviato successivamente. The silver signature line running the length of the car has been extended while the C-Pillar is finished in gloss black, a styling element shared with the XJ saloon.
Set into the cargo floor is a panel that splits into three sections to allow smaller loads to be neatly stored, preventing precious or fragile cargo from being bounced around.
In a class where ita€™s become expected to have the option of smaller, more efficient (but no less exciting) engine options, 8 cylinders were holding the XF back.Now, things are going to be different. For 2013, the XF shows up with AWD and not one but two extra engines, with your choice of forced induction. And like Willy Wonka said, a€?A little nonsense now and thena€¦"The XF Supercharged gets you the old, familiar 5.0-liter V8, here with the forced induction of its namesake. At 470 hp it certainly shouldna€™t disappoint on its way to 60 mpha€”a trip it can make in just 4.5 seconds. For a bigger finger to toss at the environmentalists, the XFR has 510 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque and drops 2 more mpgs on the highway, but ita€™ll do the sprint to 60 in just over 4 seconds.But again, this is more about luxury than performance, and the Jaguar does deliver.

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